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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Sounds great, also makes it easier to understand, especially with respect to Symbiosis and the attribute as the last sentence now refers to the conditions which have to be met instead of the attribute being a damage spell

  • Musicians become valuable when around terrain as wel, avoid DT tests and easier to manoeuvre around impassable terrain. I love using impassable terrain to cover up my flanks

  • Quote from Darkwise: “Quote from marcema: “They probably realized there was a thread where there was talking about using 3x4 snake swarms ” Sorry, if the price increase of the snake swarms is based on my topic, i apologize !!! I hope their choice isn't "JUST" based on it ... But on data ... It was just a fun idea that i try. It's cool to see a wall of serpents and lizards. But it's expensive for what they do only once. ” No worries, it was just a guess from my side, ungrounded and i meant it mor…

  • Quote from Eymuster: “Also I sense an indirect buff to skinks with essence change, Now that pyro 5 will not be around too much, skink skirmishers should be safer. And since 6 is not around, big block skinks will at least not lose 60% of their number to a single spell. ” The future will tell us, but you might as well be right about this

  • They probably realized there was a thread where there was talking about using 3x4 snake swarms

  • Tournament Lists - V2.2

    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from bone33: “I saw something strange at the maths xD. 2x15 Javelin skinks with musician = 185x2 = 325 185 x 2 = 370 haha And.... "If the Cuatl Lord casts a spell using Telepathic Link, the Attribute Spell gets cast through the model with Telepathic Link as well, applying the same restrictions as for the Learned Spell (usually only type Damage, range is reduced by half, measure range and use Front Arc and Line of Sight from the model with Telepathic Link). Attribute Spells with a type othe…

  • Tournament Lists - V2.2

    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Aeon: “The list i am gonna try asap: (Hidden Content) I haven't decide what i can do for 40pts. The idea is to use divination with symbiosis. I was thinking having Essence having Pyro/Div depending of the opponent and blasting with Taurosor anyway, and i don't think i will need the fifth and the last spell of Pyro and Divination. What the 2.2 give to me is more chaffing and (finally) more poisonned shooting attack. So it's dangerous chaff killing monsters and give the best angle to ch…

  • Quote from Ipower: “Quote from Palomita15: “Now we have a lot interesting things in core 630 -30 saurian warriors FCG jaguar 135- 2x15 Skinks 505 - 30 Skinks 3 Krox Banner, Champion 135 - 3x15 skinks I always loved skinks + poisoned javelins, but not sure now about that, anyway we have a lot interesting options now, not just in core ” 4*20 with poisoned javs and muso = 920 just saying... ” We shouldn't forget that it still is 920p jungle guerillas, after this you have 475p left which isn't even …

  • Quote from Fenris 89: “Quote from marcema: “Serpent point change obviously hangs together with the extra model point drop. Serpent for 25+ (rarely see less than 25 with serpent) is still the same price and all others got a point drop for larger units. ” 25 Modells are 5 Points more now!? ” Sorry, you are right. Too many numbers in my head with these updates 5p difference is insignificant though. Realized that 34 SW, Serpent, Spears, FCG, Legion standard is 900p spot on

  • @Pinktaco interesting but tricky! Love the build though!

  • New thread for new V2.2 lists

  • Tournament Lists - V2.2

    marcema - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    New version, new thread! All the V2.2 Tournament Lists can be posted in this thread for discussion. Let's see what this patch has to bring

  • Quote from Palinux: “I will play a 7500 pts Tournament next year, so will have plenty of space to include some funky stuff in that list. Even with new discount, double Quatl still don't seem to be something i'd bring. ” Playing battle of Copenhagen i see 7500p seems so crazy

  • Serpent point change obviously hangs together with the extra model point drop. Serpent for 25+ (rarely see less than 25 with serpent) is still the same price and all others got a point drop for larger units.

  • Quote from Perch: “Thanks, but I would rather just try something different. If u are looking for divination spells, trained from birth + magical heirloom compared to ancient knowledge is: a) more expensive b) doesn't get extra range for conclave purposes from engine of the ancients (and I had it in the list) c) uses 1 dominant artefact (and I had both slots occupied on froggo; dominant was used for ancient plaque which made magic more reliable without classic +2 to cast from grasp of immortal) ”…

  • I do know that there are some critics that think that the Alpha Carnosaur is very hard to balance. I personally do not agree, but i also don't make the rules. The Alpha will never be removed until LAB and that's when everything is possible again. SA have monsters as signature unit and i am hoping sincerely that they keep that during /after LAB. but that's something nobody knows yet.

  • @Aeon my apologies if i either misunderstood or if you got the feeling i was offensive. It was not my intention, i apparently did not understood exactly what you where after and was wondering what you meant and if you could elaborate on that. I'm not a native English speaker so i hope you understand that misinterpretation could happen sometimes.

  • Quote from Perch: “Kinky cuatl lord build is not possible anymore (ancient knowledge + breaker of spells + symbiosis), but it is nothing to cry about. ” Try this: Cuatl, Breaker of Spells, Symbiosis, Trained from Birth, Magical Heirloom It is nearly the same thing. Still a fair and powerful build i would say. I stil have doubts personally if bows should even exist in the SA book. The wildfire burst bow is quite oke but even if bows would be free, exchanging shields wouldn't be a real option for …

  • Here an overview of all changes from 2.0 to 2.2, filtered out some of the reverted changes and some got for example twice a point drop between 2.0 and 2.2. Hopefully this puts the balance patch in a bit more perspective. Wildfire Burst 75 -> 70 (-5) Serrate Scales 65 -> 60 (-5) Sphere of Shielding 80 -> 75 (-5) Ancient Plaque 80 -> 75 (-5) Starfall Shard 75 -> 60 (-15) Obsidian Tesseract 35 -> 25 (-10) Caiman Ancient_base cost 210 -> 195 (-15) Cuatl Lord_base costs 470 -> 445 (-25) Cuatl Lord_Ma…

  • Quote from Aeon: “Is it plan to remove alpha from the list one day ? I mean there is no point anymore and i personnaly feel that this is the way it goes. As long as we can get a carno for veteran or lord it's fine for me because i use to play without for decades. It is a serious question here. ” Elaborate on, "there is no point". Why do we have to remove an entry because of your personal opinion that a normal Carnosaur is good enough for you? The Alpha Carno entry is used in 50% of the lists alm…