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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • If you are wedded to your plastic bases then drill the hole through, insert/position the rod, then pack with greenstuff (adding washers or magnets as needed).

  • It looks dangerous to themselves and others! Nice!

  • I quite like the WDG Feldrak progression and think we could borrow the model for our trees a bit more. Essentially that would push the AoN to a larger base (100x75) and add additional Str, Res, Att, maybe maximised stomp. Probably add 100pts to the cost as well but it’d be absolutely nails and finally actually scary. Also more options for bigger models which currently look funny on tiny bases.

  • Quote from CariadocThorne: “@Falco Yes, the idea was to replace both AoN and TFA with something which could be used as either, but also as Orion-like, Ariel-like, or something else entirely, like a fast tank with tree and swiftness, or a cheaper caster with just life, or just fury to add punch to a Thicket Beast unit. @nantuko Anyway, as I said, I've been told that my idea is probably asking for too much out of the AoN, so my question to you guys is what would you like to see from the AoN when o…

  • Quote from arwaker: “I think a very important point regarding VS discipline should be the following: VS are not a rambling horde unwilling to follow orders. VS can be very disciplined when it comes to coordinated behaviour. They have a very good sense of how to act as a community, as a machine combined of myraids of small gears. Everyone knows it's place and they can very fast react as a group. This is a significant difference to OnG. Orcs and Goblins are all very individualistic. They all try t…

  • Maybe take a panic if they start a turn in a forest. Signifies the unease growing into fear of staying inside the forest rather than the fear of entering in the first place. Could be maximised if the unit is at full starting strength.

  • Quote from Dark Assassin: “Also everyone, to make things easier for everyone. I’ve just created a new thread for players to post up if they are looking for a team or are looking for extra players to fill out there team. Jack. ”…ostID=1350819#post1350819

  • Pigeons are the rats of the sky aren't they?

  • Sorry, without predjudice, how does Spain and project book release or project member base have anything to do with VS LAB?

  • Quote from Twisted Magpie: “Quote from Ferkinason: “VS units in line formation don't loose their rank bonus. If in line formation and while having more ranks than the enemy unit the VS unit gets FieR. Double the amount of ranks gives Hatred. That should be a good start for the design. ” alternatively make it simple, slaves & rat at arms have OS/DS 1. Additionally all Vermin standard size rank and file can attack (basically FIER for all models) It'll generally be 5+ to hit so a unit of 30 would g…

  • Put me on the merc list. I'll start trying to clear it with the wife.

  • I agree they are the self harm did tend to balance out the OP in WHFB. The lightening canon was a great example of this: Hitting everything between itself and its target in a straight line meant you had to: a) put it way out on a flank to avoid killing your own troops, thereby making it vulnerable and counterplay easy b) create firing channels which would impact unit cohesion and spread out those units. Thereby pushing more of the army outside the essential bubble c) shoot through you own units …

  • I would be comfortable for an unlocking mechanism if it is aligned to composition % or unit limits rather than units specifically. Standard Composition would have to remain viable or even preferable though. Eg. if one selects a certain upgrade (in the current book it could be Prophet to Wizard Master) then you can have a second Pendulum but neither Bell nor Demon. Aux book is probably a better option than excess complexity in LAB though.

  • I’m liking the idea of a “Spirit if the Ancestors” elf entry. Haven’t given too much thought to what form it would take but thought it would be a cool concept.

  • Yes and yes. The best thing about ruins as a base is it gives you options to cover it with vines or bushes or trees or whatever setting your elves live in. It’s good that the headgear is not a full-on helmet also as that always screamed Highborn/Dread Elves to me. Nice!

  • I’m wary of mixing up book cohesion with specialized units. When the WDG book fits came out every unit was heavily specialised and due in a large part to that over-specialisation the book was far from cohesive. What was found was that there need to be some generalist units who can overlap to improve cohesion. I would keep thicket beasts as that unit.

  • I’m not super sold on back rank war platforms but am happy to hear more about the mechanic before I make a solid call. Reason is that one of the issues called out by opponents is the “it works this way except for VS where it’s better*” *note: better in this case is anything which is not the norm. Because a special rule must be better... right?

  • That is an impressive amount of data. It’s a pretty brutal showing of SE also. It’ll be interesting to see how it proofs out against other tournaments.

  • Adam painting stuff

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    Just said “Damn, that’s just pretty.” out loud on the bus and the old lady next to me snuck a look at my phone. Heh. Nice work mate!

  • Re Bow range reduction: I’m pretty strongly against reducing the range of our standard Sylvan Bow. I don’t think i’d take Sylvan Archers in favour of Heath Riders with that change. So, for me at least, it increases the avoidance factor. Main reason is that it brings us inside the range of the majority of other armies shooting and therefore don’t have the option to thin down opposing shooting units which otherwise outshoot us. Our non-mobile shooting (SA) would be easy pickings. So if we continue…