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  • The People You Play

    Wstanley - - General Discussion


    I'm in the same boat, most of our players are college age or older, and all are men. And I'll echo what's been said above, this game requires a huge amount of time and energy to get into. I'm starting a new army and I'm reminded of how much painting and modeling is necessary to just get to a tabletop standard, let alone an army you can truly be proud of. Perhaps one of the keys for new players is loaner armies. Most of the people in my club have 2-3 full armies, and I think letting newcomers use…

  • Thanks!

  • Hey - I bought the magic cards (that came with all lores and 2 flux decks) and they were super nice. I’d like to buy a second set, does anyone remember who was selling those? Thanks!

  • Aaron Chaum - 580 - Pharaoh, Skeleton Chariot, Shield, Heavy Armour, Basalt Infusion, Great Weapon, Godslayer (Great Weapon), Talisman of Shielding, Death Mask of Teput - 525 - Death Cult Hierarch, Divination, Wizard Master, Light Armour, Sacred Hourglass, Talisman of the Void, Soul Conduit - 280 - Death Cult Hierarch, General, Evocation, Wizard Adept, Book of Arcane Mastery, Hierophant - 210 - Tomb Architect, Light Armour, Crown of the Wizard King - 600 - 5x Skeleton Chariots, Legion Charioteer…

  • Hey all - I remember seeing pictures of an army on here that was beautifully painted in a very simple white / gold / silver scheme. I’ve been digging and I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone know the army I’m describing? I want to see the pictures again as I might want to duplicate the color scheme

  • Only two of those lists didn't take the steam tank. And the ones that didn't have a lot of artillery instead. Kinda interesting

  • Update! 29 players signed up so far. Venue has changed to be in Fullerton, California. Entry is $50, will go up to $60 after May 31st. Player pack and all other details are available here: Hope to see you there!

  • Los Angeles/Ventura/Bakersfield

    Wstanley - - West Coast


    We will be having a 2 day, 5 game GT on July 20th and 21st called SoCal Joust. Find more information and register at the following website:

  • Registration for SoCal Joust is live! Please share and sign up through the following site:

  • Registration for SoCal Joust is live! Please share and sign up through the following site: Basic info - July 20 - 21 2019 Anaheim, California 5 rounds, 4500 points Tournament pack and other items will be updated on the above site.

  • What if we just changed it so that instead of DT (1's and 2's) it's just DT (1's). That takes the spell down a notch but still keeps it versatile.

  • Players around Los Angeles?

    Wstanley - - Player Search


    Tournament is still pending a viable venue; I'm in talks with Shuffle and Cut in La Habra. Dates (unless something changes) will be July 20-21 2019. Two days, 5 games. 4500 points. I'll share more details as they become available.

  • The Ninth Age Mexico!

    Wstanley - - General Discussion


    We're planning on having a 2 day Grand Tournament here in Orange County in the middle of July, I'll be sure to message you the details once they come out!

  • The Ninth Age Mexico!

    Wstanley - - General Discussion


    Glad to hear it! You might be pretty close to us in Southern California; we have a few players in San Diego that are close to the border. Maybe we could travel down to one of your tournaments or vice versa!

  • Dusting off my Vikings

    Wstanley - - Asklanders


    Looks good! And yeah once they fit on a regiment tray you won't need to worry about rebasing them or anything. The Asklander book provides so many opportunities for theme. I might need to put something together myself...

  • Tokens

    Wstanley - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    I have some wooden tokens which I got a few years ago, I forget the brand. But others have used a custom Magic: The Gathering card making tool to make order cards. Sorry I can't provide any links at the moment (I'm at work) but they're definitely out there. Just poke around a bit on the forum and online and you'll find them. I'll say that I like the tokens much better because they're about the size of a quarter, much smaller than cards and easier to keep track of on the tabletop. Good luck!

  • Quote from Smythen: “An extra order (not stackable with the offensive one). Could be more defensive granting distracting or shieldwall. So we can hold better first round and then start the grind on the countercharge. ” I'm worried that would overlap too much with the role of the Arcane Engine? Or would the roles of the Arcane Engines change as well? I could see them being a sort of magical artillery. It could be fired in the Shooting phase but needs to use Veil Tokens to be activated or somethin…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Send in the Reserves - Marshall upgrade, one time use. - When a unit of 30+ models loses at least half the R&F models it started with, in the following movement phase roll a d6. On a 1-2 a single unit replenished 3 R&F models. On a 3-4, 5 R&F models. On a 5-6, 7 R&F models. ” Maybe on your army list you could pay extra points for "Reserves" - as in you pay for 20 extra heavy infantry, which can be used to replenish another unit at some point of the game, given that a few re…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “lol i think with battle focus and hatred the current net result is the same if not worse ” I agree, the amount of damage some of the Empire units can dish out (a horde of Imperial Guard with Great weapons with a few characters for example) is pretty ridiculous. Doesn't feel very human if they delete another unit with hardly any casualties. Some ideas that I would like included in the full book: 1) Acceptable Casualties - Some sort of rule that simulates the raw man power of…

  • I have to say, reading all of this is really inspiring. It's good to see that the game is growing and that "Oldhammer" players are coming out of the woodwork. In my area (Orange County, Southern California) things have been rough. A few years ago we had a pretty strong community of 18-20 players, but over the last few years many of them have moved out of state. And it seemed that the people that moved were the main hobby drivers who attracted the most followers, so losing them was especially tou…