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  • Gente por Valencia



    Yo soy de paterna. En que grupo jugabas antes?

  • Battlescribe actualizado con los Demonios (Beta 3). Archivos renombrados a v2020 (en vez de 0.204 y cosas así) para estar en línea con las versiones de los libros.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread



  • Gnasher Herd. Check their stat line compared with their price with any other unit in any book. They eat ogres, barrows, saurus, etc... And the possibility to buff with shamanism.

  • Agree, a lot of list and (except VK) all bloodlines are present in a similar number. Almost all entries are present, but still missing (due to balance) others. VK bloodine and powers Undeath Altars Fell Wraiths Monstruosities etc...

  • Quote from Martins9thAge: “Like your list Petreo, a lot of diferent lists and more VC than I expected, It seems they still have their place in teams. Lets see how it goes Good luck in the tournament! ” Thanks! In my last test Banshees did a very good job. Afaik before split in two units (Fell Wraith/Banshee) Banshees reaper attack was with her strength (S3). Now she has S5 AP10 and with terror (panic test) some flanking units could flee. And can be used as last chaff if necessary.

  • Skeletons with parry and Regen 5+ (first round) are a very solid defence. 4 healers to raise back dead models, but... I don’t understand great weapons on barrows, it breaks Lamia+court (-3 agility) combo. Aren’t Halberds better for them?

  • Data 12 Teams, 11 VC lists Bloodlines 4 Independent 2 Brotherhood 2 Lamia 2 Nosferatu 1 Strigoi 0 Von Karnstein

  • 12 Teams 1) Uri “Rabanasta” Romeu - Vampire Covenant - Brotherhood of the Dragon Bloodline 805 - Vampire Count, General, The Dead Arise, Skeletal Steed, Brotherhood of the Dragon Bloodline, Great Weapon, Paired Weapons, Death Cheater, Eternity Gem, Ancient Blood Power (Crimson Rage), Wizard Apprentice, Occultism 440 - Barrow King, BSB, Skeletal Steed, Hand Weapon (Hero’s Heart), Heavy Armour (Basalt Infusion), Shield (Dusk Forged) 460 - Necromancer, Binding Scroll, Magical Heirloom Wizard Master…

  • Still don´t understand why VC character needs to pay 25p to be a general. So VC players really play with 4475p instead 4500p. (Choose a general is NOT an option). If yoy want a penalty give 125 extra victory points (instead 100) for kill VC general.

  • A la noche lo reviso, pero me suena que lo cambie... has actualizado?

  • Quote from Jadeeyes: “Quote from PETREOPATROKLOS: “Cadaver wagon design is the best we can made following RT guidelines (make one chariot playable and must be Regen themed). ” Who decided that? the community? or RT? based on what? Why regen themed and not maybe a buff to heals or a buff to combat for core units? or maybe bloodlines themed? ” RT mandate.

  • Arreglado lo del Feldrak y la gloria ardiente

  • Actualizado todo a la 2.2!

  •…b8ffeeef70f65c77d6648b0c8 Celestian Knights…b8ffeeef70f65c77d6648b0c8 Celestial Paladins…b8ffeeef70f65c77d6648b0c8 Celestian Warriors

  • Yes, is 9”. Is a typo. Thanks for reading! All comments are welcome!

  • VK needs 20% min in core (like independent) to be worth. Cadaver wagon design is the best we can made following RT guidelines (make one chariot playable and must be Regen themed). a 5+ Regen in first combat round, against all devastating charge rules, impact hits, hatred, etc... is a good aid, buuuuut is still overpriced. 250p or 300p being in core.

  • Archivos actualizados. Añadidos Cultistas (Lista Auxiliar de Demonios). Y Guerreros Celestiales (Homebrew) de un ejército que me he inventado en un par de guardias aburridas para usar los Stormcast en 9th age. Haciendo este libro: Se aceptan comentarios y sugerencias, gracias! PD: Esta ingles, cuando lo pula un poco lo pasaré a castellano.

  • Quote from Manxol: “En demonios las opciones de manifestaciones en unidades (excepto un par en imps y eidolones) aparecen como "no cost". En monopeanas (gloria, hope, carros...) no pasa ” Tienes la última versión? Tanto en el PC como en el móvil me sale bién.

  • Celestian Warriors v2.0

    PETREOPATROKLOS - - Homebrew 9th Age

    Post Updated with user comments. Thanks!