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  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    Fnarrr - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Ring of the Pearl Throne: The third clause about standard bearers is awkward - Standard Bearers do not have "front rank" so the logical thing to prevent them from being triggered is to place them on the 2+ rank of the unit. In every other circumstance, this is a cosmetic decision only. I recommend changing the wording of that clause only to mirror Mikkinok's totem - i.e. you can elect to turn off the unit's standard if you are in base contact with the unit.

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “the crux of your argument is "if you're sad, you get to do dumb stuff and its fine" and I disagree with that. ” If I've got this part right @Herminard than everything else is pretty irrelevant. It is the single point of view you are after. All the other stuff is just passing back on your shots. Feel free to ignore it if you like, no real concern there. Its not me that made it personal first though

  • Quote from Herminard: “cheap ad hominem shots ” This is the height of hypocrisy and you know it. Don't stir things up and then play the victim you old troll Quote from CariadocThorne: “How can you construe asking how you would react to a hypothetical situation very much like (actually less severe than) what has just happened to another army to be building a strawman? ” Because the implied answer is: "I would go to another army's board and talk about random nonsense", which is of course an action…

  • Quote from Herminard: “Mhm. I get that feel. Mind that I am talking about HBE nerfs here though. And that I am talking about emotional impact, not game balance. The two are quite separate. ” Why is it so unreasonable that I expect members of staff whose job it is to communicate according to this tenet between the community and the design team, to actually understand what it means and act accordingly What exactly can I say to you that will let you hold me to the same non-standard, and get off my …

  • Quote from Herminard: “You feel that the concept of an ACS feeling emotional burden with the sensation of emotional loss within his community so alien to your own anger with loss of crux HBE entities that you warrant it an irrelevant strawman? Hm - I guess empathy isnt a low hanging fruit in Bulgaria. ” Yes. Because: 1) Expressing said anger by talking about irrelevant things - and not in the dedicated space - is a crappy and unhelpful thing to do. If I have a bad day at work and kick your bin o…

  • Quote from Herminard: “You dont get a new uberweapon. Novalance will do. Or concept changes to BSB/honours will wait for the Full Army Book redesigns. How would you feel? ” It doesn't matter if you're wrong as long as you're persistent!

  • Quote from Herminard: “Mhm. You dont get any rewrites of rules, no. Not any positive anyhow. What you get are some very moderate cost cuts elsewhere. How would you feel? ” Is this part of your new secret project for an EoS supplementary army? Empire of Strawmen I'd feel really angry. Probably angry enough to go on another army's thread and write 7 essays full of nonsense. Bonus points if I pick an army that was struggling. Bonus bonus points if everyone that does take me super cereal gets banner…

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “replace the TP penalties with penalty shots ” Then they'd play even slower afterwards! Quote from JordanBladen: “Jesus @Fnarrr im glad im not on your bad side! ” Well, that's an overreaction I just have no interest in playing games that won't finish; its terrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Its a public service really!

  • Quote from JordanBladen: “Quote from Fnarrr: “With brutal penalties? ” Like horrific penalty shots? a shot for every minute over? ” 1 unfinished game: 0 TP penalty ("yellow card" - it could be the other guy's fault.) 2 unfinished games: -3 TP penalty (this would level out some of the potential gain of stalling. Gentle, you could be unlucky to play 2 slow people). 3 unfinished games: -10 TP penalty (13 cumulative) (at this point, almost certainly your fault. You should get less than 10 TP average…

  • With brutal penalties?

  • That's srs bsns list designs. This is an irregular-pointed tourney that's on my birthday weekend. My list isn't far off of yours to be fair

  • I've 100% not brought anything even remotely similar #soon

  • Me too. Most people tanking RPS nonsense of one form or another I imagine

  • [edited:off-topic - the mod team] I'm playing a 3500 event in 2 weeks, and found some interesting Elf builds. List deadline is today, I shall reveal all soon (and the results in about 2 weeks too!)

  • [edited: off-topic - the mod team] Query: how many of you play in environments where game size isn't always 4500? And how worthwhile is it discussing builds outside of that paradigm?

  • ETC 2019 - DH Lists

    Fnarrr - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Serbia and Scotland from that list came below us! Don't you run in here with this libel

  • ETC 2019 - DH Lists

    Fnarrr - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    Woo, Bulgaria win the patch! .....our DH player has swapped to EoS out of frustration, but still, WOOOOO

  • Quote from elendor_f: “am slightly confused about what @Klexe wanted to show (what was his central point?): ” He was just following his flowchart: Thing X ===> Does KoE Have it? ===> Yes ===> Its bad Thing X ===> Does KoE Have it? ===> No ===> Its good Don't overthink it, its realistically not that complicated.

  • You can be as patient with people's nonsense as you like, and its indeed admirable - but you can't berate other people for not wanting to put up with it EDIT: This was aimed at @Herminard, I didn't expect to be leapfrogged by 2 posts!

  • Quote from Herminard: “Indeed. Its not mythology based though. T9A are a little bit between two drifting boats when everything should eventually be mythology based and the integrity of the model collections of the nerds is also to be preserved. Steam Tank for instance. Not very mythological - but a much loved model .. for some. ” I dunno, it depends on the number - and breadth - of leaps you are willing to take. For example, I don't think its totally far-fetched to link the EoS Steam Tank to the…