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  • Mad 'At's EoS Blog

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    Another paint desk ramblings where I paint a miniature for my EoS army:

  • Thanks for the comments guys Recorded another video today, where I'm painting a giant for my EoS army: These photos were taken shortly after the recording was finished, once I was doe with the yellow: TYxiK8yeBwpKcqgf5Qzb-8KJrOpNkFlQR6hl4EbXmOZhtimQr0JOgJpW5ANuUUYzwz_iPAFkBUjTaJrj3rm3ChkP_STqeWeEU8ODqw1G0lNrasmodWerla6BFGegoUhfUlb3UmyFFA=w2400 t7I2uqJ_eR1rEuGRSm3t9iI8FjNrpwiFyMJshwmhigLWTKlJ9NY01gUf0tAJFOQrTYcZBsdc7ttjMTm6vvGKc49u_vEmdh-F7BYVQ_p4K…

  • And here are the Orc Boar Chariots: nx0zl8n.jpg uOzap8n.jpgCrBWzS2.jpg dlE3KnP.jpg

  • T9A video/YouTube support

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    More content is always appreciated The intro video can be found here: I hope the link will work, otherwise you need to become a member of the Community Engagement Team. To do that you click you avatar in the top left corner of your screen and click on User Groups in the drop down menu. Then navigate to the appropriate team (page 3 I think) and hit "Apply for membership". Could be a good idea to do regardless if you intent to make content. A…

  • Hi all! I'm starting myself thread here, mostly as a place to post all my stuff, even that which is hard to fit into my many other blogs. If things go as planned, there will probably be a fair bit of that, since I am starting a whole new chapter of my hobby career, 2020 is going to be the year of the Airbrush for me! Since I'll need to practice a lot with this new tool, I plan to throw in more random stuff to my schedule than usual. So, first up, this is what arrived last week: XpqBDV8cQP3LSB9VF…

  • TNQ 13 - Preliminär Info

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    Själv tycker jag att det är för många turneringar i Sverige som kör 4500 pts, så tänkte mest ifall folk vill ha lite variation. Eftersom lagturneringar kräver lite extra tid för pairings så varierar jag det hellre nedåt än uppåt, även om tidsvinsten är marginell.

  • TNQ 13 - Preliminär Info

    Mad 'At - - TNQ - Tumba


    Skulle folk uppskatta att köra 4000 pts, eller ska vi hålla oss till 4500?

  • TNQ 13 - Preliminär Info

    Mad 'At - - TNQ - Tumba


    Lite preliminär info kring The Necronomica Quest XIII Datum: Antagligen 9-10 Maj Plats: Tumba Gymnasium (samma som vanligt) Format: Lagturnering med 4 spelare per lag

  • The 9th Age: Skirmish Campaigns

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    Quote from SenecaJr: “Any prediction of when the campaign chapter will be done? Considering running this soon as I finish some terrain. I wanna feel the joy of triggering Daemonic Forge as I crush my friends in some mordheim nostalgia with Ninth Age fluff ” Honestly, I have no idea. The Campaign chapter I feel is very important, but I don't really know what to write since I don't have that much experience with it. I do have some ideas, but its a daunting task. There are as many ways to run a cam…

  • @Hpn Thanks, that's a neat little tutorial! I'll be sure to get myself some magic sculpt then

  • This is freaking awesome! I love the creepy feel to these sculpts, its highly disturbing. That scorpion thing is especially creepy, yet somewhat familiar. Can't really place it though, which annoys me. The wooden wings look really cool. I'd be interested to learn how you did those, I've been looking for a good way to sculpt wooden planks. Is there Super Sculpey involved? Looking forward to seeing what you can come up with for the larger beasts. Just as a little note, your idea for a sphinx kind …

  • Neat idea @Lich King! I can certainly echo the love expressed for @WastelandWarrior, you are doing a great job keeping everyone's spirit up around the forums I'd also like to give a thanks to @Remy77077. You been doing a splendid job keeping up interest and activity in the Quickstarter rules, which I highly appreciate. I also want to thank you for your encouragement and interest in my yt channel, it really helps me keep going

  • A small update. The following documents have been updated: - T9A: Skirmish Campaigns - Rulebook v0.9.96 - T9A: Skirmish Campaigns - Armies and Warbands v0.9.96 - T9A: Skirmish Campaigns - Paths and Faiths v0.9.96 - T9A: Skirmish Campaigns - Scenarios v0.9.96 Mostly just a balance patch to the Blade Dancers of the Sylvan Elves. Nothing but a small name change in the main rules.

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Yeah I had one from 10 years ago from the 6th ed WFB box from when I last played mini wargames, that's already painted, and then got 1 more "AoS" one before they got rid of them all still on the sprues. I guess I can look on ebay too if I want matching ones. Agree with you re: the sculpts and the boars! I also wish they would 'rank up' next to each other, but those scythes are too big! Do you paint the crewmen on the bases and then detach to glue them to the chariot? Or ke…

  • Quote from Remy77077: “All looking nice Mad 'At!I'm a bit jealous though that you have all the parts for those chariots and kit-bashes and conversions I can see. So sad they are all OOP! I managed to get 1 chariot before they were completely out of stock everywhere When I want some more, will be looking at non-GW minis ofc. But a lot of the nicest ones are actually too big for standard chariot bases (not that I have any of those either!). I need to catch up on Paint Desk Ramblings later too, whe…

  • Got another idea: B5f7SQv.png Meant to be used with the Basilean Sisterhood Panther Lancer Regiment by Mantic: Sisterhood-Panther-Lancer-Regiment.jpeg

  • Working on some Orc Chariots: nNXVbo4.jpg KfJxeUD.jpg Started painting the crew: jCPLsfu.jpg n0iUYhI.jpg You can see me at work at my actual workbench working on those in the latest episode of Paint Desk Ramblings:

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Does any one have a scale comparison for these guys? wondering if they would be big enough to be used giants? Many thanks ” Found this image: warmonger_trolls_and_orcs_by_warmongerminiatures_daxjqw1-fullview.jpg I have some of their orc models, and those are about the size you'd expect for an orc. So I's say the trolls would do just fine as giants.

  • Models for cultist

    Mad 'At - - Cultists


    Puppets War has some conversion bitz suitable for cultists. Bodies tormentors_veterans_006.jpg Heads hooded_heads_kkk_009.jpg

  • 1Z3NqNc.pngSince I was mentioned, I guess I'll have to contribute Intended to be used with this model by Wood Axe: il_794xN.2181463203_krax.jpg