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  • Wettcon 24, 1-2 februari

    Palinux - - Wettcon - Jönköping


    I just sent my entry and list for the tournament. I will pay tomorrow

  • Wettcon 24, 1-2 februari

    Palinux - - Wettcon - Jönköping


    Are there still Open space for more entries?

  • When you build your armylisy and you cant afford a 400pts veteran, then the 295 Caiman Ancient is a good alternative. Caiman Ancient is attractive because he is cheaper than a Veteran with all the equipement.

  • Quote from Hebus: “Quote from Zamo: “Im finding protean quite attractive... Easy to 2 dice almost any spell and sneak through 2-3 spells per turn with a +2 to cast... Not very destructive magic missiles, but adding a shamanish adept with book, really makes all spells very annoying and sums up very good CC spells and ranged damage spells with great range... ” I have tried it and, if I found the protean potentate better than expected, I found the shamanish adept with book a bad idea as he tends to…

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “ Quote from Palinux: “Just, as others have said, how will it work with Symbiosis? ” The same as before (or at least how it was supposed to work before ) : Without symbiosis, only damage attributes are cast. With symbiosis, all types of attributes are cast. ” maybe that could be added either to Telepathic Link or Symbiosis rule (prefer Symbiosis) like: “Symbiosis allow for all attribute spells to be cast via Telepathic Link” just to be clear?

  • Yes the rules seems the same and the format is much easier to read and understand - good job Just, as others have said, how will it work with Symbiosis?

  • Option 2 for me I can easily imagine a bug for option one, where an upgrade is missing, even if you are allowed to take it. Would then rather have an "error" message and be able to build my list properly. But, which ever option you go for, I will be happy. Both are nice.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Palinux: “Quote from Traumdieb: “Also a normal march move to one side usually is at least same level as a swift reform (does not work if you have to move backward). ” wait What? Can you march move sideways? i only though you could march forward and then do some wheeling. ” I dont have to march straight forward right? Can also walk some kind of bow forward to left or right side. ” ah okay so with turning and wheeling you mean. Then I understand

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Also a normal march move to one side usually is at least same level as a swift reform (does not work if you have to move backward). ” wait What? Can you march move sideways? i only though you could march forward and then do some wheeling.

  • 2.2 HBE most of the mounts for High Prince is showing “no cost” Great work so far!

  • Quote from Ipower: “Quote from Palomita15: “Now we have a lot interesting things in core 630 -30 saurian warriors FCG jaguar 135- 2x15 Skinks 505 - 30 Skinks 3 Krox Banner, Champion 135 - 3x15 skinks I always loved skinks + poisoned javelins, but not sure now about that, anyway we have a lot interesting options now, not just in core ” 4*20 with poisoned javs and muso = 920 just saying... ” Why 20 with javelins? Why not just 15/16 of them? How wide do you play 20 javelin skinks?

  • Quote from Pinktaco: “. The old buff aura design worked, it was just too expensive. Even at 250pts with the sun engine I doubt id use it other than for fun. Its relatively slow, doesnt fight and need general within range. Its just not worth it imo, especially because though units will still shred it and im not sure i really need to block S4/AP1 units.. ” So true. Maybe it will come back in next rewrite of the book. @marcema Yes BoC. So crazy! Thinking of Bringing this: Warlord, Carnosaur, Crown …

  • Quote from marcema: “Serpent point change obviously hangs together with the extra model point drop. Serpent for 25+ (rarely see less than 25 with serpent) is still the same price and all others got a point drop for larger units. ” That makes perfect sense. I think most of the updates are pretty spot on. Rippers going up again probably is not a problem externally, and internally so many other things got a discount, so probably evens out. Time will tell if there still needs a few adjustments (prob…

  • Cowboy talk

    Palinux - - Saurian Ancients (SA)


    Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “ Speaking of, a friend of mine has come up with an interesting build for a Wizard Warlord: 605 Warlord: Raptor, GW, Death Cheater, Crown of the Wizard King, Sun Tablet Can't wait to test this bad boy out ” This warlord is brilliant! Must try! Also @Eymuster I think the BSB with 1+/1+ you talk about can be good, but it depends on the rest of your list. I think you mention the biggeste pros and cons of him. Personally I like special save better, since that "can" save him …

  • @Zamo Do you have link to the video? Could be interesting to hear. Having seen his list, I would love to hear this own thoughts about it. My own strongest list with SA is completely different, so would be fun to hear how he makes everything works. Also, the 3 spanish SA lists look a lot alike, but still different. However, there seem to be many points in difference in the results. Probably playerskill & match up's were the important factor? And/or some key units/entires in difference?

  • Ammertime Podcast Feedback Thread

    Palinux - - Denmark


    When is next episode out?

  • Where can lists be seen?

  • Quote from Aeon: “Also the playstyle of SA do not encourage taking risk to win 20-0 because you give so much for chaffing or counter charge, that this is really hard to perform. So i don't think i learn that much but having EVERYSINGLE person telling you that every match up of the tournament is bad for SA discourage me a lot. ” I get What you are saying, but looking at results from Big tourneys, there are a least 2 international players who are able to score big with SA. I still think SA are a L…

  • Get Rid of Hell Maw!!!

    Palinux - - General Discussion


    I think its kinda cool, but you need to practise against it. Also, it is strong when it starts the game with two portals in the game. If you want to do something, just make it slightly more expensive to start the game with 2 portals instead of redesigning the whole thing. I don't play it, but have played many games against it. It takes some time to figure out.

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “Quote from Soldaan: “The problem with them is their agility. Most times they are dead before they are able to strike themselves... ” So you can't charge them into anything without thinking. Which is a good thing imo. And the low agi is partially compensated by they have a 2+ armour save. ” you mean a 2+ save just like every other heavy cavalry model? You really need a plan with them. 2+ AS doesnt help them that much, but it sure is better than something lower, but orcs hav…