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  • Quote from Marcos24: “lol you're crazy, divination rocks ” It is a very very good lore. But not for KoE Used it once and never looked back after I switched. Single drudismn for character heavy Single shamanism for Jack or all trades Shaman master plus druid adpet (or vise versa) Divination only in a peasant storm army. Else you gimp yourself

  • Know people will perhaps ask: Why did etc list play single master Drudimsn? Because it doesn't need the throne to be effective. Your most important tool has multi wound so single Drudimsn is also great in a multi wound list with green knight pegasus etc and the wood spells is even more juciy for flying models

  • Quote from Gaius Marius: “Divination is Bad? I am now confused. I find stars align is fantastic, know thy enemy useful, and scrying is good too. In short because I hate rubber lance syndrome. Lance attacks against parry for example is very swingy luck wise, and rerolls are great. I found Druidism with it's very short ranges much more frustrating to get joy from than Divination. I take it that you are a shamanism enthusiast? ” Yes Divination is bad. Low range. KoE doesn't play multiple mages Dmg …

  • Quote from Gaius Marius: “That is broadly true in a real mismatch, but assumes that you lose the combat when the knights charge in on the flank. It depends on what the peasants have for support. I like sword and board so they have parry at least, a healing waters 4 or 5++ fortitude save or scrying also helps... After that it depends. If the match is truly brutal, leave the peasants to die in place and charge around them, at least at that point the very tough unit is stuck. ” And here is a proble…

  • Can you explain what the final new collection files? New excel sheets for this update?

  • Quote from Zeitgeiszt: “@tulmir Were/are brigands really that popular? I seemed to have always overlooked them. ” Quote from tulmir: “I have seen them in almost every list. I used to take a unit of 10 before I started playing with two scorpions. They are really good. ” Short answer. No

  • Yeah they can work. Too much hassle for me. They still need - +LD unit - Reroll banner unit also (humility duke works best) So if we take this into comparison? For these point cost you could just play 12 or even 15 knights and do the same^^

  • Is the update already out? koe is still missing all changes on android or eos part finished early?

  • Quote from Casp: “Uh potion of strength ! Original idea.. you mean you use it in next fight phase, if you miss to kill the monster directly during the charge ? Because potion of strength means strike last... potentially be killed before do anything. No ? ” It means you can even just get the charge. How many monsters can 1 shot you? dont think there are many also look at other people if you say you hit on 2/3+ reroll 1 and wound on 2+ reroll 1 and ap10 They wont like that

  • well only if you want to play peasants

  • Still old points. Very reliable Strong anti magic. Decent grind. Huge charge potentionals. Weakness is deployment ++ Kingdom of Equitaine (Kingdom of Equitaine 2.1.5) [4,499pts] ++ + Characters + Castellan [115pts]: Bannerman, Horse, Light Armour, Shield Castellan [115pts]: Bannerman, Horse, Light Armour, Shield Damsel [410pts]: Barded Warhorse, Druidism, Wizard Master . Special Equipment: °Crystal of the Valiant Charge Duke [570pts]: Army General, Lance, Might, Pegasus, Shield . Special Equipme…

  • Might Duke with supernatural? Always take potion of strength!! Always! Especially with grail Oath lol Hitting ALL aaaaaalllllll monsters on 2+ reroll 1 and wound on 2+ reroll 1 lul for 10 points

  • Quote from Cuendae: “Quote from DanT: “I hope you all feel free to go and discuss this with the HBE forum. This is one of the potential issues with segregated army forums: each one becomes its own echo chamber with its own views, and the project gets caught in the middle, besieged on all sides. ” That's true, but there could be kind of chaos on a combined thread. However I would really like to see what people, playing other armies, think about SA updates, and overall how people view other armies…

  • Freue mich schon

  • Battlescribe files for T9A 2.0

    Klexe - - Supporters Corner


    Blasphemy! Na I just saw a new version and thought it would be the newest one. It was an older version I never downloaded

  • Battlescribe files for T9A 2.0

    Klexe - - Supporters Corner


    KoE paladin and Duke have wrong starting points and shield points. Or is the update not ready?

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Klexe: “About terrain. A watchtower is imo the best idea. Gives us our own rules? ” Am I the only one that thinks a static watchtower doesn't really fit a cavalry army? ” I think most sneak attacks out of Castle where done by horse? But yeah on the first look it doesn't make sense. On the second? Well don't know it is more a fun idea and nothing else

  • Skirmish vanguard and reroll Ld on pegasus are all great choices. Depending how you play the Duke

  • I think pegasus are dropping scorpions And 4 hippos drop one trebuchet. Should work