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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Grotlings library updated!…477-miniatures-grotlings/ Little Joe was wondering about some other 15mm ranges, like these Hobgoblins from Khurasan: I am not sure about listing stuff like that personally... as if they have too much small size normal fighting 'equipment' and trappings, I feel they start to look like, well, exactly what they are - small scale Orcs or Goblins, rather than actually tiny Grotlings, if that make…

  • Beginner's Guide to Lexicons

    Remy77077 - - For Beginners


    Quote from Chronocide: “@piteglio informs me that the plural of lexicon is Lexicas. ” Getting native English speakers to adopt that though is probably as tricky as trying to get them to say panino and panini correctly

  • I also can't comment on the document or copy sections out to comment here.

  • Not really had time to look much at this... But one line in the first page always mystified me in the main slim rulebook: "Italic font is used for spell names, background text, or repetitive text" Emphasis added - What does this part mean? Why would the book ever have any "repetitive" text?

  • Yup I agree that could do with that clarification @piteglio ! I also agree, going with what would happen in the full rules version should be the ideal too, especially when it doesn't need many extra rules written. When I get the chance, I will put this forward. @Grahf

  • Quote from infamousme: “Mine got to the middle of nowhere in the united states in about 6 business days from when they told me it was shipped. ” Ohhh! Very hopeful for me then, that's great news I bet it will arrive at my office when I'm not there though!

  • Quote from piteglio: “well, that's what Quickstarter gallery contests are, after all! ” Oh, also! I never actually made it for any of the QS gallery contests.. because I didn't even know about T9A when they were being run!

  • Quote from infamousme: “You still havent received your shieldwolf goblins? ” Me? Nope But on the very last day of their deadline (Friday 21st) I did actually receive an email shipping notification! So no idea how long it will take for a large parcel to the UK.. but hopefully only a few weeks more now.

  • Quote from piteglio: “well, that's what Quickstarter gallery contests are, after all! also, in one minute i'll start a youtube livestream to announce the Luxembourg Bash Best Painted Awards, and another of your minis might have ended on some other award-announcing posters ; ) ” Hehehe, yeah but I know how that got there at least

  • Simple bases, for simple brains!

  • Quote from Stygian: “Those bases do a nice job of focusing attention on the models. ” I realise that might be a backhanded compliment ...However, this is actually a big reason I think I prefer simpler bases on any models I see. Often I see models that while, technically far better than mine, just look more like terrain pieces or a diorama - and it detracts from the model for me. Whilst I'm interested in playing Kings of War as well as T9A right now, KoW is definitely the worst for this with the …

  • Doh. JUST made an order a couple of days ago from GSW too for bases. Might get 'em next time, could be useful for shields and converting war machines etc too.

  • Quote from infamousme: “@Remy77077 Dude those iron orcs are f****** tough. ” They are REALLY heavy too! lol huge lumps of metal mostly And the basing is probably never changing sorry! I like bases like this and don't like all the fancy stuff that detracts from the models imo. Yeah I got a different taste than 99% of people I know, same as in most other things

  • Pulled out the OnG for ya! There's a LOT of OnG. Ckurack, OnG 370 – Common Orc Warlord: Army General, Destiny’s call, Paired Weapons (Shady Shanking), Troll Ale Flask. 510 – Feral Orc Shaman: Wizard master, Shamanism, Magical Heirloom, Binding Scroll 285 – Iron Orc Chief: Battle Standard Bearer, Shield, Alchemist’s Alloy, Talisman of Shielding 240 – Cave Goblin Chief on Cave Gnasher: Lance, Crown of the Cavern King 150 – 2x1 Cave Goblin Chief on Cave Gnasher: Lance 673 – 27 Feral Orc 'Eadbashers…

  • Finally got those Iron Orcs and a few characters done Since folks wanted more of the "old school" models, here's a unit formed up from them with max old-schoolness about it! 49499219521_0823fe3010_b.jpgIron Orcs with Warlord - Small unit, old miniatures focus by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr Loads more at my flickr page as always if you want more! Now WIP is something completely different... 49550531502_9fceee5cf1_b.jpgWip Goblin Mincer / Scrap Wagon by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr

  • Quote from AutumnLeaves: “ I don't mean a quick-start rules - these are fine, but can end up causing more confusion in the long run, since a bunch of things in the 'real' rules end up being different to the rules learned with the QS book. ” Agree with your overall thoughts and suggestions 100% btw! I've had the same trouble. The rules that come with the Model Classification chart, targeting los, and the fact "Tall" isn't displayed in example diagrams clearly and a few other sections of the full …

  • Yeah until a few weeks ago I'd totally missed the "smaller games" flux cards too, and as this thread now demonstrates, they are waaaay too hidden away for anyone picking the game up to find generally, unless they are told directly. Yup I know they are here now: But honestly, as the progression I'm going through, Quickstarter is great and well advertised, but then playing wanting to play a full rules but smaller points value game next, it isn't at all obvious you want …

  • Quote from DarkSky: “What is that? ” Agh, there's loads of it. Is the source. Just youtube search "green stuff world" and you'll find plenty about it if you want to watch. Basically seems to boil down to GSW being rather nasty and throwing their weight about with copyright claims and making themselves no friends and lots of enemies in the process.

  • The magnets I got were just off ebay, I didn't know anything about them before now... so just got some to test with. Now I know a bit more from that I will try and get things more suitable for particular models really. These ones:…ksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 So 6mm x 2mm, N52. They are a bit bigger than ideal, but seem quite powerful as I say. There is probably 0.5-1mm distance to the movement tray when they are glued inside bases, but on 25mm based or 20mm based met…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Like this:…s-rectangle-100x50mm.html ? ” They look perfect for me. Thank you I didn't even know they did bases.. I only ever bought greenstuff from them! hah. Shame about the recent youtube rights debacle stuff but nm I guess when there's not an obvious other option. Quote from Hpn: “Ever considered the option to find someone nearby with a 3d printer? Those should be quite easy to make in good quantity and quite cheap. Maybe having those hollow…