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  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • If you're on Facebook, you can join the East Coast Warriors page. We try to meet at least once a month. Usually in NYC, although one of our members is often in CT during the week.

  • square bases for AoS ?!

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    Wacky armies options are a catch 22 with a large casual player base. There will be limited interest in those options among players focused on tournament play, reducing the possible player pool for matches that include them. On the other hand, having those options and sufficient fluff are an essential part of drawing in new players. It's a difficult path for the project to manage. One recent example is the terrain features in the map pack. I really like the special rules, but no one else I've pla…

  • square bases for AoS ?!

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    MtG is what pays those gaming stores' bills.

  • I've been using riders from the current GW knights set as Chosen Knights (those weapons they wield sure don't look like lances), and Varanguard and Dracolines for the mounts. Glad to see they're bringing back proper lances for the knights.

  • I use Fireforge Mongol Cavalry riders on Hellstrider mounts.

  • Quote from Nasion "Demon": “Lets say my character has wyrd stone and attacker is hiting 6 ranged attacks with poison. He hits 4 of them and two were 6 so auto wound, who decide whitch of these attacks wyrd stone cower? ” It's right in the item description: If the bearer is hit by several simultaneous attacks, the bearer chooses which attack to ignore.

  • Quote from jimbo81: “starting to think Chimera could be OK value... until the first cannon kills him in my turn 0 ” That cannon's gonna kill something big, regardless. Give it a Wyrd Stone and an Aegis Save.

  • That's been noted to be fixed.

  • Gentlemen, you can't fight in here. This is a forum for a war game.

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from Konna: “may I use vanguard to enter a portal? ” Yes, can't see why not. ” The rules say a unit can only enter the gateway at the end of an Advance or March move, so Vanguard wouldn't count.

  • I've been fielding 24 warriors with halberds and Zealots' Banner in line formation (that's 41 attacks against large infantry units). They chew up anything that engages them in the front, and there are too many other, tempting targets in my list for magic and shooting for them to lose many of their number before reaching combat. The more difficult problem is ensuring that they are not flanked, which is entirely on me.

  • 9ThBuilder T9A 2.0

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    The Dwarf Marksmen unit should have an option to trade their crossbows for guild-crafted handguns at 4 ppm.

  • Irredeemable units lose stomps.

  • Introduction and questions

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    You may have already found the downloads page, but that's where the books you need will be found. You'll want to read the Rulebook, then the books for your respective armies: Orcs & Goblins and Vermin Swarm. Then look at the Arcane Compendium to learn the spells and special items options. If no one else in your area plays and you have the models for it, consider playing a 1500 point battle with a friend using your models. You can even use the special Flux rules for Warbands, which is availab…

  • @subspace Your BSB only costs 210 points, not 215. The list is still legal at 4489 points. (edit-I see it's corrected above to include paired weapons). @helldragon List is good.

  • The first match won't be until next week, so you have time to become familiar with it. Just let your opponent know you're new to UB and they can give you some guidance while you're playing. To get started, just google 'Universal Battle 2 tutorial' and find one that works for you.

  • @Casas I just learned that I misunderstood how the Dragonfire Gem works, so I submitted a revised list. If there's two lists for me, the one with the Gem can be deleted.

  • This isn't a problem unique to proxying. I have GW Warriors from different generations, and used the latest iteration of them as Chosen on the battlefield. I've played opponents who've mistaken them for regular Warriors, and made strategic errors on the basis of that assumption. But it was not my intent to deceive them. In fact, I used the Warriors because they had halberds, whereas GW's Chosen only have great weapons. Different regions have different metas regarding WYSIWYG, and players in area…

  • I see they also have a two-headed dragon that would make a good Wasteland Dragon with some painting adjustments.