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  • Quote from JackStreicher: “Just a Quick low Sample Render of my latest Product. Standing on a 32mm Base You can get one here:…tionId=142937200&li=shops Cheers Jack ” Wow, looks incredible! Any chance we’ll ever be able to order those amazing vampire knights you sculpted for the TMS KS?

  • You could also make Scent of blood allow raptors to make up to 2 supporting attacks from the second rank. It would be a fluffy way to add some solid grinding power against infantry units and would be unique amongst all armies

  • Quote from Pigtails: “there is nothing nteresting about someone being able to stop you from utilizing a mechanic core to the flavor of the army. if you want to make it a meaningful decision, there has got to be a cost associated with the act - losing a first turn bonus is fine enough - equivalent to the benefit you're getting - for a conditional 5++? yeah, sure, could use work but that's okay - and it has to be a choice made by the person playing the army, not by some outside factor. choices rel…

  • Could be sort of interesting as a possible mechanic though. If you finish deploying at least one unit before your opponent you count as having prayed, if your opponent finishes deploying before you, you don’t. Creates a nifty tactical element for your opponent where they can auto-block you from getting the prayer if they want to drop their army, and makes the later turns of deployment interesting as it might incentivize you to drop your last 2-4 units at once to get the prayer (and probably firs…

  • Pursuit and impassable terrain: I roll to flee, I go 11 inches... straight into an impassable boulder which is 4 inches behind my unit. My opponent rolls a 6. He doesn’t catch me with the initial roll. What’s the exact placement we end up with?

  • Oh didn't know that, he actually comes with a base thats about 105x105mm, too bad parabellum wasn't more exact

  • The Para Bellum Mountain Jotnar is plastic. he fits literally perfectly on a 50x75mm but he would also look great on a 75x100 or you could even go crazy and mount him on a 100x150 and use him as a great green idol the kit has options for heads, extra armor and bracelets, but only one weapon (the tree) It’s a very nice kit, I’ll be painting it this week, so check my thread for updates.

  • The new mountain Jotnar from parrabellum games:

  • Yeah that's a tough call for me: Aspirants: reroll charges, devastating charge +1 Attack, Fearless on the charge but also, only OS 3, strength 3, leadership 7 Realm: Strength 4, OS 4, Leadership 8 I feel like Realms are still a little overcosted, but I actually prefer them, 838 points vs. 715. 123 points more expensive, and I get 15 OS 4, str 6 ap 3 attacks on the charge +15 strength 4 impact hits, +5 str 4 horses. With aspirants I get 20 OS3 Str 5 attacks + 15 str 4 impact hits + 5 str 4 horses…

  • Finished assembling a Parabellum Mountain Jotnar for my buddy's Orcs. Also going to paint some Empire knights this week. more updates soon

  • My two cents: be patient, our time in the sun will come, and I think legacy rules like “pray and go second” will be replaced by rules which better represent Equitaine and also allow for an easier time costing things appropriately. time spent discussing the shortcomings of the current list is sort of wasted breath. I assume the current list will be completely reborn during the LAB much like WoTDG and Infernal Dwarves (probably not as crazy as the changes to Demons though). So I think time spent d…

  • I like your changes! I’d take that army out for a spin, I think you’ll have some good games with it. Just so you know how your general will work, he’ll get the lance with blessed inscriptions on the charge and also in subsequent rounds (just without the str6 ap3). This is actually a good thing because you’ll re-roll more wounds at str 4 than at strength 6, so you’ll actually have a better chance of getting those 6’s for renown! Have fun

  • If you want a duelist lord run this combo: 1. Grail Vow 2. Tristan's Resolve 3. Virtue of Renown 4. Potion of Swiftness add whichever defensive enchantments you like best, If you give him Crusader's salvation he'll be expensive, practically invincible, and will slowly grind down most characters. give him basalt infusion for a cheaper but still hard to kill combo give him fortress of faith if you want a little bit more offense and still pretty good defense (you have the points to pair with basalt…

  • Quick change to the Duke is recommended I’d say: Either swap out divine judgement for blessed inscriptions (re-roll to wound + divine attacks gives you more chances to hit those 6’s on renown and forces your opponent to re-roll his ward saves) or swap virtue of renown with virtue of might and divine judgement with supernatural dexterity. That way you’re hitting on 2’s against most units with 5 str 7 attacks that generate more attacks with each wound. Renown + Divine Judgement seems like a waste …

  • It’s why I suggested a “Airborne Chevaliers” regiment or some such. a unit of flyers on 50x75mm bases that could be seen to be either Heavy/Royal Pegasus or light/young hippogryphs, somewhere between a hippogryph and Pegasus statline, meant to be a harder hitting version of Pegasus knights and hippogryphs. This would let us drop the stats and cost on the normal Pegasus a little (maybe lose devastating charge and change to 3+ armor) and give us some more options. just a thought

  • Probably the compromise is a 3 wound resilience 4, str4 (devastating charge +1 str +1 ap) 3 attack mount with a 3+ save (heavy armor, shield, +1 from mount). Also Hippogryphs should move to 50x75mm bases

  • Yeah, it was worth not getting Divine Attacks in order to keep +1,+1 OS/DS and not have the cost increase. The 0-1 limit on Grail Characters is still a black eye on the army list and quite annoying. As far as an ETA on KoE’s FAB goes: before George R.R. Martin finishes the winds of winter and before Muira finishes Berserk, definitely... edit: I just read an article saying George will “definitely” release Winds of Winter this year... so maybe the KoE FAB won’t come first... but then again it’s Ge…

  • Looks great, love your ideas for destria

  • Very Grail Knight, awesome sculpt as usual

  • Quote from Glonojad: “Those new Errants fit the Forlorn even better than the foot Questors. Great job! ” Yeah a mix of questors + asspirants will look incredible for the unit