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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from jirga: “Of course the first generation of art that was produced was influenced by the setting that was familiar to us. It takes time for everyone to get familiar with the new setting. For me the ideal look for warriors would be a combination of models below. RBG%20HelsVakt%20Gynnade%20Krigare.JPG 56338ceebf42902f57ec73c078cd00f5_original.jpg 927050.JPG ” who makes the bottom ones? Quote from Mad : “Quote from jirga: “Discontinued helsvakt from Redbox games. Sadly they aren't available…

  • Quote from Shukran: “d&d is a game of imagination. Antipaladin means nothing Chaos warriors (moreover 40k marines) are better known. Aside that, is there anyone that plays wdg without any gw models? Is there anyone that STARTED wdg with any gw models? This tells enough ” I have both. I have a classic warhammer chaos warrior army. I also have an army completely made up of models from Mierce, victrix and gripping beast. Quote from Shukran: “apologies While first question was answered enough from y…

  • Quote from Cam: “With the discontinuation of GW warriors and marksmen then AoW could do well if they released their dwarf stuff. ” and sprues to upgrade the warriors to spear warriors.

  • Quote from unstaible child: “i like the seekers and clansmen that avatars of war made along with kingsguard if they did more kits for them i would not be disapointed ” They're supposed to release a basic warriors kit and they have the marksmen and rangers as well already. It'd be cool if they released the kingsguard with a hand weapon shield option for deep watch.

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Quote from infamousme: “You still havent received your shieldwolf goblins? ” Me?Nope But on the very last day of their deadline (Friday 21st) I did actually receive an email shipping notification! So no idea how long it will take for a large parcel to the UK.. but hopefully only a few weeks more now. ” Mine got to the middle of nowhere in the united states in about 6 business days from when they told me it was shipped.

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    The plastic Byzantine cavalry that fireforge is currently kickstarting would be great for Markhar. Cataphracts and horse archers.

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Quote from Pigtails: “Bit of a misnomer since AoS is, you know, wildly successful as it is. ” Remember, though, they call AoS successfully selling models when we buy AoS models to use in T9A... ” And due to how terrible AOS is, that statement of fact still amazes me everytime.

  • You still havent received your shieldwolf goblins?

  • Quote from Falco: “Quote from Wesser: “Eh, doesn't really scream Wood elves huh? ” Well, not all the wood elves should be hippie vegans style. ” Elder scrolls wood elves are strict carnivores.

  • Its like you're picking all of the same transfers that I picked 1st.... My name is also Daniel.... weird I'm really digging that light blue on Mr. Bear head's shirt.

  • Quote from Cam: “If money was no issue I’d have a full Scibor army. So awesome. ” *looks at his full Mierce army on the shelf and thinks about how poor he actually is*

  • Quote from Norbaminiatures: “Hi guys, New big miniature for our next kickstarter:…mpire-troops-and-machines…d44b531fd4e0e90aae0b93e50 ” Please tell me that you guys will be making some imperial cavalry (electoral and reiters). I love the horses on this chariot and would really like some knights to go along with them.

  • I forgot about the whole having to make their necks part. So I mean it may be worth it to most people to just buy 2 boxes.... Also, I got this box 75% off at the Hobby town in Fort Collins when it was going out of business... there were 2 boxes, I only bought one Trolls

  • Quote from collectinggreen: “Quote from infamousme: “Quote from Altao: “ ” Yes, and with a little sculpting skill the box of 3 can easily become 6.Cave trolls ” Very good idea, didn't know there were enough arms and heads in there... Did you somehow make moulds from the bodies to accomplish this? ” The lower portion are some miscast from a troll that I sculpted and made molds of. I just cut it in half and shaved it to fit into the upper bodies that you get extra in the kit. T…

  • So will the finished steam tank say "Norba miniatures" on the side? Or is that just something that you guys put on the digital copy for fun?

  • Quote from Altao: “Anyone knows how these guys fits 40mm bases as unit? (Hidden Content) ” Yes, and with a little sculpting skill the box of 3 can easily become 6. Cave trolls

  • Quote from Little Joe: “Quote from Mercenary Armies: “@Ghiznuk agree about the map, but if they want one, they only have to ask ” You make maps? ” I might.... but I'm sure someone else does way better than me .

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    Quote from Scumboogie: “Max was a tough guy in the books. ” Definitely way tougher than how GW typically portrayed wizard characters.

  • @Remy77077 Dude those iron orcs are f****** tough.

  • I already had an 18 man tray made, these trays take a bit of work, so I made a unit around it.