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  • giant question

    theunwantedbeing - - Asklanders


    To get Parry you need to wield a Close Combat Weapon of type Hand Weapon, alongside a Shield. The Tribal Warspear is a Close Combat Weapon but not a Hand Weapon so won't provide Parry by itself. Even if it was a Hand Weapon (it isn't) it would need to be used alongside a Shield, which the Giant doesn't have access to.

  • Quote from Nesro: “cover is one of "any modifiers". ” Yeah, you apply it if it's there same as any other to-hit modifier. I can see why you might read it and wonder about cover though, a more helpful wording to avoid any confusion might have been: Remember to apply any modifiers that may apply in addition to Stand and Shoot, such as Long Range or Cover.

  • Agreed, it's a barrier for new people that doesn't need to be there.

  • Quote from infamousme: “Maybe a stupid question, but I dont see anywhere what the exact method of random direction is for mad gits anywhere. Do we still use a scatter die for that? ” Page 6 of the slim rulebook. 2.B.b The Direction Dice and Random Directions Direction dice = Scatter dice.

  • They're not really comparable, the only role they really compete is monster/lone model hunting. Arguably they're both chaff cleaners as well but they do it in entirely different ways that it's not really comparable. If your army is fast and mobile and you want a monster killer element, hunting chariots are a better bet. Other than that, there's no real reason to go with 3 hunting chariots over 3 dread reapers, especially not when it's a full 90pts more expensive to do that. Taking one rather tha…

  • But what are you actually doing when you do that? Here's the overly long winded way to get it correct every time. 1. Roll the Direction Dice Without rolling the dice, they won't indicate a direction. 2. I leave the Direction dice exactly where they land I don't know why you'de move them immediately but remember not to do that. 3. I extend a tape measure(or use a straight stick or something) Normally you'de have something available anyway as you'll need them for checking line of sight or measurin…

  • Quote from youngseward: “My issue was always with following the direction on the die correctly... dont ask me why Im bad at it but I definitely am ” I'm going to ask.... What exactly do you do when you have to use scatter dice? Could you explain the process in some detail? And a second question which might tie in to how you're inadvertently causing issues (or some people are) Do you ever place the tape measure on the table and then leave it there while you move a unit?

  • Ah yes the Errata I had forgotten to also check when creating that reply. That's a Designers Note explaining a change, this change a bit earlier in the errata document I'm sure many people don't even realise exists: Quote from Errata Document: “21.G.b.15 March and Shoot – Shooting (page 113) Add the bold text: March Moving in the same Player Turn while affected by this Attack Attribute does not prevent the attack frombeing performed, unless the attack is also subject to Move or Fire. ”

  • 1. No 2. These all have it: - Breath Attacks - Light Troops - Witchcraft Spell Raven's Wing gives the target light troops (but not March and Shoot, sortof...the errata changes things a little bit) - Dread Elves Repeater Handbows - Infernal Dwarves Blunderbusses Gunnery Team from Steam Powered Chassis - Sylvan Elves Impaling Roots - Vampire Covenant Banshee Wail of Woe Shrieking Horror Chilling Shriek 3. Yes, if they're Infantry characters and the same height.

  • Quote from DanT: “I suspect it is some combination of: Drama (as @Pigtails says ). Feeling like the overall general directing troops, with uncontrollable events (like troops making errors), rather than swapping between being the captain of each squad. Not finding the skill of being able to guess things interesting (this certainly isn't the skill I want tested when playing a strategy game: one should play a guess the length of the stick game if that is what one wants to do). ” Makes sense, I've j…

  • Quote from DanT: “I actually find random charges FAR more immersive and fun. ” Why?

  • Quote from Marcus Marc: “"..units of standard height need five models.." ” Yes. What do you feel is incorrect about that?

  • Quote from Marcus Marc: “Hello theunwantedbeing I don't think this is correct 3.B.b Full Ranks The Height of a unit determines how many models are needed in a rank in order to form a Full Rank (see “Model Classification ”, page 87 ). Units of Standard Height need 5 models, Large units need 3 models, and Gigantic units need 1 model. ” Why don't you think it's correct?

  • Quote from infamousme: “Quote from theunwantedbeing: “Another option might be to limit Runic spell effects to 0-1 per unit, that way you're never trying to chase multiple effects on the same unit. Again, should be fairly easy to playtest that to see if it makes the magic phase feel more viable. ” I see an issue with that in that you will always get off the least useful spell for your situation. It would just make the dwarf magic phase even more neutered. ” Don't try to cast spells that have no w…

  • Adding +1 channel for all models with channel might be a useful solution to the problem, it won't be a huge amount of extra dice to cast with but it'll give you that little bit extra more often. Should be fairly easy to playtest as well. Another option might be to limit Runic spell effects to 0-1 per unit, that way you're never trying to chase multiple effects on the same unit. Again, should be fairly easy to playtest that to see if it makes the magic phase feel more viable.

  • Unfortunately(?) not. You use the highest value. Quote from Slim Rulebook page 92: “Duplicated Model Rules Sometimes a model or model part may have the same Model Rule more than once, for example when a model gains aModel Rule during the game that it already had before. In this case, the effects of the duplicated Model Rule do notstack and do not offer any additional benefit, unless specifically stated otherwise. If the duplicated Model Rule has different values in brackets (X), use the highest …

  • Auto-Combat

    theunwantedbeing - - General Discussion


    Quote from flammy`: “ Quote from theunwantedbeing: “have some minimum requirements already in place when you make a new list ie. a single character slot, a single core slot and total values for each slot allowance ” I'm not sure I understand this what you mean by this. ” When you click create list, it takes you to the army builder. But there's nothing already pre-filled in for you to change, you've got to create each unit even though a general and core unit(s) are mandatory.…

  • Auto-Combat

    theunwantedbeing - - General Discussion


    Quote from flammy`: “You would need to spend a minute or two inputting the size of the front rank for each unit at the start of the game and then update it if reforms happened. A bit more time would have to be spent to specify the position of characters in units, but with a well designed UI this shouldn't task very long. Then, say a unit of Knights of Ryma is charging a unit of Goblins. You would initiate a combat by declaring a charge in the app. If character that have special items that can be…

  • Either it's been fixed already or you're just having a case of not being fully recovered from the new year celebrations to realise it's right there in the profile.…91ffe43840b1349e2440dca57 As an extra note, whenever a rule is bolded it usually means the explanation for the rule is in the profile of the model with the rule.

  • Quote from Cam: “When you’re movement 3 and no swift stride you need to make people come to you, the complaint has been for ages that our shooting doesn’t do that. It’s been ignored. Calls for magic come directly from this. ” The trick to getting an enemy to come to you is to not shoot them and get closer yourself.