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  • @nightwuns Horsemen of the Apocalypse list looks quite fun, the roster alone is wonderful. Cruddy picture, but you get the point.

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Guess the price buff on the big man worked? In all seriousness, the reason I bring the Sha is that both DH and WDG are very popular, and very bad match-ups for UD, and the Godslayer Pharaoh both neuters and HURTS their strongest models. The popular War Dais Lord with Portent, in a box of dudes, for example is just completely negated merely by putting a Sha in front of it. I assume similar reasons are bringing them out of the woodwork now. Lord-killer Lords are popular, and Sha Godslayer is the L…

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    For an opinion supposedly not in the minority, there is a strangely miniscule amount of people echoing those opinions here.

  • Quote from Giladis: “@Palmu you should have learned by now not to release internal background information like that ” Huh. As far as I'm aware, it was just an idea among many other ideas, and thus far nothing more than musings about possibilities between BGT members. Something which I went pretty far to press in the post itself. I figured that as a neat and interesting idea, but nothing more than an idea, it was free range. Now I'm thinking I should have checked with someone about the status of …

  • EDITED: Whether it is merely an idea or a concrete fact, internal BGT discussions are internal BGT discussions and should not be shared at this time.

  • Also a catchier abbreviation. ... Paradise Lost.

  • That's the biggest problem of the current LAB, it tells very little of what IS, and absolutely nothing on HOW it is, so all we have now is guesswork.

  • A better question is, why WOULD we change the army so fundamentally?

  • The General Discussion part of the forums is closely moderated and generally read by everyone, from here the ACS present only cliff notes, not really anything specific. But General Discussion is your best bet to have your voice heard by the wider community. Here, in the UD section, we have generally only UD players and the folks who have worked on the UD book in the past, and likely those who will work on it in the far future, in other words, people who are aware of the issues of the book, but u…

  • I'll also note that none of the people who dealt with the latest nerf patch are HERE. In other words, it's all preaching to the choir.

  • Look, @namukesei, here. THIS is the UD discussion topic. The TOURNAMENT topic is for tourney lists. I don't mind your rants, but I mind that they're in the wrong place.

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Issues with raise / ud magic phase imo: 2+ spells per turn Healing with most of your spells Pick one. Is it really fair and ok for one armies schtick to be getting more spells through than average AND getting a free heal spell on top? It was too good before. It may FEEL wrong for you right now but if you were told that you could get the average one spell through per phase like pretty much every other army and heal with 100% of your spells, then the healing fluff wou…

  • UD tournaments 2.2

    Palmu - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    It's not as much a question of whether it's good or not, but whether an army is functioning like it should, like @Midgaardsormen is also saying above.

  • Summer Growth has always been like that, but the feeling is somewhat higher now due to the increased cost in raising. I can't say that it isn't reasonable for there to be a higher cost to getting buffs and healing in one package, but it does feel rather nasty to play with.

  • Warmachines in general feel extinct, haven't seen nearly any aside from the KoE Scorpion, which is just basically a Cannon for half the price, except even better because it doesn't misfire. I guess the combination of being super expensive and specialized turns people off them.

  • Quote from DanT: “Why did real world armies of relevant time periods to EoS not do this? ” A slew of reasons from area to area, some of the biggest ones being rarity of poisons that can both kick in within moments and kick in despite massive amounts of adrenaline in the bloodstream of the target. And synthesizing large amounts of stuff that works was both incredibly expensive, risky, and not actually effective in warfare. Then there's religions forbidding it, honor in some cases, and the leaders…

  • Good point on whether it's too much worse or not, but for me I meant that it's too harsh in that it's effecting the feel of the army. I'm playing Undead, whose thing is raising the dead, but I don't actually WANT to do that? It doesn't feel all that great, I'm essentially playing Fearless humans.

  • Honor feels like an iffy thing for an army whose entire shtick is being the underdog. Honor is what loses generals, leaders and companies, which is in general ill-advised. Would it be honorable to grant the Orcs the open battle they ask for? Yes. Would it be wise? Very much not.

  • The price nerfs I feel are fine, but the lowered healing ability feels very harsh still. +2 doesn't seem gigantic but when playing with it, I've skipped it entirely in multiple phases, attempting an additional spell over healing a few wounds has been much more cost effective. Perhaps statues would like the healing more, but my skeleton-heavy lists are often better off without, which feels strange. Plus I've occasionally forgot to declare that I'm going to heal, it's a burden to remember when thi…

  • Spaniards are pretty often the most vocal when they're unhappy about something here on the forums. Or the most memorable, at least. I can recall three instances of this in the history of this subforum. Also the only people I've received hatemail from, back during the Scarab debacle, but I can't say that was unwarranted. It was quite the oversight at the time. Anyway, at least the RT tried the soft approach before swinging the sledgehammer this time. It didn't work because it was TOO soft, but it…