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  • Quote from elendor_f: “a list with no BSB and a Frost Phoenix, widely regarded in internet wisdom as unplayable garbage. It seems a good sign to me (yeah, it's a single data point, before anyone points this out). ” in my experience leaving the BSB at home is common for HBE quite some time now. outside of the MotCT there is not much to gain from the BSB outside of panic check rerolls and the healing abilities of the BSB MotCT are useful only in the right context, like sustaining a single strong m…

  • Quote from jaith1: “why can’t I have my Kung Fu Panda’s of Sonnstahl ” as far as I know asian themed humanoid pandas training martial arts in a temple dont exist in the 9th age lore yet, and even if then they would not live in the human empire. various monstrosities suited for riding on the other hand do exist and elves have access to them thats why

  • I would be happy if the future rework would reduce the amount of tiers HBE have in the character section. atm we have too many choices and combinations, ranging from garbage level to good. what I would like to see is having less choices but all should be solid. Quote from Feaynnewedd: “Are there good minis for that? ” titan forge has good looking sleek asian themed ones, I would use those.

  • HBE being jack of all trades is a myth. HBE can do alot of things, but not all. they cant grind or tank. no monstrous cavalry no cannons or similar destructive weaponry and scarce access to high S, hence why lion guard, bolt thrower and dragon is very valuable option in the army HBE are at best jack of many things, but definately not all and HBE have very distinctive disadvantages for being "jack of all trades". I also love how plenty of people who dont play the army come here and try to convinc…

  • tripple/double icon is not my thing If you want survive spells why stop them and get into CC turn 2 aka relentless, Binding and dispel the rest instead of gambing for 3 turns with tripple icon Quote from Folomo: “Maybe an option is to get rid of the commander and have just a fighting character and a wizard as the vanilla option. With the Honours, there are already plenty of options for characters setups. It also makes easier to make all honours interesting ooptions. ” this, suggested this so man…

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “@My_Kin, how much does an Adept cost? Then, if price an extra spell at 40ish points, you are almost at the cost of the MoCT commander. Then how much is the additional healing spell worth, and +1 to strike with a great weapon? I would wagger more than 10 points. Next, several other armies do not always bring battle standards, such as VC, WDG, DL, UD. No one is up an arms about it..... ” Now factor in the cost of the commander, which is 100 pts of performance at …

  • Quote from Aenarion43: “Quote from Herminard: “Happy to provide! I think probably the HBE BSB upgrade should cost 200+ points because of the inniate high discipline of the HBE and because of their access to divination and because of martial discipline. ” This is sarcasm, right? It feels like sarcasm. ” No, it is bait Anyway the base commander is garbage, the two useful honors are the only thing keeping the commander on the table. Commanders performance is worth like 100 pts at best. Nerf those t…

  • Quote from Wesser: “The best way to measure the eliteness IMO is to add OWS, DWS and DI, while power can be measured by STR, Res, HP and A ” maybe in a storybook having high skill can be counted as being "elite" but on the table mechanically having high S, RES and HP is very much the most elite thing you can have, those are the king stats which scale very well, especially together if you have all of them at high values

  • Quote from Folomo: “I have to agree with Alex. A swormaster at 3 pts is as elite as a swormaster at 30. Ten times more point efficient, but just as elite. ” good old times, at some point of 9th age, rather in the beginning, swordmasters performance value per point was abysmal, they couldnt even beat core units. how many discounts swordmasters got since then? but sure, everyone else go on comparing point cost

  • Quote from matrim: “Saw an abomination of a list yesterday with 5 Griffon riders and all cav. From a list building and gamestyle perspective probably a good list with lots of fun. From personal view on what hbe is, the ability to make such list is proof that hbe are nothing more than glorified goblins. So not good. HBE heroes should not be something you can spam away... They ought to have dignity and their haughty demeanor has a foundation in their real worth. Post patch book became more fun fro…

  • Quote from Wesser: “-Frenzy - Lower defense - No 1+AS and 2+ only without paired weapons - Lack of good carrier unit ” so basically add frenzy and limited mount options to that weapon and its fine... deal I take it

  • Quote from Peacemaker: “this all sounds like a dread elf thing. Take the pain and get some bonus. ” dread elf thing would be to sacrifice or kill someone else rather than devote his own life

  • Quote from AlexCat: “More weird is Arm3 for him from the Background PoV IMHO. ” too much or not enough? =D attacks melt before they hit? ;P

  • 2019 HBE Update Feedback

    cptcosmic - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Folomo: “More magical gear, less special rules. ” I support more gear less special rules Quote from berti: “And IF any army should have superior quality on their armor and weapons it would have to be the dwarfen army. ” with access to myriads of weapon options, heavy armor for everyone, S4 shooting and handguns they already have superior armory in core

  • Quote from Feaynnewedd: “Do more wounds. Since 1 GW makes approximately as many hits as 2 archers (and additional models are very cheap, that's the point), and additionally creates the Fae Miasma, they can take on SE archers pretty well. Would never use them in an all-takers list, but in a Sylvan anti-list, maybe. ” you could aswell have one or two small GW units, that will apply the debuff, and fill the rest with QG for damage

  • Quote from Feaynnewedd: “Has anyone tried bigger units of GW? I think they can actually make sense, as with 2+ Accurate they always hit and additional models are really cheap now... But still S3 Ap0... Not sure. However, since new league is letting us make anti-lists, I think I will bring them against SE at least... ” what would you take a large unit for that a small unit cant do?

  • Quote from LeXincerta: “Maybe its time to drop Rending Banner from the Arcane Compendium? (Crown of autocracy schould be next in the line). ” or maybe its time to drope stat inflation instead of weakening S3 units that got the buff to not be helpless against high armor? =D

  • Quote from Phaeoron: “I've chosen to adopt the former approach ” so for you it is fine that light and heavy armor is most of the time just decoration and you pay for it? even HBE can field 3 core units with AP2-3 no problem (and everyone else that has spears + banner slot in core)

  • Quote from Phaeoron: “TL;DR: don't remove rules we hate just for the sake of us hating them. ” overabundance of AP is a thing in T9A though

  • Quote from 20phoenix: “Quote from Lehrer: “I‘m very sorry for the noob question. But what are lancer darts? 2x3 lancers? ” Not those, they're abusive. 5 X 1 is the weapon of choice ” what exactly is abusive here? their rubberbanding or the fact that they are weak and not worth redirecting?