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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Subidos los libros de bestias, demonios, elfos nobles y enanos

  • Quote from TheSpid: “Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Nesro: “about 1: "no other model can allocate attacks towars either of these models" quote from Fighting a duel. The champ cannot be killed by onything else than the opponent duellist (with one exception stated in the rule as will which is likely only important for kadims or other stuff at agi 0). About 2: insignificant comes in play when checking if a friendly unit has to take a test. It does not for the 25% check as the hunter and tiger ar…

  • But then I don't get the question So he is asking if you can do a combat reform at the end of a combat round? Why does it matter if it was a pursue then?

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from matrim: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from UnNickKopado: “Hello! a unit of 3 charriots pursues and charges a new unit, but due to be very close and even performing a little wheel, there is only one of the charriots making contact. In the following combat the unit of charriots moves to maximize or only one can fight? Thanks! sorry for my english ” You never slide units.If only one chariot can make base contact, only that chariot will fight. ” But we can reform the …

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    Post…f8680021e339beffd616abd6d Follow the rules, people is being reported

  • Quote from PTG-Lucky-Sixes: “Can a champion refuse a challenge with no cost? For example if i have a unit of 12 Knight of the Realm with full command but no characters, if they get into combat and my opponent issues a challenge, can I refuse and still attacks as normal? Thanks in advance ” Yes

  • Exacto, la pregunta era qué pasa si lanzo visión alterada sobre el ingeniero, en cuyo caso, su regla ingeniero no se ve modificada. Si te vas un poco para atrás en ese hilo, antes responden que si se lanza sobre la máquina y está usa el ingeniero, si que dispararía a 2+

  • Por que no le diste a quote y así el foro te hace el link al post? De ese modo podríamos ver la pregunta

  • Quote from Litoperez: “no puedes disparar a 2+, pego aqui la ezplicacion The Engineer rules work differently though: < 21.A.a.7 Engineer (X+) Once per Shooting Phase, an unengaged Engineermay select a single War Machine within 6″ that has not fired yet to gain the following effects: • Set the Aim of one of the War Machine’s Artillery Weapons to the value given in brackets (X+). Altered Sight The target gains +1 Offensive Skill and +1 Defensive Skill, and has its weapons’ Aim improved by 1. > Alt…

  • The problem is that scheduling games is not always that easy, that's why the 2 week time. And doing 5 rounds of two weeks, the tournament gets super long. Add to that the people that stops showing up after two loses ... Imagine with 5 rounds, or a league I mean, I would keep this tournament as it is, but of course, some additional options could be organized separated

  • Actualizados los libros de Legiones Demoniacas, Dinastías Eternas, Cónclave Vampírico y Guerreros de los Dioses Oscuros para seguir el nuevo formato de ediciones (solo se han eliminado los textos en azul, y se ha actualizado el nombre de la versión al inicio del documento)

  • Quote from Crazydwarf: “ So if i use a Titan Mortar: S4 (7), AP1 (4), what happens? ” If you get a hit with the first roll, then you apply S4 (7), AP1 (4) and area 4x4 If you miss the first roll, and don't missfire, you roll to hit again. If you get a hit, you apply S2, AP1, area 3x3

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “LOL, congrats on 3 20-0s. ” Not really, he has 4 points die to list correction

  • Well people, how did the holidays go? Here we still have a bit more than 24 hours to submit the results of this last round, and I'm still missing a few games! How is that dice rolling going?

  • V205 Error report thread

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  • @Boomvalk, most of your questions can be very easily answered just by checking the rulebook. Did you try checking there? I will therefore just copy and paste the rulebook texts, which one can find with a 2 second search in the pdf Quote from Boomvalk: “A few questions from my last couple of games: - When declaring charges: do you first declare all of them keeping track of enemies charge reactions without executing them? Or do you execute their reactions immediately? 'A unit must declare and then…

  • You can only attemp to cast hereditary spells once unless they are replicable, which is not the case

  • Feliz Navidad gente! Lo primero, pedir perdón por lo que estamos tardando en sacar los libros actualizados, pero las navidades nos están teniendo muy ocupados. Vendrán, gente, vendrán. Lo segundo, hemos subido el libro de dinastías eternas actualizado a la 2.2.1,y en versión latex. Así que ya sabéis, echadle un ojo por si hemos cometido algún gazapo al reeditar, y por lo demás, a disfrutarlo!

  • Quote from Pablo: “Cuando la Unidad puede realizar un giro para encararse es si declara carga y atrapa a una unidad QUE YA ESTABA HUYENDO. ” O cuando reacciona huyendo a la carga Es decir: - Pillas al enemigo durante una persecución -> te quedas mirando a parla - Cargas una unidad huyendo (o que reacciona huyendo a la carga) y la carga es exitosa -> puedes chequear y girar te (que o reorganizarte)

  • Quote from duxbuse: “ - Being interrupted by the base of a mo.del that has an equal or bigger Height than both the mo.del and its target (see “Model Classification ”, page 87 , for more details; Model Rules such as Tall or Skirmisher can affect this) For me it is unclear if the model in purple is referring to the model in green or red. ” The sentence wouldn't make sense if it were the model in green. Any model will always have an 'equal or bigger' height than himself. Will have the same height t…