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  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Eru - - General Discussion


    Quote from infamousme: “ah, social media.... Well that excludes me ” You don't have to! Tasks are split among the team.

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Eru - - General Discussion


    Quote from infamousme: “Well, what are the requirements? ” Speaking English, being a 9th Age enthusiast, peeking a bit everywhere on the forums, incl. internals, to be aware of what's going on, and write announcements here on social medias. I guess

  • Hey, I've successfully booked a room with the form, thanks! Know that there is an extra cost of 6.05 % (apparently city tax, what was called tourism tax in the mail I guess). How official is the fact that we can use a 4-person room with 5 persons? I guess we only get 4 breakfasts, so can we ask for one extra?

  • Nouvelles du front

    Eru - - France


    Super ! À jour avant même la VO ! Le titre du livre sur la couverture est pas centré. Le centrage des pages importées de LaTeX aussi me semblent étranges, je regarderai sur un moniteur. Il y a un ou deux soucis légers de mise en page dans le Latex, je peux regarder avec gg ce week-end.

  • T9A and future technology

    Eru - - Army / List Building Tools


    Really nice designs! It seems like an astonishing amount of work, do you have an estimation of the time spent working on "sculpting" your whole army? I'd love to see some close-ups of your favourite pieces.

  • Quote from The Beninator: “Main Rule Book (Slim) does not include "Shooting" along with "Multiple Wounds" 21.G.b.17 Multiple Wounds (X) – Close Combat I would assume it should follow the same convention as Poison attacks: 21.G.b.18 Poison Attacks – Close Combat, Shooting ” I think this is intentional! For a Shooting Weapon to get Multiple Wounds, it has to have the rule itself. The model having it isn't enough.

  • Quote from Nesro: “Quote from Eru: “Quote from Nesro: “Broodmother ” No, it's being clarified in the incoming version. I suppose that any similar effect, as Vampiric, will be clarified in the same way. @Eisenheinrich to be added to the errata? ” ok, but I am not asking about incoming versions but current rules ” Current rules are not clear so could lead to some arguing. If you want to play following the intention of the rules makers, play as I say.

  • Quote from Nesro: “Broodmother ” No, it's being clarified in the incoming version. I suppose that any similar effect, as Vampiric, will be clarified in the same way. @Eisenheinrich to be added to the errata?

  • I'd advise to wait a couple of weeks to buy the Daemons book, we may be working on an update!

  • Quote from Folomo: “Quote from DH Slimbook: “Yer comin’ with me!: Close Combat. ...when a model with this Attack Attribute is removed as a casualty during the Melee Phase due to a Melee Attack, itmust immediately, before removal, perform a single Close Combat Attack ” Quote from WDG Book: “Spiked Shield ... This is considered a Special Attack. ” Quote from DL Book: “Mirrored Scales Each Close Combat Attack allocated towards themodel for which a natural ‘1’ is rolled to hit is distributed onto th…

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “Question : could we have the same in French ? All the translations are available. ” @Eru, I think you wanted to have a look at this, right? Where is it standing? ” Yeah, I've looked around a bit because I'd prefer a solution without Amazon, but couldn't find anything easily, so I kinda dropped it.

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from jimbo81: “I would use this all the time IF the enchantments and artefacts came with a description of what they do. Otherwise I need the army book and the rulebooks on hand and this defeats the purpose. I want a one stop shop like Armybuilder. ” The risk is that the description is wrong. Better to memorize items or have the PDFs open as well ” If we couple it with LaTeX, we can make sure that the description are automatically updated, reducing drastically the risk…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “One more, this one is much more minor. On Broodmother, "dominant" should be in bright red and in parenthesis. (had a picture to show the issue, but keeps giving me this weird "message is too long, must be under 50k characters" warning) ” Actually I'm not sure this is a mistake, Broodmother could be Dominant even when non-Guiding. @IoRi78 could you confirm if it is intentional?

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Remy77077: “There's nothing that suggests this in the rules, but I just wanted to check that for "Warband" sized games (under 3000 points) there are no modifications made to the Magic rules at all (ie: no changes to magic dice & tokens etc). ” No not right now. Magic works best for "normal" sized games. Bigger or smaller games might need some house rule tweeks to be balanced. ” There is a warband set of Flux cards in the Flux card supplement.

  • Quote from Searingash: “About the flux card supplement. Yield to Greed:The Active Player’s units gain Frenzy against enemy units that contain one or more Special Items. Active player's units gain frenzy when they are btb with the enemy units? ” Hello, No, it means that units have to test to refrain to charge, as described in the Frenzy rule, if an enemy unit with at least one Special Item is within Advance Rate + 7" and in Line of Sight.

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Eru - - General Discussion


    Quote from Ghiznuk: “During the last 60 days, the French FB group went from 1000 to 1150 subscribers. While losing a few people, we won a lot, too. We have now 50% of the subscribers on the French AoS group. This group was created in November 2018 with 600 members joining straight away, so 25% of our growth has happened during those last 2 months. During this last period we got a much better outreach because I joined many different geek groups using the Ninth Age France profile. For example, « B…

  • OK. Because it's a real plus for RnF to be able to change poses, it makes the unit alive. I figured that as long as you print all your models, if it's just a few translations... But yeah, I guess some details can get messed up.

  • Is it hard to change a pose when you have the 3d design?

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Daring: allows to maximise charge roll for a unit and against enemy units in contact with bearer's unit. Does this mean that if multiple units - including one with Daring - charge a single enemy, and Daring charges first and reaches the target, then all other units have a maximesed roll? ” No, because you have to roll all the charge range rolls for the multiple charge before actually moving the units, so all the relevant charge range rolls will have been rolled when your un…