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  • 2019 the Start in T9a

    TheSpid - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    I started before the end times and AoS, but mine are not even close to as finished as yours. I probably have more models though… Looks good. Let me know if you need more models to paint and I can borrow you some

  • It's an easy decision for sure. Pay points for +1 to wound while losing FiER and armour as well as the being charged benefits. I am rather confused by this decision, but I guess RT might want to limit the killing prowess of skeletons a bit.

  • Pharaoh on foot builds

    TheSpid - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Blesses wrappings can be swapped for the deathmask. Both look like strong builds. Just don't expect him to do much versus death cheater characters

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Quote from ToDD: “Very interesting discussion, it's nice to see disagreement on things which might be considered auto-include unrelated: I'm also surprised (but somehow not really) Soulfire Weaver didn't decrease further in points. ” Unless it's going to be like ~20 pts I can't see it ever being played. Basically it's a "Pyro-like" attribute that locks you into a single Path, and costs both points and veil tokens. It's just sad how bad it is. ” I'm really trying to brew…

  • Indeed. The shield is a big loss when you have HA.

  • For now they're going to come with spears

  • @umbranar @setepenmentou Has the 2 ppm for halberds for Barrow Legion skeletons been addressed behind the scenes? Is it intended, accepted collateral or being changed?

  • Every single monster from SA as well as many other units. There are plenty!

  • Initiative isn't a modifier to your attacks. A model part has a certain initiative value. When using supernatural dexterity your initiative is increased from step 2 as @Eisenheinrich said above. The point here being: supernatural dexterity does not affect a model parts attacks, but the model part directly. Thus it applies to whatever the model does.

  • Your numbers are off. Skinks with javelins do the same damage vs R3. (I'm assuming long range and moving) And they are slightly more durable. Blowpipes are still better, but it's not quite as clear-cut.

  • Quote from joel127: “Quote from TheSpid: “Naturally, it's rather expensive if you only want a few models, but perhaps you wouldn't mind playing the game itself. In any case, if someone is interested I'd post it here. ” Lol, you sound like playing Boardgames is a bore I love boardgames. Also, those models look fantastic. ” Oh hah! That's a first. I don't think anyone that knows me even a little bit would ever think that statement to fit on me There's a reason i know of that game

  • First of I'd like to see a big distinction between UD and VC undeads. I'd like to see ability to stand and shoot as well as march, while keeping crumble and psychology aspects. I'd also like to see human like stats to enforce this. So basically a difference between animated undeads controlled by others and living dead. Next I'd love to see a separation of magic and raising. Perhaps keep magic healing for the construct part of the army, but not the bone part. It should be semi-automatic. Buffs ga…

  • There's a board game kickstarter full of egyptian stuff that might be interesting for some people. Naturally, it's rather expensive if you only want a few models, but perhaps you wouldn't mind playing the game itself. In any case, if someone is interested I'd post it here. Link to the Kickstarter 531e68860d046a306bee7fadbdea3382_original.jpg

  • What @Shako said. Also, in concept (and rules) terms; AP doesn't modify armour. It is a component in calculating the armour save. Much the same as Strength doesn't modify a targets Resilience, but is a component in the to wound roll.

  • Sorry... you're going to be waiting a long time I'm afraid

  • Quick shot of my new snake swarms from @Trakritch…66cde540f77f7de7663749ad5 One of the cobras broke its neck, but otherwise everything looks exactly like I'd expect compared to the earlier picture.

  • Quote from The Kremlin: “Character solo charging out of a Banner of Roland unit: can the opponent stand and shoot? ” This is answered in the rule below and is even specifically mentioned for Banner Enchantments. 21.B.d Leaving a Combined Unit A Character can leave a Combined Unit in the Charge Phase and in the Movement Phase if it is able to move (i.e. if it isn’t Engaged in Combat, hasn’t already moved, isn’t Fleeing, etc.). In both cases, any game effects that would affect the Combined Unit (s…

  • Quote from DanT: “All of it got for it is attacks from every direction, everyone trying to fight me, lots of people making my t9a job more difficult and no-one acting like they want to be on the same team as me. ” You don't always get a lot from doing what's right. It's still right though. What you get from being polite, respectful and diplomatic is a slightly better community. I've always seen you and your engagement as something to aspire to. I believe you're right in saying you haven't gotten…

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Zorin: “How does shooting work with Tarnosaurs? Is it A) You can either shoot the artillery weapon or the crew weapons? B) You shoot with both? C) One crewmen shoots the artillery weapon, the rest uses javelins? And is there any difference if Skink captain rides the Taurosaur? ” C. A character can shoot the weapon on its mount. ” I'd say B. Quote from BRB: “In case of Multipart Models, each model part can make a Shooting Attack in the same phase. ” Also, Skink Cr…

  • A model is considered "Charging" as soon as it declares a charge: Quote from BRB: “ The unit declaring a Charge is now considered Charging until it has: • Finished its First Round of Combat after making a Charge Move • Successfully Charged a Fleeing unit • Performed a Failed Charge Move • Failed a Panic Test before completing the Charge Move • Been subject to the rules for No Longer Engaged ” Devastating Charge grants it's bonuses as long as the model is charging. Yes, Taurukhs benefit from thei…