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  • Yep, imho both charge are possible using the blocked path rule. It just is not possible to do it without that special rule.

  • Quote from Aeon: “Ok but even in the figure 21 the unit B can declare a charge on C by wheeling. So i don't get it. ” By wheeling it would impact A, and if it wheels the other side there would be no room for C to wheel.

  • In this case I believe you are able to charge the lonely unit and cannot use the blocked path rule. p46 If, after declaring a Charge, a unit is unable to complete the Charge solely due to unengaged enemy units that it could not Charge (normally), or due to the combination of at least 2 unengaged enemy units and one or more Impassable Terrain Features, it can make a special Charge Move as described below. So you can declare a charge on the single model unit then if it flees you can try to redirec…

  • @Wesser Sure, but those would be fun things, and do not forget the possibility to cast the hereditary on your units and move forests ... Also was thinking about units ambushing out of forests ... or maybe a SI allowing to cast the shamanism beast spell out of it... But I do agree 100%, SE should not rely on forests only... Wildlife units would also be a thing, bears, wolves (like real fighting wolves not chaff ones), ... could also be interesting.

  • I would like to see more "forest interactions". I see sylvan elves as ambushers, coming out of the woods and surprising enemies. Ideas about it: - 5+ Aegis for infantry elves in the forest vs ranged attacks (shooting and spells) - +1A / 2M for Trees if they start or end their move in a forest - reroll charge range for cavalry models when charging out of a forest - Models shooting out of the forest measure their range from the forest boarder More ideas can be found, I would not go for the "distra…

  • Hello there, One team is still looking for a last member for this tournament... Do not hesitate to contact me or @kiri if you'd like to join! Edit: player found

  • Quote from Hebus: “So Grind Attack are special attack that are not caped by supporting attack rule, am I right? ” Not really, Irredeemable is a special rule that allows you to make grind attacks trough the model directly in front of you. Those are not support attacks and thus not capped. A regular grinding attack cannot be performed as a support from second rank since you have to chose an enemy in base contact.

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Can you make some short batreps and share your experience of your tentacle list? ” Hello there and sorry for the delay, was hard coming back to work on monday ^^. To be honest I did not expect such results. I was quite happy with my day 1 performance. I faced 2 OK players and 1 Ong, all were going for the fight and did not refuse it. Against the Ogres I succeeded thanks to wins in crucial fights where the odds were not for me, magic and dice helped and allowed me to…

  • You cannot rely on random movement to bring your units in combat turn 1 or 2 (even with the reroll from Lord of the Damned). The title of your post is therefore not a good one for your list. If you want a list able to engage very fast and pressure the enemy, I'd go for Feldraks. You can easily bring 2x6 of those with a forsworn brick, or even go for 3x6 but without the forsworns and with a low budget general. 6 Feldraks with a banner of speed are damn good to pressure the opponent, sure you coul…

  • [Germany] BeLaMa 2020

    Rothulf - - Tournaments


    Quote from DucdeGuerre: “Easy answer 1. At the venue... ” Junk food there too ? :p

  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “@Rothulf Full tentacle list for BuLaMe? What is your role for the team? Block some nasty offensive lists? And how did you perform in your testing games? ” No real role in the team, jumped in as a replacement player... Goal is to have fun The day of the tentacle is coming ! As for test games, I had too few to assess the list, 5 more games will help for sure.

  • [Germany] BeLaMa 2020

    Rothulf - - Tournaments


    Quote from Jaina: “@falanor Challenge accepted ! ” But @Jaina You did not ask the team's approval about this !! /me disappears in some dark and moisty cave

  • New Daemon Legion ACS

    Rothulf - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Might be late, or just in time... But Happy Bday Iori... always a pleasure to work with you !

  • Quote from Jelle89: “Would be nice if Feldraks got Battle Fever in the future. ” Sure would have been nice... But the fact that they do not is the reason why they have Dis 9. Changes are not planned at the moment, and should they get battle fever they would either drop to dis 8 or their price would skyrocket. I played those a lot last year, usually 2-3 units of 6, losing those because of a failed Panic or break test is a pain, but they still do the job fine usually. Last game I lost 3 units of t…

  • Enemy units require a test , as you said those are units, not terrain. But you ignore impassable terrain tests because those are terrain.

  • @PrinceCharming Do not hit too hard sunday !

  • Aaaand... Happy New Year to all of you guys ! (Ok ok I'm late ^^) Just my 2 cents on the VD: I also believe it is OP. Actually it sure is when you take the unit alone. In a full army comparison, to be honest I do not envy any other book. Sure VS are strong, but hell other books are too. I believe the balance is quite nice at the moment. Some armies have a clear edge against others, but that was already the case and probably always will be. I'm currently having a lot of fun trying to build lists,…

  • To be honest, I'm pretty confident that new entries will appear for most books in a "near" future. This game is designed by players for players, and we are all expecting our armies to evolve. Several players in the local scene came to me asking for a date of release for new units... Something the RT will have to consider sooner or later. Even 1 unit every year or 2 would be nice.

  • My army: WDG Oppo army: KoE Score: 0-20 Mvp: Chimera Lvp: Feldraks Basically I made some huge mistake turn 1, and lost 80% of my army by running out of table ... Playing without fearless seems hard without a BSB Knew it could happen, but that was a bad one... glad it was a training and not a tournament.

  • Locking the thread... Let's continue in our 2.2 dedicated one that you'll find here.