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  • Quote from elendor_f: “Quote from Ehakir: “oh hahaha didn't even notice that, would it also work with a bsb on horse though? ” Mmm, I think that RAW the unit re-gains March and Shoot as soon as it's composed entirely of models with Light Troops, so it would. RAI I have no idea. ” Yes, because "Moving while affected by March and Shoot does not prevent the models from shooting after having performed a march move". They gain it as soon as the character leaves, which happens before they move.

  • Quote from Ehakir: “If I have a unit of state militia (light troops) with a BSB on Pegasus attached to the unit with a banner of the relentless company, can I use the banner, march the BSB out of the unit, then march 15" with the unit and shoot in the shooting phase with my pistols? ” Quote from WarX: “Quote from Ehakir: “If I have a unit of state militia (light troops) with a BSB on Pegasus attached to the unit with a banner of the relentless company, can I use the banner, march the BSB out of …

  • Quote from Boda: “How does molten copper work, for exemple a regular knight with a 2+ armour save. Does it have str 2 or do i wound the knight on 2+. Or a regular soldier with heavy armour 5+ save, do i wound on 5+ or does it have str 5? ” Having an armour save on 2+ is the same as having Armour (5). 5+ save is Armour (2). So 2+ save equals S5, 5+ AS would be S2

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Casas: “But it would depend on the wording of whatever is giving the ward bubble... Which specific case do you refer to? ” Engine of the ancient ” It gives Aegis to units, that includes characters that are joined to the unit. Just like a spell effect.

  • Quote from Searingash: “So it's a impossible charge? ” It's just an overrun that will stop 1" from the Impass. I guess you could call that an impossible charge.

  • Quote from Kharneth: “Rule of dumb ” I'm gonna guess you mean "thumb", Hi-lar-ious though xD

  • Quote from Searingash: “Titan and gaint charge and killed sth, then they overrun. Titan move first cos it lead to a charge. the rats blocked by house, so the Blocked Path worked? If blocked path applied, does gaint's overrun lead to a charge(figue 2)? ” Blocked path only applies to charges, overruns are not charges (unless you do charge something, but then you don't need blocked path :P) So no blocked path in this case.

  • Quote from WarX: “True. My first sentence applies. Fleeing unit is impassable when redirecting the charge ” If the enemy unit didnt flee long enough you might not even be able to redirect the charge.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Someone called it into question and now I think I may have been misreading Tall. Can a Standard model without Tall see over a Standard model with Tall? ” Just imagine Tall gives + 0.5 size extra. Works in most cases. So you can see over other units of the same size WITHOUT tall, but not if they also have it (and you ofc see over if the target is bigger, so atleast Large)

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Working on updating lexicons. Any clue, does Hellfire reference a current rule? If so, what book is it found in? Lexicon for Hellfire says: Quote from Hellfire Lexicon: “Regeneration Saves cannot be taken against attacks with this special rule, or against Attacks made by model parts with this special rule. At the end of a phase in which a unit has suffered one or more unsaved Wounds from a model part or an Attack with this rule, the unit suffers an additional D3 Strength …

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from Lagerlof: “The enchantment is always active. Doesn't matter if you use the weapon as a spear, you are still using the weapon with an enchantment. ” Huh, so the language of it being "instead" another weapon isn't significant? ” It's still the same weapon. Just a different fighting style. The weapon isn't even a Great Weapon either, it's just a Close Combat Weapon, that can be enchanted as if it were a Great Weapon, and can also be used as a Spear.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from WarX: “@Chronocide This was I think already answered: ''can be enchanted as if it was a XXX'' means that you can only use enchantment of type: Close Combat weapon or XXX. No other restrictions apply. So yes you can use Titanic Might Bastard Sword as Spear to get all relevant bonuses. ” Doesn't seem clear cut to me. If I have a Titanic might bastard sword that is instead used as something else, wouldn't we use the profile for that something else? I've also heard…

  • Quote from gorblud: “Hello! The spell cleansing fire (thaumaturgy) has target: single model unit. Does this mean it cannot target for example a dragon with a rider? ” That is still a single model, just with multiple model parts. Chose one model part as the target, dragon or rider.

  • Ah nevermind my answer, I was thinking about mounted characters for some reason

  • Quote from john doc: “If a marshall joins a unit of irregulars, can the unit benefit from the light troops rule considering that the character does not have it? ” Generally you get the negative effects but not the positive ones. So the unit still has 0 Full Ranks, but you lose the ability to do free reforms.

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from youngseward: “Something that came up today. My character is in a Duel with an enemy and neither has died. I reform at the end of the combat and take my character out of base contact (so he is no longer contacting anyone). Is this allowed because the Duel makes them count as being in base contact? ” I believe so, yes. ” Indeed, it's quite a nice trick

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “Quote from Traumdieb: “How many HP does a Saurian Warlord or Veteran have against entropic aura of WDG? How is it if the bearer lost an HP? Does he still have 3 HP or 2HP? ” Item doesn't work, so it's 3HP baseline. If you lost one, well you have 2HP remaining. ” Meaning, when having 1 hp left = Dead when in contact with the entropic aura? ” Yes, try to stay away

  • Quote from Nargh: “Hi, one question: Character is in unit with bodyguard. If I refuse duel and my opponent will nominate character to suffer negative effects, unit will lose Bodyguard rule (stubborn)? ” Yes

  • Magic resistance 4

    Lagerlof - - Rules Questions & Answers


    Quote from Enrique: “Thank you for the detailed rules. I knew the rule that you needed to use minimum one dice for dispelling, but I never thought it was made for this. My interpretation was that Bound spell is always passed, but with a value. If that value is 0 is autofail, like morale test autofail or similar rules. I guess my doubt is very situational, since nobody will try this against magic resistance 4, but I will have to keep one dice if I fear a Bound Spell. ” Bound spells have no Castin…

  • Jag måste tyvärr avanmäla mig, har inte energin till en helhelgare pga sjukdom som vägrar ge sig. Hoppas ni klarar er utan mig Lycka till alla!