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  • Well Im drunk presently but in general Id encourage everything disruptive. Not 2.3 of the given, but very new & fun units that fit the bold pioneering spirit of this beautiful game. Bring out the dark unicorns, torture masters and much weirder stuff!

  • No worries, life tends to do that. Thanks anyway. I think you are right, most of the lists I build have that (strong) tendency. Hopefully someday Ill test it, as all the other stuff I've been cooking up. Only question at the moment is: Will I wait till the new DE until deciding where to invest my money or just start with something elvish /daemonic / multipurpose model stuff and see how the 9TA scene in Berlin is like.

  • Dont wanna jam your thread with minor changes. Still, want to make use of your remark, so put out one and in some lancers for scoring, squeezed in banner of speed, lost some chaff & shooting but kept the rest. Maybe someone would like to try it sometime and see if it makes sense to play Shoot&Hit&Run without BSB / Divination / blocks and a rather woodlees SE feel to it. (Hidden Content)

  • Darn. You are right. It does lack scoring. Well, we play, like, regular, with scenarios and map packs. I for myself play really seldom, two mini tournaments a year with friends - we have moved together from edition to edition since 20 years. Over the course of the last years, my goal was to try every army once - only DL are missing by now - but due to the in my eyes really brilliant evolution process of the game and the armies, I can start soon again from the top. Lately, I got more and more int…

  • Hullo, I'm a casual player and keen forum reader - it is very interesting to see how the 9th Age projects works, how people collaborate and what challenges they have to face. I like very much how you try to bring a certain kind of thinking and approaching matters across. Also, I like tinkering with lists. I would kindly invite you to have a look at this HBE attempt of mine and very much appreciate feedback. It is meant to shoot while getting into position and then probably get around one flank w…

  • Hi slouchthesloth, by no means too critical, thank you very much for your feedback, very appreciated! I'm a bit sad of course because of the missed Gnomebrew Army pun. Dang. Well. I see your point concerning volatility. I wanted to push this a little bit further, lots of boom, kill the bug, no really, kill the bug! But maybe I have to get a bit more real about these. Speaking in terms of the (cool) video, I really WANTED to have a big Delta of Randomness that can create exciting moments for both…

  • Gnomes & Stuff Homebrew Armybook

    Gnomster - - New army books


    Hi, well, cool! Looks really good! However, I'm not quite sure how my very random & explosive Gnomes would fit your a bit more nice & peaceful (if these are the right words) Gnomes. What do you think? Cause I wanted to go for something a bit more Fairytale on LSD / neither good nor bad / rather weak but mean stuff, which, when applied in the right moment, can wreck havoc (in the enemies ranks or your own...). A rather wild mixture out of Demons, Tyranids, mushrooms and other. Still, if you like …

  • Hi folks, before I do a new draft, I'd really like to hear a bit of feedback, so I can adjust point costs and stuff. Much appreciated and happy new year! Gnomster

  • Wow, that would be awesome! OK then I shall draft another version before to get rid of formal errors.

  • Heya, coolio, thanks muchly for your reply! Well, the typos are most definitely not intentional, must be erased and will be erased in the next draft (in which I shall also bold the stuff that should be bolded). Apart from that, which part did you think cool and which not? Are they overpowered? Are they underpowered? I really need some extra brains and experience to craft them into something special and playable. Grateful for any advice, Gnomster

  • Gnomes & Stuff Homebrew Armybook

    Gnomster - - New army books


    Hi guys, I'd be really happy about any form of feedback to make the whole thing better. Cheers, The Gnomster

  • Hi Folks, so one day the Gnomes knocked on that little door in my head. "Give us an army book!", they demanded. "The heck?", I replied. But I did as I was told. Didn't want to be thrown at with candy and stuff. You know. So here it is, my first Homebrew Armybook:…v540E5gp/view?usp=sharing Please note: - It is NOT meant for *real* tournaments. There's too much randomness in there. It is meant to be fun. And explosive. - Feedback of all sorts is very welcome. Neither…