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  • I love these ones!…troller=product&id_lang=5

  • I have my limits to sci-fi and fantasy having a healthy distance. In this case, it feels so good. My favorite is the speeder bikes as rieters and the Steam tank and as AT-ST.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Debating the idea of buying a bunch of Star Wars Legion models to make an Empire army... Light Infantry with handguns:…/91XJUw0zsYL._SL1500_.jpg Reiters…/91ou89yfTSL._SL1500_.jpg Imperial Guard Steam Tank…/91IbColUaNL._SL1500_.jpg Knight Commander on Young Griffin/Knig…

  • Empire of Dannstahl

    SadlerCPII - - New army books


    I’m glad the Inquisitor Angry Mob rule is being reconsidered. I’d love for there to be some way your could have an Inquisitor as a general. It feels fluffy and fun. It doesn’t seem like it would be overly powerful either because the lack of order which are real good and the low discipline on the model. All in all, incredible work and concepts. EDIT: the more I think about the Arcane Engine the more I like the change. It helps everything (except mounts) hit better in the game. Flags hit better, I…

  • Playing against BH mongrels

  • Quote from Kuyp: “ ” this was a crushing one. You put opened the grave my friend.

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Additionally I finished a somewhat generic character from the Dragon Empire, called Raion. He'll be used wherever I see fit…367db20339160c2108760e406 ” I see the character working well as a Prelate or an Inquisitor! Incredible work!

  • Quote from YeahGucciFrisur: “Right after 9 hours of playing wont be the best time to review how about sunday? which timezone are you in? ” I won’t be available Sunday. I’m in the eastern United States time zone.

  • I think list building is important for Sonnstahlers in this day and age as a topic to cover. Discussion of units might want to precede such a discussion on list building.

  • Quote from Gaius Marius: “If you have watched any of Sadler's battle reports... Evershade gaming - I will look for a link, he has run a very knight heavy list with a Cosmos Master on the cart. It was inspiring. When you have multi wound models like the steam tank and wizard on a wagon, the ability to use touch the heart to heal them is amazing. It is the only access we have to healing, and when you bring back a wound on a Steam tank involved in a long combat with an enemy unit trying to tarpit i…

  • Yeah that was an interesting battle. Interesting SE list and a fascinating VC list.

  • Quote from Litoperez: “ 4- You can make handguns more appealing ” I took handguns to a tourney this month and I was surprised how useful they were. I feel like there was one game were the range would have been useful turn 1. And this isn’t a comment to deride you. I would have agree with this point a month ago. The ap can be really swingy in the right matchup when comparing handguns to crossbows.

  • I’ve given the dragon a try in a few lists. It’s fun. Not the strongest in combat. I think the greatest advantage it has is it lets you get the Sonnstahl where you want it because of fly. It does two things to me when I make a list. It cuts down on my character cap which is obvious but that changes the dynamic of your list. It also forces choices on having multiple combat threats or scoring units in a list.

  • Our dragon + rider combo is expensive given the fact that you must upgrade to a prince. It’s not like you can just grab paired weapons and the heroes heart. We have a 320 point character on a 440 point dragon. I appreciate the discounts given in 2.1. The model is still expensive all together though.

  • Yeah I’ve been thinking about the Cav changes. They are minor overall. Nice and appreciated though. I’d be interested in seeing what changes I could make. The Light of Sonnstahl change is nice. I wish the Dusk Forged didn’t go in points.

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “ Then either keep militia as militia or rework them into duelists (skirmish, light troops, 10-15 models, pistols, paired weapons, Off/Def 4, Light armor only). ” That idea sounds so good. Like I wouldn’t even mind if militia dropped out of core and went into Imperial Auxiliary. I like the idea of an EoS army being entirely professional. Duelists sound so cool too. It would be nice if they were in core but I wouldn’t mind seeing them be cool and put into good use.

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Started of with Blademasters (aka Imperial Guard). I created two prototypes for my colour scheme to decide what I like more:…………367db20339160c2108760e406 ” The one on the left!

  • Hats for my Rats

    SadlerCPII - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    Let me check. I know I have lots of feathers. Definitely some hats sitting around.

  • Quote from Casp: “ - Reiters Reiters suffer the same champion cost issue than light infantry. Let give them sniper option to separate special weapon from champion, to not pay for an useless champion. Or reduced cost of champion to 0. But don’t think RT would accept this. Additionally we have an issue of internal balance with repeater gun. Light infantry are so better in comparaison. The mobility offer by horse really don’t worse the vulnerability. There is different solution. One would be to mod…