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  • Do all models in a unit need Vanguard for the unit to be allowed to make a Vanguard move? Quote from Hutdweller: “If I create a HUMONGOUS flag for my BSB, do you guys think it would be targeted more often than usual? ” Depends if your opponent likes it or not, I guess

  • Quote from Skarab86: “Nobody came and stay here because of the History of Avras. All of us came and stay for the rules. Now, for example, in Spain, population is decreasing and merging to other games. There are many reasons, of course, but since the rules and the armies do not advance regularly people get bored. So, how many of us will be for this update? ” I don't think our rate of publishing books are bad. About on par with GW, honestly. I mean, AoS has been out for five years and they still h…

  • Rats for Avras!

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    Since I started playing Warhammer way back when 6th was new, I've always liked the Jezzails, both for their cool appearance and also for their shooting ability. Yet, I never painted a whole unit of them and never played them. Well that's gonna change this year as I just finished six of them. from @Lubart miniatures: 7UFcFeO.jpg They follow the same jungle theme as the rest of the army and I 3D printed these rocks to put them on as I wanted them to be somewhere more... snipery(?) than simply hang…

  • Quote from Eisenberger: “Det vore smidigt om det fanns en liten katalog över vilka klubbar och föreningar som spelar 9th Age i Sverige, kanske med en tråd per förening där man kunde lägga upp information om kommande spelträffar och så vidare? ” Borde räcka med en fastnålad tråd med en OP (och folk får lägga till info i tråden som sedan uppdateras) som följer ett liknande format: Stad Namn Plats och tid för spel Kort info (tex antal spelare, nivå, spelfrekvens, ansvarig), länk till tex FB-grupp S…

  • Quote from Eldan: “I'll stay by my favourite idea from the suggestion thread: Vermin swarm units don't profit from inspiring presence. Instead, all Vermin Swarm units have brood's courage on all other swarm units. (Highest rank bonus in range only). ” I like this as it enables both big units and MSU - both are swarmy in their own way. Having only one or a few big units that bubble out Ld bonuses to units nearby makes sense and is pretty much how Empire works. It's also a fair risk/reward situati…

  • Forfeiting at least one phase seems more reasonable, perhaps even an entire turn.

  • Not a bad idea. It does kinda suck when you misfire and can't use the war machine for the rest of the game on turn one and having an engineer could be a backup for this. Perhaps an upgrade that costs a certain amount of points.

  • As you may have seen in the latest news post, we have a new batch of files available for those of you who want to share your models on Thingiverse. Download them here!

  • This was the right move. I've said this a lot but it's worth repeating: I don't think that T9A as a project knows what VS is supposed to really be at a fundamental level. A lot of this is due to the Skaven army essentially consisting of 5 different factions (Eshin, Skryre, Moulder, Pestilence and Mors) mixed together and they each come with their own strengths and weaknesses: Sneaky/scouting, AP shooting, monsters, frenzy/poison and sometimes those also mix in individual units... And then there'…

  • I'm liking the modular trays a lot. Though I think it might be a good idea to enlarge the little clips, I feel like those will be susceptible to breaking during transport.

  • Darwin 9th age gamers.

    Hombre de Mundo - - Australia


    Huh, apparently there's a GW in Darwin. I... wouldn't have guessed. Would be a good place to at least get a sense of what clubs and such are in the area.

  • Quote from Batcat: “Is it legally possible that GW come out with a very similar ruleset to 9th age? ” Yes, the only thing they can't do is just lift the word-for-word rulebook and claim it's theirs. The way the rules are expressed, through texts or images and such, that's subject to copyright. The rules themselves are not. It's like... You can write about and draw a cat you saw on the street. And that expression is yours. But the cat isn't. So anyone can make their own expression about that exac…

  • Quote from Warboss_R: “If WH:TOW came out tomorrow with a nice shiny book for O&G, with 3-4 new units we've never seen before, lots of fluffy rules, easy to buy all the models from one place... ” Here's what I think we can expect: Smaller factions part of greater alliances, like in AoS. And given that this is not a main game like AoS, probably not at all as many unique models. In fact, what I think is likely is that they'll want the main models to be from AoS and then give you some special c…

  • Quote from Vamp87: “This is the most obscure and best forum reference I've seen. I still remember those posts about how the Keto diet caused you to like ninth age over age of sigmar. ” It's hard to resist making the Keto jokes whenever someone brings up AoS Quote from Warboss_R: “The name is a bit unclear - WH:TOW is separate from AoS! ” I think there's been at least two older threads about it but yeah that one was from way back when they just teased Square bases, a day or so before the old worl…

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    GW: ... Everyone: ZPtitts.png

  • ZPtitts.png Ok, seriously though, there's a few things to consider before jumping on this bandwagon and this isn't entirely targeted at OP who had a bit of a more nuanced take. 1) I think that the vast majority of people who think T9A will die as soon as this is released are only saying so because they themselves will be happy to go back to GW. I'd like to define this as the "Scorned Warhammer Player" part of the T9A player base. Those who were very upset that GW killed Fantasy and play T9A as a…

  • Very exciting! Is there an estimate on the kickstarter launch? Are we talking days, weeks?

  • T9A in 2020

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    Quote from kelvenmore: “I'm writing a few short stories. Really just for fun. ” I started one as well! I've begun acquiring models for an UD Terracotta army and I'm writing a story about my general and how he changed from a warlord into an immortal skeleton giant with the power of reaping souls and stuffing them into statues.

  • This was not the list I was expecting. I look at it and I just think "I'd probably never win with this". Maybe that's why this guy won the Masters and I wouldn't even be attending xD

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “No and I fear that it will take a while ” I'm honestly fine with this. Compared to other armies, EoS feels very stable, its ASAW is clear and the fluff goes well with the army playstyle. I expect changes to come but honestly not that many and not that big. There are a decent number of other armies that really need their LABs. I have a decent amount of both painted and unpainted rats but I can't really get motivated to get into VS because it feels like nobody knows tha…