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  • Quote from Chronocide: “Are Kindred upgrades or Aspects of Nature upgrades considered Special Items? ” Nope. Quote from Chronocide: “SE Armybook oddly lists them before their Special Item section, so I'm unclear what rules they fall under. ” They are army-specific upgrades, just like virtues in KoE or bloodlines and blood powers in VC.

  • Quote from Endymion: “A couple of scenarios came up in a game last night, did we play them correctly? ” Yes

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “DH 2.2 General discussion. Quote from Dan: “Interesting. Semantics question, but are you sure you can legally switch to a mundane great weapon against something like Tristan’s? In that case it doesn’t say the weapon is treated as a mundane HW, but rather that the weapons magical effects are “ignored”: “...The Weapon Enchantments of the chosen weapon are ignored for the rest of the battle.” In my mind it’s still technically a magic weapon, it just doesn’t do anything. T…

  • Makhar Discussion

    Eisenheinrich - - Makhar


    Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Eisenheinrich: “"The Steppe Mammoth must take (one choice only)" ” This way it is obvious that its mounted on Steppe Mammoth and not the Crew? ” Yeah, this way the mount model part gets the rule. For rally around the flag it doesn't matter as that's a universal rule, and for the catapult, the rules for harnessed/shooting weapons kick in.

  • Makhar Discussion

    Eisenheinrich - - Makhar


    Quote from Krokz: “Quote from Vrinkl: “6 bows + catapult (aiming same target) ” This.@Eisenheinrich it is true that we did not say who gets Fist of the Makhar. Other monsters have their artillery installed on Chassis, Mammut doesn't have a Chassis so which model part gets Fist of the Makhar upgrade? ” RAW you probably could even argue that each crew member could shoot a separate fist the way it is written now . The solution is to copy the mechanic we use for taurosaurs (i.e. "The Steppe Mammoth …

  • Und ich für Nachmittag .

  • Quote from elendor_f: “@Eisenheinrich Can Cover Volley be used when the Charged unit is already engaged in combat (not the unit with Cover Volley). I believe yes (I see nothing preventing it in the Cover Volley rules) but wanted to make sure since @Squee asked in the main thread. Thanks! ” Can't find anything preventing it either, so yes, that's possible .

  • Quote from lasitus: “A Abomination or Forsaken One wounded by a Harpoon Launcher to the the dread elves Hunting Chariot suffers -2” Advance Rate to his random movement distance? Thanks ” Nope: < 21.A.a.22 Random Movement (X) • It always moves the distance stated in brackets (X), which is also used for Flee Distance and Pursuit Distance (including Overruns ). > "Always" overrides the movement modifier from the harpoon.

  • Quote from TheSpid: “Quote from Scrub: “Can a unit of sea guard that gets charged use cover fire on itself (so basically stand and shoot) and flee afterwards? ” Raw I'd say yes. This is probably an oversight though.@Eisenheinrich ? ” I'm already looking into it. RAW you might be able to argue that it's possible, it's a bit fuzzy though. RAI it definitely should not be possible, so there is a good chance that we'll introduce an erratum.

  • Quote from Micalovits: “Sand stalkers/Tomb Cataphracts buying upgrades for Underground Ambush - Since they don't originally have the rule, are they affected by the "cannot gain them in any way" part? ” "Originally" doesn't matter - sand stalkers with the underground ambush upgrade effectively are models with underground ambush, which they will lose due to the terracotta/barrow leagions rules (i.e. you can buy the upgrade, but the unit will not be able to use it). Quote from Micalovits: “Same que…

  • Quote from dslak: “I agree that it's ambiguous. I would change it to suggestion C by @piteglio. ” Alright. I'll add it to the errata for the next update.

  • Quote from WarX: “Quote from Kisscool: “Crush Attack – Close Combat ... They never benefit from any weapons or other Attack Attributes the model part may have. Bewitching Glare Melee Attacks against the target gain Battle Focus. A crush attack made by a model against an ennemy with Bewitching glare then gains battle focus , because the attack attribut is not given to the model, but to the attack ? ” Looks reasonable. ” Agreed.

  • Quote from piteglio: “could we make a tiny edit ” There are no tiny edits at this point - all we got is full-fledged errata . But I can see how the rule could be misinterpreted. @dslak, @Yatagarasu, do you think that the rule quoted above is ambiguous?

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Okay, so this isn't really an error, but working on WDG's lexicons. Got a lot of mount options with a shared name as another unit in the army. Any chance they could get different names? ” Nope, not really . a) The books are locked. b) That's a common mechanic throughout (almost) all books - after all, a taurosaur is still a taurosaur even if you put a character on top of it . c) It would be a lot of work to find new names for all mounts in all books, and then to update al…

  • Quote from Kisscool: “During a duel, Overkill points count for the Maw of Akaan's Devour rule, to roll for +1HP ? ” Yes.

  • Quote from HumanClay: “Quote from WarX: “Quote from HumanClay: “Here's a confusing situation I'm unclear about: So my Doomlord has Trophy Rack letting him (and therefore his unit) re-rell a failed Break Test, he's joined to a unit of Forsworn who must re-roll a failed Break Test due to Path of the Exiled. So can I choose to use the re-roll from Trophy Rack instead of the one from Path of the Exiled, and thereby not having to take the negative effects from the re-roll mentioned in Path of the Exi…

  • Kleiner Reminder , in genau einem Monat findet das nächste Kellerduell statt, ein paar Plätze sind noch frei. Ich geh davon aus, dass wir wieder voll werden, weshalb wir's dieses Mal wieder mit Vor-/Abendkasse machen (die, die sich bereits angemeldet haben, haben die Bankverbindung/PayPal-Adresse in der T3-Bestätigungsmail erhalten). Und sollten wir diesmal tatsächlich wieder ausgebucht sein, könnten wir für's nächste Mal überlegen, voll krass auf 10 Mann aufzustocken .

  • Quote from Bash: “--> WELTKLASSE! Endlich mal tatsächlich was gegen Stalling! ” Könntest es ja bei deinem Turnier anwenden .

  • I think we can close and unpin this thread and instead use that one: 2nd Edition - Error report thread

  • Quote from Chronocide: “Working on Warriors of Dark Gods Lexicons. Forsworn with Damnation upgrade change the normal unit size of 3-9 to a unit size of "0-6" Is it really intended that my unit could have zero models? I could be misreading it. I'm putting 3-6 in the lexicon for now, as I suspect that is the intention. ” That's just the way we streamlined the model/upgrade/etc. limitations. You still buy the forsworn unit first and then upgrade the models, so you start with a unit consisting of 3-…