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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Resin printers get cheaper every year. my FLGS also rents out theirs, so it’s pretty accessible.

  • Yea those Byzantines will did their way into to my Roman/avras EoS project...

  • More oathmark elves:

  • Quote from Zanthrax: “Quote from jirga: “Victrix release these during the summer of 2020. Good option for vassals. 84535504_1782785141857372_4532781026748923904_o.jpg ” I reckon if you add the dancing yak company hobgoblin heads to these bros they would like awesome ” I think kitbashing these with either the warlord or Oathmark Orcs could work as well!

  • VS Brainstorming for LAB

    kisanis - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    FYI, Aux books are usually for things that come up in the fluff/discussions that fall outside of the scope of the regular AB. So its hard to say what an Aux book will be for VS, if Any. My preferences? Remove rank dependent leadership. (play wide, not deep) Nearby Standards of other units (or maybe only rat at arms) have 'Rally around the flag' or an option to add it. (Play wide, not deep) Removal of 'Rat at Arms' for a name Maniple of: Footpads, Rat at arms, Vermin Guard as a viable theme/strat…

  • I will use all my red tag power to allow the VS to play wide infantry blocks. To paraphrase... "And Furthermore, Rank dependent leadership should be destroyed' Long Live the True Republic.

  • Quote from Gaius Marius: “Meaning the GTA and Montreal, and meet in the Middle in Ottawa? ” Yes - as in do the CTC next year with better coordination between groups.

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Quote from Altao: “Anyone knows how these guys fits 40mm bases as unit? (Hidden Content) ” Diagonally they should fit, making them all face forward would be the harder part. Found this on dakka dakka: 1025901-Citadelpaints%2C%20Commissiofantasypainters%2C%20Commission%20Painting%2C%20Destruction.JPG ” oh god the gaps on those poor basterds...

  • Yea, it’s an unfortunate situation. Our best bet at this stage is to organize for next year with TO’s from both areas.

  • Quote from Gaius Marius: “1st weekend of May If I was driving, I would offer to bring a bucket of terrain, but the plan was to fly... ” There's a tournament in Oshawa the weekend before... so thats probably the issue there.

  • Not sure. the main hub of players is still close to the GTA (London-Bellevill corridor). Ottawa can sometimes grab the Montreal folks, and can sometimes grab the Belleville GTA folks. I think the other issue is we don't have a community member with enough Terrain etc... to pitch up. We usually have our events at FLGS because of this. What weekend is the CTC?

  • Quote from Marcos24: “@Scottish Knight Resin! i designed and printed them myself as well. I'm going to make a lot of unique accessories that we'll place in a "goodie" bag, including our dice. I"m still trying to come up with ideas, but these markers will be in there for sure. I"m thinking wound markers, objective markers, something along those lines, usable for anyone. Also the winner of the joust, or highest scoring player that is not part of our club will win a custom miniature designed by me …

  • All things wargaming

    kisanis - - User Blogs


    Quote from jirga: “Isn't real world sheep clones called chimeras? Some scientific experiments at least I'm certain. Animals with humanoid heads will do for me. ” Yea, I just think it’s a good catch all for a monstrosity.

  • Quote from jirga: “@Bretboy84 I'm not ETC player and 9th age makes me extremely happy. I've painted 300-400 models for 9th age during this time that the game has existed. I painted maybe 50 models during the existence of warhammer 8th edition. So please let's not make assumptions of each other based on our own prejudices. ” Seconded. I’m probably the most narrative centric gamer out there.

  • Well, you just guaranteed eteed my participation in this KS. damn you!

  • Quote from RHworldbuilding: “The other big news... With February's new releases, my O&G Quickstarter army units are now complete and available on Patreon! Everything you need to put together a full Orcs and Goblins Quickstarter Army with Paper Miniatures. 1x Orc Chief 1x Goblin Witch Doctor 5x Goblins (per sheet) 6x Orc Headbashsers (per sheet) 6x Goblin Raiders on Wolves Since they were released over time, I will be posting these as a T9A Quickstarter Package on my Patreon so folks won't ha…

  • Gods Own Scale - 6mm wargaming

    kisanis - - Other Games


    Don’t forget all the ww2 panzer’s the Syrians showed up with.

  • Quote from Mercenary Armies: “Quote from jirga: “Have you read any fantasy novels where the world is thought out thoroughly? Like first law trilogy or malazan books? When the world feels real even with supernatural elements it is more immersive. If you want only hulk smash depth to the backstory then you can forget all that boring stuff and play games as you like. ” Bro, is good if the world is realistic, still if is it a wargame you want the focus on war.If you play Flame of War you buy your ma…

  • @Mercenary Armies We have chosen to explain food supply and global trade as well as the macroeconomic relations between factions. We chose to provide depth to our players to give them all sorts of narrative reasons for factions to ally or fight against each other. we want the “suspension of disbelief” to come easily, and help make sense within our fantasy world. I think this is not only a smart move, I find it massively refreshing in a fantasy genre filled with “war for war’s sake”. I want there…

  • Quote from Mercenary Armies: “Quote from kisanis: “The thing that T9A has going for it is that moving the clock forward (if we ever choose) will likely not impact things. It allows us the option of shaking up the powers, without breaking the world. Avras could fall to the dark gods, or the Vermin, etc... but the world will still trudge along. People will still farm, trade will still happen, and the world will move along. The attention to the mundane matters. ” Wow, now T9A has a partnership with…