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  • Lol OK, but so, why did the project state that we would be first busy with WotDG, Dl, ID and DE ? We had different expectations and plans, so what were the prospects (that justified starting that work), and what has changed since then ? I mean, fluffwise, I'm totally ok that we start with those, as they are also part of the factions that we badly need to strip of their « evil bad sorcerous guys » to make them more « neutral », and working on VS also makes sense in that regard. Personally, I'm ex…

  • I'd like to know exactly how it was decided to work on the three current ABs ? It was clear that the two first ones had to be the ones most connected to GW fluff, that is, Chaos. But since a very long time already (at least since Ninth Scroll 3 and 4), the project had already decided that the two next books had to be ID and DE. –> Why ? Also, why VS now ? Just curious about it Thanks !

  • Quote from JimMorr: “Morheim is 1999+IC. Vampire Wars are 2050+ At this point Empire had a developed gunpowder weapons. Nothing prevents GW from starting Empire 1700IC without gunpowder weapons and adding such units within next 2 years in campaign extensions. ” Lol Or as units to unlock if community does specific things such as « alliance with Dwarves » ?

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “As I've pointed this out already, GW already wrote stories about wars in that period where there were rocket launchers and cannons. I'm not expecting to respect their own fluff in that regard. ” GW's fluff has evolved over a number of years and editions. Early Bretonnians had cannons but later editions cannons and bolt throwers were not acceptable for fluff reasons. The Trebuchet was invented by a peasant and deemed acceptable for practical reasons (kn…

  • I'm really sad that I don't find the exact reference for what I am claiming, but here is what I found : Orcs and Goblins v8, p18 (… oh, there's a link here, anyway.) « While Gorbad ordered the Rock Lobbers dragged into place […] Even as the greenskin catapults engaged in long-ranged duel with the crude cannons of the Empire » ––> ok, maybe implied that gunpowder had just been invented ? « With its appetite sated, the Wyvern began to make a nest of banners and tapestries in the throne room, only …

  • Quote from Giladis: “Not to mention blackpowder weapons aren't a thing during the entire period. ” As I've pointed this out already, GW already wrote stories about wars in that period where there were rocket launchers and cannons. I'm not expecting to respect their own fluff in that regard.

  • I believe the T9A supplement includes Fountains of magic and some very weird Special Items that interact with the scenery, though

  • square bases for AoS ?!

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    Out the top of my head, in the WotDG book, the text mentions a Sorcerer with blue skin and horns on his head, and the picture shows a Sorcerer with blue skin and no horns. Also a huge missed opportunity with the story of Anaba, that we don't get to actually see any Native American looking Warriors. The text talks about them on four pages, but then we get a picture of just typical Warriors of Envy half-dressed in Equitan garb. Or, the story about lord Ghul, that goes together with a picture of a …

  • And yes, T9A is not balanced for smaller games, there are at least two thread discussing this by and large, with different ideas on how to comp the game to make it more playable in that scale. But nothing official yet.

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “So Shooting in 2 ranks just makes sense. Steadfast was necessary in my opinion. The unit strength rules from 6th & 7th were unecessarily complex and caused all sorts of issues and immersion breaking moments - a troll outnumbered by a chariot springs to mind. Auto break from fear causing enemies was overpowered when you lost the combat by 1, or due to a musician. 2 ranks for a sucessful flank attack is there to prevent chaff abuses. It could have been done better but I thin…

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Yes and we still do. It makes the game more interesting otherwise every game is too similar. Something that I find with T9A when facing the same opponent. I suppose we could "comp" or "house rule" the scenery in. ” What is your opinion on the Lands of the Ninth Age and Scenario supplements ? Have you tried every single scenery and scenario in it ?

  • Ninth Age Club List (By Country)

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    For example I would just not ask them to reply to you directly on FB, as info on FB tends to be pushed back after a while. Instead, create a dedicated thread in this forum, in the Italian subforum, and ask people to register there. Much like you can find it in the French subforum.

  • I've made cards already for several armies. But they're in French and don't contain all the « exploded » rules as you mean

  • All the rules that forced you to make your armies bigger and utterly damaged the game, because up to then the game had been kind of balanced, but they changed the whole concept without giving it a thought. Not mentioning that you had to keep playing using your old army books for a long time. I mean, all the rules like shoot with two ranks, supporting attacks, horde formation, steadfast, dangerous terrain, need to have two full ranks to have a successful flank attack, retaliate even after you die…

  • And again, I still don't understand why for you, comping is something typical only of tournament players. Did you play with Special Characters without warning your opponent ? They were part of the rules, though ! Did you use the Magical Scenery rules ? And a lot of other stuff were broken and did not allow for fun play, or were just completely random. Hence why many people kept playing 7th or dropped. Also, I don't need crazy ziggy whatever rules to make my game fun. 40 Imperial Spearmen chargin…

  • The Quickstarter Rules feature prominently on our portal (home page and downloads page). Both French and English version, and Russian version is on the way, too. Don't know about other languages. But what they need now is to get out of beta. All the rest that Piteglio stated needs more visibility. A good step would be to have them made available directly on the portal.

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “The reality is that 8th ed WHFB was bad. ” That's not entirely fair. WFB was bad if you are looking for a balanced game where if 2 equally skilled players play 2 random armies there's a 50% chance of each winning. Having said that, I'm not sure that T9A acheives that either as there are still some RPS matchups. T9A is a lot better than WFB ever was in that regard though. WFB was (and is) very good at telling a story and creating an event. There was alw…

  • The reason people don't join because of the fluff, is because the fluff is not fully ready yet… And what is available is mostly only in English. People will come because of fluff, but just not right now.

  • Ninth Age Club List (By Country)

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    Exactly this, you don't need to be in touch with anyone to do this job. All you need to know is come in whatever FB group / WhatsApp group / national web forum / Discord Channel where Italian players can be found, and shout « HEY GUYS COME REGISTER YOUR CLUB HERE »

  • I find it silly to say that only 1% of the players moved on to Ninth Age, and those are the tournament scene. So where did the 99% other people go??? I only went to one tournament in my entire life, and organized one at my club's. But I used to play 1-2 games per week during several years, at my club. But if there is no more WHFB, then what am I supposed to play ? The reality is that 8th ed WHFB was bad. So much that a lot of people I know dropped when 8th was released, and just kept playing 7th…