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  • Quote from Kopistar: “aaaaand ?? We are waiting .... ” AFK. Wait until I get home xD

  • Anyone thought about using a more elaborate/decorative chariot for the barge? I planned to use a terracotta soldier-era style one for a potential UD list.

  • Quote from My_Kin: “teclis already has some kind of farming implement on his head ” Give me five minutes with photoshop...

  • Quote from Marcos24: “hah! I wasn’t actually thinking about that. The head wrap/bandana was inspired by art from the Witcher’s Scoia’tel (spelling) elf brigand. But I’m very happy to hear that ” SCOIA'TEL! Quote from infamousme: “Now where's that camel questing knight? ” Keep an eye on my blogs for something similiar ;).

  • Quote from Lord Drakon: “This is looking so awesome, amazing job! ” Thank you! Ok, time for a new post. My friend and I have a small tournament coming up, so we decided to make a weekend of it playing and practicing. I was trying out a new list, with some units I had not tried before, and some other stuff. The new ideas being a slightly different general composition (kinda dull I know), a second mage on Thaumaurgy, a unit of Karkadons, a big unit of Flayers with skinning lashes and Wolfhounds. O…

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “Cant you get someone to move and roll for you bud? You control them Like Palpatine from the shadows ” giphy.gif

  • List submitted. Is there are a system in place to have people who play more often avoiding each other in round one?

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Tyranno - - General Discussion


    Quote from IoRi78: “Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from IoRi78: “and yet anyone can go there and change what he correct, and he have to do his work again and again and again. ” That is no longer the case. ” good, if is changed better. It was a problem and I'm glad they solve it. I just did not know that. Quote from Marcos24: “Plus references are cited ” it was not always like that? ” The best use for the site is using the cited sources at the bottom of the page. So you can view the information first…

  • square bases for AoS ?!

    Tyranno - - General Discussion


    Quote from IoRi78: “and yet anyone can go there and change what he correct, and he have to do his work again and again and again. ” That is no longer the case.

  • Quote from strauss: “@Tyranno for President ! Ps: after a post-etc hiatus of 5 months without playing ID and some worries about our new book, your article in the scroll gave me some confidence that we may go in the right direction. So efficient that I bring back my dwarves to a medium tournament on Sunday! ” Haha! Thank you! I know many were apprehensive of me when I first took this post. And yes it does not look like I have done anything special; but I have fought tooth and claw to make sure mo…

  • The new Lamassu has a rider. Nobody will have to change a thing about their current models, they will still thematically fit. When I said we protected peoples models, I meant it.

  • Quote from tumti_rumti: “Sure, as soon as you give back Plate in Core ;P ” Give it back? I see no evidence that you had it. Been heavy on DH core ever since I started playing, so you will have to talk to someone else ;).

  • Quote from berti: “I will wait until I can see the rules and costs of it to see if you realy have ” Tsk tsk. No trust at all.

  • Quote from Squee: “ID tread on everyone else's toes, its fine (the heavy-chariot thing, not the pretend building) ” Jack of all trades army. Comes with the territory. Also it has a historical basis for a Mesopotamian-theamed army. Quote from berti: “I realy hope you have well thought rules for entering and leaving that siege tower thing in ID army. These rules were impossible to make fair for buildings in the past. ” We have.

  • Perhaps to not tread on ID's toes. Hmmm?

  • We are not allowed Ambush.

  • Quote from Eldan: “If an ID tunnelling team happens, I will either knife fight the design team, or bribe them into doing VS next. Maybe both. ” Thankfully your services shall not be required. There is no ID tunneling team in this book.

  • Quote from Shako: “I'm not sure whether such a list actually exists. ” I can end this very quickly. It does not.

  • All that chainmail on his mouth only makes me think of one thing.

  • Quote from pannu84: “I would remove the animals and transform it by adding more height with some more floor ” You can then find a pair of chariots and use the beasts to pull them. Win-win.