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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • It'd be perferct if more than one could fit in 40x40 base

  • square bases for AoS ?!

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    Quote from Little Joe: “A disclaimer at the end, I often come across negative, any product that pushes R&F will be good for T9A. I am open and happy about the news, but without details I am super comfortable in my hobby right now. We live in interesting times. In the grand scheme it just does not matter, why wait if I can have fun now? ” Couldn't agree more. I see we have a very nice rulepack, enjoy the game and having players filling spots in tournaments. I really don't see any reason to sp…

  • But, if you see the stats(slow, tough unit), you can use any models you believe they fit, and just have the correct 25x25 base.

  • They'd be lemures.

  • @Frederick first of all congrats on your continuous efforts to upgrade this event. I have one question: since there is so much discussion about costs, why make it from 2 days to 3 days? Wouldn't 2 days event make the transition from herford to Amsterdam easier, and the cost comparison more realistic? And then, if it successful, make it 3 days in 2021.

  • Quote from JimMorr: “I believe we are making QS not for us but for KoW / AoS players. ” I beleive this kind of audience is mostly gained through "eye candy" effect, which, we obviously lack Let's face it, the 9th age is not and will never be for everyone.

  • My eye caught somewhere that prices will be around 4.75 pounds. Anyone else having info on that?

  • Being on the DL design team I'm full aware of your awesome model range, glad you joined us finally

  • Just saw it, looks promising

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “I'm curious as to why the Scourge has agility 0? Nothing in the fluff or description implies why it's so slow - at least justify that number by giving it a Great Weapon? At least if it had a GW, people would say "Ah - got it". ” mundayne equipment is generally not available to daemons

  • Quote from Villon: “Vanadra's Scourge agility 0!!! is that an error? i didn't noticed the first time i read the rulez ” Not an error at all. The daemon feeds on hatred and he's looking for an excuse to unleash his fury He just waits for the enemy to throw everything he has and the ln he strikes with all his fury. Of course Ag 0 is a serious drawback, but the key here is combined charges

  • Quote from ravenheart777: “After spending a while looking at the book I have come to the following conclusion. Firstly the Pros Characters - I really love these! Some many options and really well themed with no really obvious powerful choice. Special - again lots of great options, using both existing and new units, with some very well thought out units. Some slight variations on power, but nothing too spamable. Flyers - again no issues here really. Sadly now the cons. Core - after doing such a g…

  • Quote from Klexe: “Imo the game went way more into rock paper scissor which is great imo ” The intention was to make the army having units specialized to a great degree. It's part of the army's character.

  • True that, I've heard a lot of people telling me: "9th is never going to be succesful, because you dont care about elves." Same case, putting their personal dissapointment before all else.

  • Did you just assume the damsel's gender?

  • ETC 2018 Coverage

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    Sound quality is much better now!

  • Quote from Scylla: “I'm currently working on a homebrew army book for fantasy Ancient Greeks in T9A named City-States of Old Myra. There'll be demigods, magical items from the Labours of Heracles and more, mythical creatures, hoplites, peltasts, prodromoi, hetairoi, cataphractes, slingers, toxotai, cheiroballistas, Greek Myran fire... If anybody is interested to contribute or test, I can inform you when I'll publish the first draft in the Homebrew subforum. ” sure count me in, I might be able to…

  • BH, almost every unit was in mythology! Or you can convert WDG to hoplites

  • Using app instead of dice

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    Well, a simple recommendation doesn't hurt, it wouldn't be even rule or guideline.

  • Using app instead of dice

    KeyserSoze - - Archive


    I believe we should establish something like "recommended" dice. For example I use standard chesex 14mm dice. Black with white dots, and a couple ivory with black dots if I want for example to distribute an attack on champion. No symbols, no multicolour confusing, and not very curvy edges. The colours are not confusing and their size and shape makes them less likely to land on non legit surfaces or off the table.