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  • Two things to pop a few balloons floating around...there will be no scoring on flying units and there will be no multi model units who have 5 hp each. There are some single model units that struggle to be granted 4 hp and they cost 200+. Remember, we had to take a hp away from gremlins...gremlins!?! So I just want to move the chat away from those. In many eyes that have authority, the book is done. Only the smallest of changes have a glimmer to be entertained, and only if data supports it. If th…

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from Kisscool: “Throne of Overwhelming Splendour Tall, Towering Presence Just a little note : Towering Presence already gives Tall to the model ” 2nd Edition - Error report thread ” It’s been noted

  • Quote from Hruggek: “Quote from Dragus: “Quote from IoRi78: “giving them 3 attacks will solve the problem imho. ” That would be too good, and they would also outshine fiends.Think other ways of improving them in other ways. For example: - 5 HP per model - Cheaper point cost ” Or make them scoring. ” We tried getting Scoring for them, but that is not going to happen for flying units. I think cheaper points will be the way to go so that they don’t step on the toes of other units. RT is not going t…

  • For me, of those choices, it would be hunting chariots. The DJ and TG are different in roles and even current background, right? The same for Blades and Dancers. Medusa’s maybe? However, I’d be sad about that. We have to have assassins

  • Quote from msu117: “Hypothetically if a unit were cut what would be low hanging fruit? I can't help but think Hunting chariots would be on such a short list. ” It’s easier to grant an upgrade to a normal raptor Chariot for the shooting weapon than to have a separate unit to format. Frees up space, in my opinion to get something fresh and new.

  • Should be a version similar to WDG Chimera would work nicely. I'd take that over the Hunter Chariot any day.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “What happened to the campaign stuff? (I was looking forward to it) ” Its pretty much been done for almost a year in its present form. Awaiting the dust to settle so that reviews can be made and final tweaks and then the official “OK” to release it.

  • Oh tons of copters AND 200 dwarfs!!!

  • I like the lion holding the football. Where’s Charlie Brown?

  • You should not be taking a minimal unit into a brick anyway as that is not the design for the flies. Most of the monsters a unit of 4 flies should attack, will be around the same price give or take 100 points. The flies are there to hold them up and weaken them so that they are not stomping our fragile core. They are a line of defense that can fly and position themselves in a way to free up your other units. The toxic attacks are house money. Only certain units will really care about those. They…

  • I'm hoping that we can get the price to be like Wretched Ones. Broodmother is, in my opinion, too expensive now, but we need data that shows its too expensive and not used for when that time for pricing comes. The unit is super specialized now and it takes some practice to figure out what you can and can't do with the unit. Certain spells and certain units will of course swat the flies off the table. How are you guys trying to use them? I'm doing ok with them after some practice. Like I said, th…

  • How does it work if we go to 5 man teams?

  • @Snarkhunter You must have spent a weekend watching all of the Lord of the Rings/Hobbits Tale movies for list inspiration, didn't you. All those eagles....uugggh..

  • Day 2 of the Event...... My List: (Hidden Content) Game 4: Full Nelsons - Ben - EoS (not Ben with DE) (Hidden Content) Deployment: Counterthrust Secondary: Hold the Ground This was a fun game as well, and not because I emerged victorious. We started off playing this game with a "bet". The Team Captain I've known for many years now and whenever we play, we play for our Namesake. Until one beats the other, the winner is the "True Ben" and the loser is the "Has-Ben". Friendly joke and fun. So, this…

  • My List: (Hidden Content) I had a really great time and 4 of 5 games were blood fests for both parties involved. My plan was to go into the Team event and not lose it for the team. I wanted to get 8-12 points per game and basically take the Reds from the rest of the Team so they get better matches. My "unorthodox" list was a non-typical list and I was hoping that it would bait some into matching up with it and not some of my teammates. I ended up with a 3-0-19-20-3 = 45 point that was…

  • Quote from Gym Shorts: “Oh come on... scores 97/100 points and doesn’t get even a single green match up. I guess KOE needs some nerfing then, obviously OP if Mark is crushing it in even his yellow matches ” LOL Exactly...especially since we all know @dan had to carry the heavies with his Dwarfs.

  •…VKzXt6LAsJ0bZ?usp=sharing see if that works. It’s a link to his team’s lists, but his is the first pdf.

  • Ok, Lords and Ladies of Equitainne, there’s a new King in the Kingdom. Congratulations @SirMC2015 for scoring 97/100 points and taking best General at the recent Colonial Carnage VIII with his KoE. No more more more bitterness....the King has spoken and there is to be Utopia for all. Congrats, Mark.

  • I just saw this topic pop up on my computer....Yes, people pay attention to that list! Damn Eagles! If it didn't have hard target, then it had hard cover. LOL. Was like taking BB guns to a tank battle. Well played, too, so. Very counter to the current SE Tree meta, so @Snarkhunter is ahead of the curve.

  • We had a Captain’s Meeting beforehand to discuss the pairings and the Secondary assignments, so I think that was a good call. It seemed to work well throughout, at least from my viewpoint. So, having that knowledge beforehand in the player’s pack is nice and to have the “hands on” demonstration at the beginning is also a good thing to have and keep. Terrain. I liked the terrain. It seemed that maybe some boards had a real weird display of terrain and their locations. This is really more likely a…