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  • Another team tournament in Warsaw: 4-man teams, 4500 pts as usual, 40 teams atm (160 players) - a couple of teams is still missing. SA lists, in no particular order: (Hidden Content) >6/7 Cuatl Lords, 5 are Essence+Tablet with Alchemy/Pyromancy. >4/7 Alpha Carnos, each has Starfall Shard, each except one has Obsidian Rock. >7/7 lists with Tauro, 14 in total averaging 2 per list. >6/7 lists with Braves w/ javelins, 16 in total averaging ~2,3 per list. So yeah, lists are more or less the same with…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Aside from any balance issues, is there a conceptual issue that is considered dissatisfying? I read about boring armies. Can we talk about that? What exactly is the point that makes some people bored? I haven't yet read a really satisfying explanation for this feeling. Is it possible to explain this in a bit more analytical way? ” I'll try: >Low count of unit entries, lack of diversity between units - self explainatory, >Lack of options on units - equipment, upgrades like ma…

  • Quote from Red88: “i dont say they are so strong, but i say they can fight everything. ” Kind of misleading then Quote from Red88: “[...] and i think SA are very Strong now... [...] ” They definitely are pretty versatile, yet a bit boring though.

  • Quote from Kristoffer Lysholm: “Can you choose not to cast your Attribute spell? ” You can. Wording of the Attribute Spells: PciNtLN.png "[...] The caster may cast the Attribute spell [...]", so yeah - it's entirely optional and up to you.

  • Quote from Kisscool: “Omen of Savar : Divine Right: ... This duel must (if possible) be accepted by a Character unless a Champion accepts first. Can a Cuatl Lord not accept the duel (palanquin rule) ? Can a Vermin swarm character not accept it (Honourless) ? ” Divine Right: characters MUST accept duel issued by Omen. Palanquin/Honourless: can't be chosen to suffer penalties for refusing a duel. They don't get to refuse whenever they want, they just don't suffer the consequences of refusing a due…

  • Salamanders are cute!!!

  • Opponent: HE (Spearlord, Pyro Master, Queen's BSB+Queen unit, Spears, LG, Ryma, 3xRepeater) Scenario: Breakthrough (draw) Score: 14:6 MVP: Big Boys (double Tauri+Alpha) LVP: 15 SWs I guess

  • Quote from Eymuster: “How did you manage to to keep you monsters from dying against 2 lightning cannons? Did you try a direct frontal assaul before he had time to shoot them down? or hid them until later? ” Everything valuable behind a hill (which was my objective as well), meanwhile Cuatl goes ham on rat-furs. When time was right I just engaged and that's basically it.

  • Opponent: VS (Bell MR2, BSB MR2, Assassin, double R@A+small R@A, double Grinder, "8 Hulks", 2 Cannons, 3 Weapon Teams) Scenario: King of the Hill Score: 20:0 MVP: Pyro Cuatl (burning rat sh!ts left and right), Big Boys - Double Tauro+Alpha (1st Tauro destroyed R@A+Grinder on his own, 2nd Tauro and Alpha anihilated small R@A with all the characters) LVP: Sentries (Rocks did nothing, died to a Cannon in 2 CC Phases), kinda Hunters (just rolled poorly for poison) Should be taken with a grain of sal…

  • Quote from Danrakh: “Soooo... Lightning attacks from Ro Lightning, benefit e.g. from Ro Smashing if combined on the same weapon? ” Wrong Danka :^) Lightning Attacksrule doesn't exist as a "stand-alone" rule (it's not in the main Rulebook), instead this rule is VS exclusive. So no, no interaction between runes of Lightning and Smashing.

  • Quote from BrykJagz: “Daemonic Legions Harbinger of Father Chaos on Great Beast of Prophecy having Chitinous Scales. GBoP has Arm 2, Chitinous ups it by 2 to a max 3. The Armor value is capped at 3, but technically I have (4). Enemy with Ap 1 wounds the Harbinger. Does the final capped number get decreased to 2, or does the Chitinous Scales +2 get slashed by 1 to +1 still giving me an Arm value of 3? ” Your maximum is 3 because of Scales. Then AP comes in so it's 2 (on 5+). AP doesn't directly m…

  • Quote from matrim: “We cannot use the fleeing charecters' Commanding Presence or Rally. But can we - Use War cry (OnG), orders (EoS) or other similar rules - Use special items worn by them (ie binding scroll, totems from BH) - Benefit fro MR (obsidian rock, aether icon, or inbuilt like HBE warden) ” If you have to decide to use/activate ability or item, you cant do so while fleeing. So only MR will work in these cases.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “[...] But does not a overrunning unit that touches a fleeing unit destroys them? ” It's not an overrun/pursuit move which then becomes a charge, it's a flee move.

  • Quote from Tobi_Tobsen: “Do Skirmishers give soft cover? sorry, im confused by the wording...they dont block LOS, but do give cover? ” They never block LoS but still can give cover depending on the size of shooting unit and their target: 1) Standard unit shooting at Standard unit through Standard skirmishers = Soft Cover (normally that would be hard cover) 1) Standard unit shooting at Large unit through Standard skirmishers = Soft Cover 2) Standard unit shooting at Gigantic unit through Standard…

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “What happens to both units if a fleeing unit runs through a fleeing unit? ” Nothing, really. You resolve this Flee move as any other: When fleeing through fleeing unit, you end up 1" behind it and 1" from all other units/impassables. It has to be legal position. If you can't fit in, move further until you can. If that unit was enemy unit, you also take Dangerous Terrain 3 on every model that moved through that unit.

  • Quote from HumanClay: “On Battleshrine mount it says "Wretched One (2)" and then "Grind Attacks (D6+1)", does that mean that each crew gets this so total is 2D6+2, or is it a combined thing so it's just D6+1? Guessing the latter, but just wanna be 100% ” Characteristic represents one model, each one has D6+1 grinds. Since there are two of them it will be 2D6+2 in total.

  • Dank model dude I'm in love with "claw weapons" and his head, especially that beak-like jaws. Don't dig the trousers though.

  • Quote from Tobi_Tobsen: “Is a character (who is not fearless) affacted by fear, even though he is joined to a unit which is fearless? ” Yes. He will suffer -1 Discipline and will have to test for Fear. If test is failed, only models sustepcible to Fear (not Fearless) will suffer the consequences: -1 to hit, +1 to being hit. Quote from Traumdieb: “Same for Mikinok Totem? ” Yes, pretty much same wording: "[...] is ignored."

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “How many HP does a Saurian Warlord or Veteran have against entropic aura of WDG? How is it if the bearer lost an HP? Does he still have 3 HP or 2HP? ” Item doesn't work, so it's 3HP baseline. If you lost one, well you have 2HP remaining.

  • Quote from Aeon: “Explanation needed for this one haha ! ” I managed to charge GG unit with 4 units (Alpha, Tauro, Stygio, Rhamphodons) and crumble it on the go. Stygio didn't came out alive, Rhamphs had 1 model remaining. Alpha got an overrun into Spawns, Tauro into Zombies with characters behind the unit. Despite hitting on 4s he managed to kill them both (Necro master and adept) in 2 turns. Just a mistake of feeling too cocky with this big skelly unit. Nothing too fancy.