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  • Quote from elendor_f: “Technically speaking, any army can have a Wizard BSB through the Crown of the Wizard King. It eats part of the item allowance (unlike the MoCT honour) and only gives you 1 spell so it's not on the level of an Adept, but it's possible. @AlexCat I'll let @arwaker go more into detail, but I believe the core of his argument is that a Wizard BSB is so efficient that pushes out other BSB options, hence it creates an internal imbalance. ” Which is true up to a point. If there wer…

  • @Furion I think this thread might interest you!

  • @CariadocThorne Do not forget that HE alone among the elven races have no access to apprentice mages. Design wise and tied to background Asfad scholar is Tier 3 mage level in HE book. Also, Wconclaves give options for very different playstyles (it is possible to have 4 spell magic phase without a single point spent in magic in characters) in regards to regular mages. So, depending how you look, HE have reduced magic options when comparing the other books, not the other way arround. Some access t…

  • Quote from Kimara_Online: “There are things that point decreases cant fix, hbe main problems are: No MCav No wizard conclave No high res character, with out gigantic aka puny save No MInf ” Those are NOT main HE problems. Wizard conclave is something that we lack, but more on design level. MCav and MInf are also design directoon that is unlikely to change an it is not a problem from balance standpoint. Soft chars is an issue but one that can be solved through different design avenues.

  • [list][*] [/list]Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Adam: “Quote from Vanagrand: “We just want to be the infantery elf army we used to be. ” I do not think that there was a point in time in the last 20 or so years where HBE were infantry army. In 6th certainly no, 7th I'm not sure since I had a break from playing, 8th peak list was afair helm bus with 2 S7 blokes and 2 frosties. ” What was wrong with HBE infantry in 6th apart from Empire Mortars? It was the of the murder elves ” In 6th? Nothing besi…

  • Quote from Zyonn: “@Blonde Beer I really appreciate your gesture as it seems to me quite honest and understanding. That - for me - is all I am asking for. I am hoping that the next update will fix some of the issues regarding HBE. I am aware of the fact that not everything will be perfect in the first place but I am sure that you will be doing your best to provide the support the army needs. @Emgies I am not quite sure if you misunderstood my previous posting. I am not judging anyone personally …

  • Navigators banner was introduced to test out that very effect for our core troops. But then we allowed it to elites and it watered down the intended use. But ever since it was said that HE should be the defensive army, of the three elven factioms, such an effect is what I would personally envisiom for our core troops.

  • Quote from Didi: “HBE or nothing. I will sink with the rest of you ” No sinking, just swim and enjoy as much as you can.

  • Quote from jaith1: “The best solution is to nerf @Furion as a player rather than the hbe entries (so everyone else doesn't suffer). This can take form in many ways, including increased point costs for all entries specifically for him, and he must play matches while nailed to a crucifix, so his opponents can move his units for him after loosely interpreting his verbal requests. ” You, my dear sir, have won the internet tonight!

  • Take a look at point hikes of the top dogs on top lists (ETC lists for example). SE, as low tier, got a consistent 70+ points drop on their ETC lists.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Quote from Giladis: “Of course it is! HE are the BE. ” Shut up! We're Hellenes, everyone knows that! Not some posh whiskies beareres (damn this politecorrectness, I had so much more epithets to add). ” But but but... I LOVE whiskey!

  • oak elves Warriors of redemption Valkyries

  • Well, there were some of us that were agreeing with you on that. I hope you remember that much @DanT . Edit: Care to share the list? Here or PM?

  • Points only my fellow Princes and fair Elven Maidens. So, think in terms of points, as it is extremely unlikely to be anything else but point tweaks. I for one hope on some nice point drops on Frosty the Snowbird and Happy little Griffon. Among other things, ofc.

  • Yes and no. All models in the unit gain 2 attacks (only riders, mind you), but the support attack rule says you can only use one of those two attacks. That is the main reason why you do not see KoR in formations with more than one rank.

  • A new unit for HbE

    ArchangelusM - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    I think you are losing focus here a bit. Try focusing on a new unit concept and in a posotive way, negativity won't get us anywhere.

  • A new unit for HbE

    ArchangelusM - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    What I would like to see is something connected to the filthy rich merchants theme. Just imagine, you have a globe spanning merchant empire that has access to everything e world has to offer and in much larger quantities than any other empire....and they had centuries and centuries of such access. That has to show somewhere... So, a theme based on access to more magical equipment that may or may not include a new unit. And a way to differentiate from the other two elven factions, which both have…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    ArchangelusM - - WWW Topics



  • Not sure It was my army... my is white and gold and orange theme...see the link in my sig. Bit maybe it is the one... who knows...xD

  • From the guiedelines I would more go in the avenue of charge range and CC buffs if it was up to me to decide what to do with the designs... Imagine a mesh of MSU/MMU units giving each other some form of CC oriented buffs dependent on 1st round or charging with also access to some charge range buffs which enables you to utilize those CC buffs as a clear cut advantage over your foes. The above is my personal view, not a project one and certainly not a design direction that has been decided on. Is …