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  • Quote from JimMorr: “@Remy77077, thank you. I have posted updates in a few places, but not in the most important one Fixed now. ” Nice, thank you! Entry submitted!

  • Quote from piteglio: “this contest is like the phoenix in our motto ; ) JimMorr, do you also accept pics of QuickStarter armies? @Remy77077 might have to submit something to celebrate his QS team appointment (btw, congrats and thank you!) ” Well, I even have a full army not too far off completion too as well as QS armies... I will need to check the rules again then and get high quality shots etc for what I don't have already though. I didn't see anything that said "no" to QS armies though, and t…

  • Hang on, so this is still open then?

  • Quote from infamousme: “Maybe a stupid question, but I dont see anywhere what the exact method of random direction is for mad gits anywhere. Do we still use a scatter die for that? ” It's cos it's covered in the Core Rulebook: Quote: “2.B.b The Direction Dice and Random Directions The Direction Dice is a special six-sided dice with all sides marked with an arrow. Certain rules may ask the player todetermine a random direction. In such cases, roll the Direction Dice and then use the direction in …

  • Hi @Norbaminiatures I just wanted to confirm you no longer produce any Orc & Goblin models? One used to be here for example:…os-goblins-nocturnos.html (can't recall if there were any more) But I can't find it on your new site any more.

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “ One of those chariots I've had since I was a kid! Got it with the 6th ed WFB starter box. Painted it back then an its been sitting stuffed away in a drawer ever since. Been meaning to repaint it and now I've finally gotten it stripped (thin coats was not my forte back then). The second chariot I picked up on ebay a few years ago, NIB, and figured I would never be bothered to paint another orc chariot down the line, so I'd best do them both at the same time. They are great s…

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “Started painting the crew: ” All looking nice Mad 'At! I'm a bit jealous though that you have all the parts for those chariots and kit-bashes and conversions I can see. So sad they are all OOP! I managed to get 1 chariot before they were completely out of stock everywhere When I want some more, will be looking at non-GW minis ofc. But a lot of the nicest ones are actually too big for standard chariot bases (not that I have any of those either!). I need to catch up on Paint D…

  • Quote from infamousme: “feel free to spam the thread. I feel like I've been the only one posting photos here for a while Especially if you're going to post up more of those older looking orcs. ” Hehe okay! Well I figured it's easy for folks to click through to see flickr for more if they wanted it... but if you want to see it all right before your eyes right here, right now, I will do so ... Old models at the far right: 49386770508_a4e27c7c53_b.jpg Bunch more old ones mixed in (these are less fi…

  • Still WIP for me! (more photos on my flickr, but don't wanna spam the thread TOO much ) 49387246706_b9f6649e0b_b.jpgMore Iron Orc WIP by Rik Newman, on Flickr

  • That's mildly weird I'm doing such a similar model, I even chose the same head... although he'll be a regular standard bearer for me, BSB is kit-bashed in the middle (far from finished though!) 49124918776_0bf4e1b8ed_c.jpgbDSC_0712

  • Going Forward

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Quote from Baranovich: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “ ” This is a really important thing! Sometimes it's surprising given how much information we have instant access to nowadays, what people don't realize is out there. Uncle Adam from the Youtube channel Tabletop Minions created the GAMEFOR app. ” And I'd never heard of GAMEFOR before either. I'll give it a try! Thanks for mentioning it

  • I just realised Mad Gits still use random direction movement. How do people usually resolve that in T9A? I'm firmly in the "guess-ranges and scattering templates was an absolute nightmare" side too, and I was just a teenager at that time, definitely not a tournament player!

  • I do hope when a new interface & display is devised that some of the points raised by Auto2 earlier in this thread are taken into account. I do wish the miniatures pages were a lot more visual with at least some mini photos up front, and not requiring so many clicks to dig down to see anything. (Obviously I do my updates in this format anyway to keep it consistent though!). To get around the problems of preferential treatment of companies/photos etc. ideally a database solution could show a samp…

  • darnit, more work for me there! Just kidding, this is really useful info. I don't have any Giants and didn't even know what T9A used for a base when I started doing this, I'll get those Warmonger Giant Trolls added to the library soon. (already included the GW Giant Troll, and some other greenskins in larger scale models as usable as Giants so it definitely fits!)

  • Quote from Ludaman: “The new mountain Jotnar from parrabellum games: ” I am guessing that is a 50x75mm base in the photo?

  • Adding to Giants listing soon... Looks like a plastic kit, anyone know for sure? Also scale/base-size? Cheers!

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Quote from JordanBladen: “super cool dude! I dont know your forum name unfortunately! Do you go to many events? ” Well, nothing yet! I'd not played any mini games for about 10 years, so I just got back into it last year. Just played some casual QS games of T9A so far with friends. I don't currently have any good way to transport my models as that's a totally new venture for me, but I'm working on that. I doubt I'm close to ready for an event though if you're meaning tournaments, as I need to lea…

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Remy77077 - - General Discussion


    Quote from JordanBladen: “It may be geographical. I dont know anyone in the UK whose played the QS set of rules ” * waves * QS was how I got into T9A. I found this site, looked at all the rules and stuff, and decided that it was a good place to start... I was frustrated it was unfinished though, so trying to help out with that now! (Plug: my written QS batreps are in the battle reports section here and on my website in the sig )

  • Quote from Eru: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Remy77077: “There's nothing that suggests this in the rules, but I just wanted to check that for "Warband" sized games (under 3000 points) there are no modifications made to the Magic rules at all (ie: no changes to magic dice & tokens etc). ” No not right now.Magic works best for "normal" sized games. Bigger or smaller games might need some house rule tweeks to be balanced. ” There is a warband set of Flux cards in the Flux card supplement. ” I …

  • There's nothing that suggests this in the rules, but I just wanted to check that for "Warband" sized games (under 3000 points) there are no modifications made to the Magic rules at all (ie: no changes to magic dice & tokens etc).