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  • Quote from jaith1: “but I don't think Protect the Castle would use damage dealing magic necessarily. Damage dealing magic falls more into the aggressive mobile version ” I am not quite sure about that assessment. In PtC all forms of ranged output are crucial in reducing the enemy potential before contact is made.

  • I ended up working at the last minute

  • VS background sources

    Giladis - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I am aware of this. Already had some ideas how to give an unique visual identity to way VS are shown in various in world artworks.

  • Quote from VampsinMD: “When you look at the new cost structure is there a meaningful difference from the previous? ” Maybe not now, but about the next pricing update or one after that. It is easier to do it now that keep some backlog that can be lost of "this unit should be X but we kept it at Y until X becomes Z".

  • Quote from Glakthag: “but is that correct? ” If the item/unit provides the army with more value than its cost indicates shouldn't the cost be changed to match the value as much as possible?

  • A question for people that are commenting on non-even numbers. If one of the goals of the T9A is to get the best balanced game possible with the tools we have available why would we not use the entirety of the value scale? Btw the doubling of point some time back was among other things to allow such incremental changes to the value of units.

  • Quote from Ipower: “Quote from Giladis: “Mid cav with Raptors (same as Saurus ones) as the combat element and Skinks as the ranged element. Sort of in the range of Barbarian Horsemen seems like a good spot. ” But not fast cav or light troops of course . God forbid those avoidance players get to do their thing. ” I would not be outright against it.

  • KoW and T9A

    Giladis - - General Discussion


    Quote from rankorcankor: “If I could import one thing from KoW it would by their mechanic for how the regeneration rule works. Instead of a save at the start of your turn you roll regen for every round on the unit, successful rolls are wounds taken off the unit. ” Just to point out there is currently no Regeneration rule in T9A. It was intentionally removed and replaced with a more universal Fortitude so specific flavourful representations could be made for the Hydra and the Trolls

  • Personally I feel SM have the most space for evolution compared to LG and FW as their concept is less focused.

  • Mid cav with Raptors (same as Saurus ones) as the combat element and Skinks as the ranged element. Sort of in the range of Barbarian Horsemen seems like a good spot.

  • Feudal Japan in T9A

    Giladis - - Background & Stories


    Quote from nightovizard: “Oh if it is distorted ” When I say distorted I really mean distorted. For example Askland is roughly equivalent of Scandinavia in both placement and size. Now compare that to the entire continent of Augea which is equivalent in size to Asia. Quote from nightovizard: “are the terrirories i overlayed more or less correct btw? ” Close enough. Quote from nightovizard: “There seem to be extensive empty land masses (Augea). ” They are not empty, it is just that the Cartograph…

  • Feudal Japan in T9A

    Giladis - - Background & Stories


    @nightovizard do keep in mind that map is heavily distorted outside of Vetia as it is intended to match historical cartography of the sort of equivalent real history time period.

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Looks like we didnt go far from GW heritage with them... FW too Cant decide for myself whether its a good or bad thing. ” True. The concepts still fall in the same broad category but with T9A specific take on the matter.

  • @jaith1 Agreed but at the same time I don't see the need for it to be represented via special rules when the unit already has S4 GW and striking at their normal Agi.

  • Feudal Japan in T9A

    Giladis - - Background & Stories


    Zagvozd is the second "slavic" speaking realm mentioned so far in the setting. Also you are incorrect on Volskaya. While the language is based on south slavic the culture and society will be much more diverse based on geography. Volskaya is sort of equivalent of the late Kievan Rus with additional inspirations from other slavic areas. So that should be enough to cover "there is no Russia or Ukraine" part of the comment. The rest does not fit because the geography and geographic development withi…

  • The highlanders are the population from which the LG are recruited from and their skills are honed within the LG. LG are members of a hero worship cult.

  • Skinks on Raptors into Core and SA would have a well rounded category.

  • @ferny or they could loose their monster hunting capabilities to be more true to their T9A concept.

  • Quote from Persedious: “Quote from AlexCat: “I didnt understand a thing. Will blame my English. ” Oh great! Now Alex is saying it is the fault of the British Empire the HE suck! ” Of course it is! HE are the BE. (Hidden Content)

  • Quote from AlexCat: “What I'm wondering is - with all the talks that the gaps between power levels getting smaller and smaller - what did cause HBE to end up in their own Tier? Is it that they are as for down from the middle as UD are up? In this case, I wouldnt think 5 pts adjustments is the way to go, cause I defenitely expect something more than 5 pts changes for UD. If it isnt, why the our book is separated from the rest? ” From what I have been able to see from preliminary data gathering wa…