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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Swelt: “Are lists still due tomorrow night? ” With Todd "Liking" my post #85, I'm assuming that to be the case.

  • Quote from Dragus: “First of all, thank you very much for the release. You make an aweswome work with this proyect. About the update: - Dark Fire: very interesting. We'll try. - R3 Imps: very welcomed improvement. With this and volley fire, it's time to invest some points in theese. - Increased point allowance on big guys: I really don't think it will matter very much. Concretely, with the miser is almost completely useless (iron husk and chitinous scales aren't pickable, and it's difficult to f…

  • I texted Corey to see if he can come up for the weekend. Waiting on a reply.

  • Quote from Theokrit: “@Eisenheinrich: thats never going to happen, right? Bloat fly with red haze rolls a 1 to hit --> close combat attack is distributed onto its health pool -> attack wounds --> attack is magic --> better use my aegis save. so unless i want it to hit iitself with toxic attacks, its not going to happen, correct? ” Can’t say “never” as it’s the player’s choice which save to use. If the player goofs, then that situation “could” happen. Maybe he wants to kill off his last wound for…

  • Red Haze has been asked and answered along with the mirrored scales.... I don’t know the exact wording of the answer, but perhaps @Eisenheinrich and his crew know exactly where to find it. It’s going to come up a lot, so may be a good idea to post as an FAQ .

  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    skipschnit - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    DL Update - 2ed_2020_beta3 Discussion/Feedback Please find this topic for discussion of the new update there and also see some of the designer's notes on it. Thanks.

  • Quote from IoRi78: “…cc8444a693222f9dadb6b8857 Fellow denizen of the nine circles new version of our book is up! Some good news on the horizon! ” In order to make it easier to distinguish the data and feedback, feel free to discuss the new book and it's opportunities here. Quick design notes: Solo characters were given the option to increase their manifestation allowance by stepping up and becoming the army general. Those that can cower away in units were already co…

  • The most extravagantly grotesque soap box you can imagine. It could be in Palanquin form, or an archaic podium, or a “living” platform from which the master can give his oratorical speech of that which is Sloth. No real background for the pulpit itself...just the concepts as listed above. Therefore, you really have cart Blanche on your interpretation.

  • It is here. Quote from IoRi78: “…cc8444a693222f9dadb6b8857 Fellow denizen of the nine circles new version of our book is up! Some good news on the horizon! ”

  • A couple bugs with Daemon Legions 2.0 V2.52 file.... With the Harbinger selecting Piercing Spike, it does not change the AP value of any mount that he takes. This should also increase the AP of any mount by 1. This is also true with Dexterous also doesn't change the Agility on the Sentinel's Dark Pulpit. So, This may be true for all "mounts" and manifestations that state "model". Sirens when selecting Centipede Legs doesn't have the additional movement reflected on their mount/uni…

  • I’m assuming this Saturday at midnight....

  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    skipschnit - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Agree. He would have to be fighting much lesser troops and hit/wound with all of his attacks. You’d have to build him up pretty good to make it worthwhile or even possible.

  • @WAARGHammer You should get @GenePhelps to get Statler to play on your team. He has a real good DL army and a win under his belt now.

  • DL 2.3 Feedback thread

    skipschnit - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Quote from rolan: “another question about manifestations: If I have 2 harbingers with broodmother in the same unit, and both manage to do 3 wounds, triggering broodmother, then their units gets raised twice,as the manifestation belongs to the harbinger, and each effect gets triggered individualy, healing the same unit. Or not? ” Quote from WarX: “As long they are not guiding I would say yes. ” Interesting question. From a design view, it wasn’t meant to be a way of boosting a unit repeatedly lik…

  • Quote from ROTTEN_FACTORY: “All WIP's from sculpting miniatures will systematycli added on blog:) Thank you all for the great support in 2017, and wish you all the best in 2018:)! DSeFoB8WsAA5-Aa.jpg ” What’s the word on this guy?!? HAHA...without the rider, it would be an awesome model for Bloat Flies in DL! Especially with the two arms out like scythes!

  • The giant is my favorite! So huge and awesomely detailed!

  • Team IFL is paid (money sent to cover: Brandon, Joey, Andy, and Ben J.)

  • Blue Daemon Army

    skipschnit - - User Blogs


    @Shizuu Tell me about your Engine. What model is that or is it a conversion?

  • @Poxous Final DL book is coming out next week. (Trusting in the hard work) Can we use this new version? It will be released prior to the list deadline and there aren’t many changes to the book that would cause confusion.

  • Help against WotDG

    skipschnit - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    Hola! What specific WDG build is giving issues, or is it more general WDG lists?