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  • OK General chat

    Werepire - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    I like 3ish scoring units. I think the only reasonable way to get to 4+ scoring units is with core darts, which I have fallen out of favor with recently, but they do score. Generally you have a large core block of Tribesmen or Bruisers, 1-2 darts, and tuskers or mercs.

  • Just make it that Flaming attacks make successful Fortitude saves reroll. That's all it needs.

  • The Sad State of Dragons in T9A

    Werepire - - Archive


    I'll chime in and say that Dragons should have 50% more wounds. I think that would solve most of the issues. Counters to dragons would still be effective counters, it would just give Dragons the time to impact the game before they get killed. I also like the idea of a repeatable 2d3 breath weapon.

  • Force Type: Empire of Sonnstahl Catalog: EoS 2.0 Beta v8 Entry/Unit: Artificer, handgun Handgun option for Artificer should cost 5pts, BattleScribe has it costing 10pts.

  • I wish we had the old Gem of Fortune back: Gem of Fortune (35 pts) Successful to-wound rolls of '6' from Ranged Attacks against the bearer's unit must be rerolled, unless the hit was distributed onto a model with Towering Presence. I feel like most armies have no good defensive enchantment against shooting.

  • Force Type: Empire of Sonnstahl Catalog: EoS 2.0 Beta v8 Entry/Unit: Inquisitor halberd BattleScribe has both normal and silver shots inquisitors’ halberd option as “no cost”. The armybook has halberds priced at 10pts for inquisitors.

  • Force Type: Ogre Khans Catalog: Ogre Khans 2.0 Beta v12 Entry/Unit: Characters Category Battlescribe gives me an error saying that I have spent 50 points too many in Characters when I am clearly right at the 1800pt threshold. Example list below: (Hidden Content)