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  • Patch 2.2 Feedback

    Gajal - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    I m not a top player even if I sometimes beat them occasionally in tournaments, and i m not so worried about this patch, as i don t play Dark coach since a long time (too fragile vulnerable even at 420 pts), i always like banshee and now i play cadaver wagon. For me the true issue with this one is it s slow, and he it can only be played with a static army what I'm playing right now, with some success. Now i understand that this "double" nerf is going wrong. Express yourself, play with it, change…

  • Suppress Fire : when an Academy unit charge, an other Academy unit with shooting weapon can made a special shoot if: - the unit charged stand or stand & shoot (the academy unit shoot is done before the counter charge shoot) - the charge academy unit is below 12 ps from the shooting academy unit One academy unit max can make this special shoot by charge. If the charged unit fail a panic test on this shoot, it don t flee but it s shaken. If the charged unit is destroyed by the shoot, the charging …

  • Salut, je ne sais pas si ça été signalé mais il manque la mention ennemi aux unités affectées par la règle "suivez le rythme". Résultat en France: les musicos cassent aussi les oreilles de leurs propres troupes (le syndrome assurancetourix peut etre ^^)

  • so if i have a Weapon Master character with great weapon and a hand weapon with Weapon Enchantement, and if my Weapon Enchantment is target by a Mikinok Totem, can i use my Great Weapon?

  • i think you confuse combat reform and post combat reform, daemon need to win too to win the bonus

  • Druidism - Oaken throne change

    Gajal - - Suggestions


    another way is transform oaken throne as bound spell but with just one dice and a value of 4.

  • About Boat Flies: What happen when you have a character in a unit who strikes flies at the same Agility (for exemple, they have all Great Weapon) and they eradicate the flies with more wounds that flies have hp. How attribute the toxic attack. A precise exemple: we have 3 flies with 10 HP, the character make 3 wounds and it s unit 11, at the same Agility.

  • Hi, question about the DL. If we have harbinger in unit with the guiding digestive vomit manifestatation. If the manifestation triggers and the harbinger die, the unit keep the buff or not?

  • after i think it s an issue of wording from the p18, when u see the rule of the VC altar it is no doubt about the possibility to be an special attack and a shooting attack

  • and if you have a bonus vs special attack, as the aegis bonus from dominion of sloth for the sentinel of nukuja, this bonus it is applicable to for exemple breath attack use in shooting phase?

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Could you please elaborate why counting both as as shooting attack as well as a special attack causes any rules issues? ” i think the issue come from the dashboard p18 it can be understand as shooting attack is different that others and in others you have ranged special attack.

  • hi, , breath weapon use in shooting phase is ranged special attack or normal shooting attack?

  • hi, breath weapon use in shooting phase is ranged special attack or normal shooting attack?

  • chimera:choose one option in this list before the deployment phase: - impact hit (d3) - breath weapon (2d6f3 fire) - fly - fortitude (5+)

  • Suggestion for Path of Favored: When a duel is issue in a combat round with Path of Favored's Models (accepting or not, by any side), Model with Path of Favored Path can reroll Break Test. Another take the place: If a champion with Path of Favored Path's Rule is remove as casualty in a Duel, the WDG player choose a R&F model in this unit. This one gain Champion's Rule but without modified Stats.

  • DL FAB 2.0 rule feedback

    Gajal - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    And it s for that it is a strong mechanism, it s far more easy to choose the good match up if your opponant can t block your unit.

  • DL FAB 2.0 rule feedback

    Gajal - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Because it s a character, Imps can use his discipline

  • Quote from Kim7791: “If a hope harvester is in a unit where there's a harbinger with venom sacks. The harvester's shots are then poisoned ? ” A hope Harvester is a war Platform, and a war Platform is a Character with many exceptions. It is not a R&F model and also, he can't gain the effect of a guidance manifestation.

  • hate and reroll if u lose previous cac round is a really potent combo with red haze (because u limit greatly the bad side of red haze)

  • it s true, it s a a really powerful wizard (and sloth manifestation that he's permit are very useful) but if the four magic path is really strong, they don t resolve the ap problem of the DL : All spells are capped to AP2, except boosted hand of Heaven, and the only spell who help to trade heavy armor is boosted Spectral blade. The other point is the problem of range, for a model who can move to 5 or 6 ", you have only the comet as long range spell, it s not so easy to use. The cuatl can use pyr…