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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Tournament Season 2020 in Poland is oficially open! DMK in Zielonki (Cracov's Team Championships) is first Master Tournament in Poland this year. 3-man Teams, 4500 points. Currently there is a total of 33 teams and 99 players. Probably a couple more will come as they usually do. 4 SA players in total, lists in no particular order: (Hidden Content)

  • Back at it lads Opponent: OK (Gutstar w/ GKhan and BSB, 4 Morons, 2x4 Bombs, Mammoth, Cannon), kinda newbie Scenario: Secure the Target Score: 20:0 MVP: Wizard Warlord+Tauro (both got a charge off T1 on Morons, game-costing mistake), Tauro (almost died in one turn in CC with Morons with 1HP left, managed to get 4 Bombs, Cannon and Shaman through TLink while making it to the end of battle) LVP: Braves w/ Javelins (just rolled extremely poorly for poisons - 48 shots, ~3 poisons)

  • Quote from Hebus: “A unit is destroyed by some ranged attack. An ally unit near it (less than 6") fail his panic check, from whom does it flee? ” From nearest enemy unit. Quote from Hebus: “Quote from Rulebook: “Lygur’s Tongue Enemy units in base contact with the bearer suffer −1 Attack Value. ” Each model in the enemy unit is affected right?What is affected in a multi part model ? ” Every model and every model part in these models are affected (literally everyone).

  • Quote from Lord Drakon: “My unit charges an enemy unit, who flees behind another enemy unit. I try to redirect to that other enemy unit, but fail my discipline test to redirect so I need to pursue that initial unit (who has fled). In case I roll enough to still capture that fleeing unit, is it destroyed? We were unsure because there is another unit in the way and could not find it in the rules. ” You need to actually complete the charge - not just roll enough. That means you need to be able to a…

  • Quote from Lwieserce851: “Where is his roster? I would like to see how he used those units ” (Hidden Content) List is still before 2.2.

  • Quote from CrusaderPL: “Anyone knos how many points did thyroscutus list made at EML Finals in Paris? ” EML Final results. Tabletop link Saurian Ancients - 43 points (8.6 per match) 5-15 (DE), 8-12 (Dwarf), 20-0 (VC), 2-18 (VC), 8-12 (UD)

  • Quote from WarX: “[...] And last but not least... Mageblight Gremlins are more efficient in terms of wounds / pts against Gigantic stuff then Seekers. Just pick Poison(5+) and 1/3 of your attacks are wounds... ” Don't seem that more efficient, in fact they're less effecient against gigantic unit assuming any armor. If I recall correctly, most of the monsters are 3+/4+ arm, with 2 BH Monsters being exception. (Hidden Content) Also picking a Giant as a generic Gigantic target. How convenient, chea…

  • Quote from RRobin: “Its time consuming because you have think every time which model you should take out when removing casualties. ” It's decided for you most of the time though, check out "16.B Removing Casualties" in Rulebook, page 81. Quote from RRobin: “Second question: Unit 1 is now charged by Gortatch (G), what is right way to put him into base contact with unit 1? Unit 1 can now attack G only with guy from the front or both guys in front and rear? ” You have to maximise …

  • Tried Ancient with Raptor Spirit and GW at the latest Poznań Master (2 day, 5 matches) 2 months ago. Seems dank on paper, not so much in actual game. His main disadvantages are (assuming Raptor build I mentioned): -Only 3+ AS which makes it really hard to survive even a single turn of magic and/or shooting on his own. Walking inside unit is not always an option or when he just fails his charge. Even AP1 becomes a gamble at this point. -As mentioned by @Zamo 4 attacks is really risky. He's not a …

  • Can't wait to see that one

  • @Izomov Correct. Both A and B have maximum (3) models in base contact.

  • Quote from Pinktaco: “I always seem to lack range with protean and miss symbiosis om the frog when I have it :< ” Grasp+Protean+Symbio would be perfect if it actually existed. Still, Grasp+Protean is pretty strong on its own, Plaque and JStaff really boost if even further. Quote from TheSpid: “It was originally implemented as a champion upgrade in order to keep it the same as other units (streamlining), but was changed due to, at least in part, being able to issue and accept challenges. ” Not go…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Dancaarkiiel - - WWW Topics


    No exceptions fcd2b18776.png

  • Quote from ToDD: “Very interesting discussion, it's nice to see disagreement on things which might be considered auto-include unrelated: I'm also surprised (but somehow not really) Soulfire Weaver didn't decrease further in points. ” Unless it's going to be like ~20 pts I can't see it ever being played. Basically it's a "Pyro-like" attribute that locks you into a single Path, and costs both points and veil tokens. It's just sad how bad it is.

  • @Traumdieb Assuming 5x25mm (125mm total), full 90 Wheel takes ~7 inches out of maximum 8. That's far from "at least same level", it's much slower actually and needs more space to peform. Not to mention you can walk to the sides and rear for full Advance rate and adjust your formation on a whim. Every scenario except Spoils and Flags (4 out of 6) can be scored at the last turn with the help of musician. Easily a game changer. A couple of other tricks: -going as wide as you can on Counterthrust to…

  • The bigger the unit, the more valuable musician becomes. It's extremely helpful because it allows you to reform and still perform Advance move and your opponent has to take it into the consideration at all times. Invaluable when it comes to scoring secondary objectives. IMO Musician>=Champion>Banner

  • Quote from Klexe: “Are you guys interested in other people's opinion about your patch? I can easily do that ” Sure, why not. Let's hear it. Even though I think I know how it will look like.

  • Quote from DarkS: “The HBE update 2.2 defines Cover Volley as "When an enemy unit declares a Charge against a unit with Martial Discipline, a single friendly unit containing one or more model with Cover Volley may immediately perform a Stand and Shoot Charge Reaction" Does that mean a Queen's Guard Unit joined by Fleet Officer Cmdr (thus "containing one model with Cover Volley") can also use Cover Volley? It's just we weren't able to do that before, and this will make Fleet Officers really, real…

  • @Ma7e Exactly. For those unaware, Essence of a Free Mind got reworked: CjyvrNK.png 1-4 spells only. If Cuatl has Sun Tablet, he can choose 1-6 as he used to - the only one in the entire game.

  • Everyone! Get in here! Patch 2.2 is currently live! (Hidden Content) My first thoughts: (Hidden Content) Most important stuff: -Tablet+JStaff combo is possible again, -Cuatl has received a significant decrease - 25 points, -Poisoned Javelins on Skink Braves cost 50% less, -TG PPM nerf has been reverted, their base cost got decreased as well. Overall I'm pretty happy with these changes. Javelin change alone could bring some fresh air into our core section. How about you lads? What do you think fe…