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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Agree, already at a point I need to count my bones and probably rip off some bows from archers to give them shields+spears/halberds.

  • I kinda like it, the +2 cv sorta hurts, but the big discounts on footslogger are very good.

  • And with that I will close this 2.1 thread to move on to the 2.2 discussion thread which can be found HERE.

  • As 2.2 just hit and will be here for at least a year in whatever form, please discuss it here! Will this be the year of the footsloggers? Will the Barrows empty and spew forth their legions? Will the Terracotta Army rise and slowly crush all opposition? Or will the Big evil Shabti together with chariots and Monster reign supreme? We are patient, we observe and we will crush or crash

  • FIRST! Anyhow, I don't think a 950 CL on dragon would be "amazing". Then again, I never tried it. Currently working on my WO/FO/Lord of the Damned list.

  • Quote from Ezekiel57: “Quote: “Skeletons and Skeleton Archersmusttake Heavy Armour for +1 pt/model. Skeletons may replace Spears andShields with Halberds for +1 pt/model. ” Hi, there is no bug in this statement in the Barrow Legions rules since skeletons have to pay for "spears and shields" ? ” Good catch, will bring it up.

  • Seems like Barrow Legion is going to see a lot more play.

  • Quote from Folomo: “Just noticed that 24 cavalry cost less than 3 legion chariots ” Skelly cav finally being used because chariots just cost you a kidney now?

  • Quote from Kyrys: “as the patch is basically just cosmetic, when can be some bigger rework/changes expected? ” Unknown but don't hold your breath though

  • Irredeemable list incoming with these prices. My Blocks list got about 25 pts cheaper. Cav List about 15 pts cheaper.

  • SInce the Cat is basically out of the bag, here is the prepared statement @setepenmentou made. Posting it now before it gets snowed over by other comments Quote from setepenmentou: “Quote from Update 2.2: “Hello Mummies After times for discuss, the RT decided to keep the change on hereditary as it is. The main reason is because it would impact both pricing and resurrected values which is really too much for a patch update (and very hard to test in a such short time). But they heard what communit…

  • 2.1 Beta - Feedback

    umbranar - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Ooooo Teasers

  • Quote from Minidudul: “Will "Gates of the Netherworld" from VC will get the same treatment of our hereditary ? it's even stronger when targeting a multiwound model. ” No, VC is not TOP tier so points only. Quote from Shino: “Quote from Shino: “any idea when should they be ready with their answers? Will it be before next update? ” aby idea when it might happen? ” I don't know. I am not even sure we get the answers before the update hits.

  • wow, Those mini's would give much more spirit to the skellies I have.

  • Get Rid of Hell Maw!!!

    umbranar - - General Discussion


    Quote from Henrypmiller: “Quote from Adam: “Quote from berti: “Quote: “You can stand on portal to block it. ” Actually you can only block the portal from beeing entered. So you propably need very fast units that can bypass oponents units and block the portals from beeing entered.The rules for leaving the portal are so forgiving, that you need a realy big unit to block the portal. Nearly impossible to do with a lot of armies.Rules for leaving the portal should be way more restrictive (touching th…

  • Get Rid of Hell Maw!!!

    umbranar - - General Discussion


    First of all, the tone of OP is really off. Do you think hate-posting helps get your wish through? About the hellmaw itself, I don't like it. It takes practice to use as it is pretty vulnerable to range damage (mundane, artillery and magic), it has a huge base (100x150), it gigantic (more easy to shoot over other units) its slow. Yes the teleporting is powerful IF its has time to set up. at least 2 portals are needed and then 1 hellmaw can open 1 portal each phase. As WDG has no meaningful shoot…

  • Quote from Kdownunder: “But even with spectral blades you don't get the Lethal Strike for other than CC attacks only. ” True, but unboosted for reroll to wound works.

  • Evocation Spectral Blades work though as it effects melee attacks, not just close combat attacks. You'd just miss the AP though but don't throw them into 1+/2+ as units.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “am I boring, being a fan of vanilla dudes with no uprades at all?! Quite liking shield barbs with giant installed for a steadfast blocker too. Only tested it a few games but I think it has legs ” I recently bought more models for either warriors and chosen. I like the idea of multiple blocks of footslogger but I am not sure how to get a descent list out of it. Maybe vanilla 10 men squads.

  • Quote from Jelle89: “i wonder if 3x 15 Fallen for 930 points is a good idea as core. Don't really like the def 2 but it could work against some armies. ” I once tinkered with a Doomlord General to get 6x5 fallen in. This means all chaff comes from core (exactly 900 points) and you got a descent screen of spiky roadbumps. I have never actually played it though.