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  • Any chance of this being placed in the download section?

  • Quote from arwaker: “Tbh, that does not change anything imho. From a Knight's point of view, peasants and men at arms are similar. ” Actually knights were men at arms as well and rely* on them? I’d say no but if you buy them they’ll can help. Let’s focus on making those units anything but boring

  • No, they are noticeably smaller

  • Quote from Kodos der Henker: “It just confirms what I wrote, T9A must stay away from Warhammer Legacy and become more than ever its own game with its own fluff and stop trying to do both. ” 100% agreed

  • I love the idea of archers and crossbowmen affecting the enemy or knights in combat. Adds some unique and flavorful utility and allows them to be something other than just fairly crappy ranged anti-chaff

  • I think if your opponent did the same with a different army like rebels, it would be fun to see, but as long as it’s one sci-fi vs a medieval fantasy army it would just never look right, like super out of place. Like that KoE LEGO army... just because something is expensive and takes effort to make doesn’t automatically mean it’s a good idea, we can still appreciate the skill and dedication but let’s not lie to ourselves.. it was just super out of place. But LEGO vs LEGO? Sure that would differe…

  • @Kratos great ideas! How about a different sort debuff for the archers’ targets then? Like a mass of arrows pinning down the enemy, -2 advance rate to reduce the chances of successful charges against our knights for example

  • @Sir_Sully I’ll pm you for further discussion

  • It was used in legacy. Just not as part of a specific unit’s name. “Crusades” and “crusading armies” are present in multiple editions of Bretonnia multiple times. And not only that.. they’re against “Araby”... it sounds more like they tried to allude to the real crusades as much as possible as opposed to what you previously claimed. AND in Estalia by the way. So they even mixed in two separate historic crusades into the fluff. I especially love that since I’m a BIG fan of the Reconquista And sur…

  • Whatever it changes to, Grail Characters should beat the crap out of knight commanders in a one on one fight. And empire knightly orders should be afraid to line up against Grail knights on the opposite side of the field

  • Well according to the math done by @Klexe on a number of different examples, off/def 7 was better. And besides, off/def 6 with divine attacks doesn't exactly imply that the Grail Character is a better fighter than the Knight commander, it basically says the same but the Grail has an advantage over a relatively rare rule in the game... which again, is for me unacceptable. Lightning Reflexes however would put him at an advantage over him probably 100% of the time, i'll gladly take that

  • @Klexe I remember you compared off/def7 vs off/def6+ divine attacks, and found that overall 7 was better. How would Off/def 6 with lightning reflexes compare with off/def7? It kills me to lower that number because regardless of outcome... that is what tells me how skilled someone is compared to others. And a Empire Knight commander should not be as skilled as the best Equitaine warriors... their knights should envy ours in terms of rules, and per the fluff (though obviously their knights wouldn’…

  • There’s give and take, I’m fully in favor of realism and practicality, I’m sure you’re all aware of that... but I also know that we have to sacrifice some of it sometimes for the purpose of playing the game

  • actually, I wouldn’t be opposed to unbreakable or stubborn and bodyguard and all that if they suffered some sort of penalty when losing a combat. Like the old mechanics where your stats decrease as you lose wounds, or maybe ranks

  • No more unbreakable units in the game please

  • There is a big difference between sacrifice and suicide but... I can’t see any situation where that would make sense... except for chaff

  • For the record Games Workshop does use "crusade" in both 40k and Warhammer fantasy Bretonnian armybooks though again, i'm very surprised, i was expecting to see some upset people that VS is going before us for a LAB. However i believe it is a great thing, since a lot of discussion on changes seem to revolve around them being such a hard counter to us. If we were to go first and even if very few of the changes to our book revolved around dealing with that book that i'm sure is going to change... …

  • On another note, thankfully since VS is getting redone after DE and ID, there will probably be a good chance that AP6 will be slightly toned down... I hope. That may affect our opinions on how the blessing should change..

  • Oh I’m getting some of those. @Little Joe yes sir thank you guys

  • @Sir_Sully ohh no way?! Oh hold on... how is that unique to the crusades? Tell me how that isn’t something telling of Richard the Lionheart specifically rather than all crusaders? Or... just commanders in wars regardless of what they’re called? Have you heard of the Vikings? How come you’re not on the Asklander thread protesting what they represent? And not lies**, exaggeration is the word you’re looking or edit: it appears that Richard wanted** and started** the negotiations... maybe Saladin sh…