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  • So Lost Kingdom miniatures is one of the companies making really nice caiman models, unfortunately they've been out of stock forever. I just read on facebook that they will be making their 3D models available for patreons on a monthly subscription basis. I think this is great news. It might be somewhat expensive in that I'll need to buy myself a SLA printer but ultimately it'll likely be a cheaper option for me to be able to print as many models as I need.

  • Here's the finished Caiman unit.…c57ac73754fbb8266719d3f7c This unit will typically be joined by two caiman ancients so they'll be arranged in two ranks of 4. I have painted up the bases for the two remaining skink units and I'll be basecoating the skinks themselves later this week. So far I'm being responsible and slogging through the core before I treat myself to the characters. I'm thinking maybe I'll paint one character after the first unit of skinks is done an…

  • Thanks everyone! I've been making good progress on the caimans, nearly done the unit actually! So close in fact that I'm looking forward and trying to decide what to tackle next. All I've got ready to go at the moment is 30 more skinks (2 units of 15) or my two caiman ancients. I kind of want to save the Ancients until last but I really don't want to paint 30 more skinks right now sick.png. I know the right answer, but maybe with some peer pressure I'll cave in and paint the characters biggrin.p…

  • I finally finished the skink unit.…c57ac73754fbb8266719d3f7c Here's a pic of everything done to date:…c57ac73754fbb8266719d3f7c Next on the painting block is a unit of 6 Caimans. This should be quicker, I might even finish it before the end of the month if I really apply myself.

  • Nice work! You're knocking it out of the park on this! At this rate you'll be done the army by February.

  • Quote from Promet: “paint all the Skinks! I always loved the skink/kroxigor(Cayman) unit options. The big ones thrashing over the heads of the small ones. ” I definitely plan to and I'm making decent progress too. My pace is still about 1 skink per painting session. I am currently experimenting with small batch painting like 3 or 4 skinks per batch but I'm still finding that it takes 3 or 4 paint sessions per batch so I'm not really speeding anything up. It is a many step process to paint one sk…

  •…c57ac73754fbb8266719d3f7c Here's the progress on the skink/caiman unit. I'm currently halfway through painting the command group, maybe I'll be able to finish them tonight but more likely it'll be two painting sessions to finish them. I'm going to seriously hate painting skinks when this army is finished. I already dislike it and I've only painted 11. It is a conundrum, I dislike painting skinks but I'm really liking how this unit is looking so I'm motivated to pai…

  • No pictures yet but I'll have some to share soon. I have been making slow progress on the army, I've nearly finished the two unit fillers for the skink/caiman unit, I have 3 caimans painted for the skink/caiman unit but I need to finish their bases. I had a buddy 3D print some movement trays, I still need to add some steel to the trays and then I can magnetize all my bases. I still have a long way to go but I'm starting to see this as an army now rather than a pile of models. It's exciting! Afte…

  •…c57ac73754fbb8266719d3f7c Just 5 Chameleons for me this month, I promise next month is going to be bigger!

  • Yep, Last Sword Miniatures has 3 caimans for 37 euro. I need 17 so 6x37= 222 euro. That converts to $322 CAD right now. The Lost Kingdom Caimans are 3 for 44 euro. The rest of the minis for this army were a steal of a deal though so $350 for 4 units isn't the worst deal. Plus, I don't want price to dictate my army list.

  • Those are truly wise words and likely what I'll end up doing. I have many other armies that I can use while I'm building this one so I can wait to buy the caimans. Just if I wanted to have any test games before then I'd need to use proxies.

  • I finished off one unit filler for my skink/caiman unit. I'm working on the second and I'll post pictures of both once I'm done. I'm still working at a pace of about 1 skink per paint session so it'll be about a week before I have the second unit filler done. Tonight's paint session will be basecoating the skinks and base/tree and maybe doing the rest of the base. In other news I've ordered a taurosaur and a stygiosaur model so now I just need 7 more caiman models to finish out my planned army l…

  • I really like the rust on the axe, care to share your recipe?

  • It isn’t a playable army yet so I haven’t tried transporting it yet. I’ll probably magnetize everything and get a big case or plastic tub and put metal on the bottom. I’m sure I’ll complain every time I try to take it anywhere.

  • Good luck! I look forward to seeing the imperial guard.

  • Can't wait to see the mammoth!

  • I like these! Can't wait to see you progress.

  • I like that shield design! It looks burnt onto the wood. This looks like a fun army to play with, against and to paint.

  • I really like the muted colors, very different from the bright stuff you normally see. I think an army in these colors will look great!

  • That's a decent amount of dread elves! I'd love to see a few of the painted stuff closer-up. Good luck getting through it all!