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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • That's a lovely looking GGI! I hope it smashes those non-greenskins right out of this thread tbh! Is the platform scratch built? I recognise a lot of ther parts added for details, but wondered what materials you used to build the actual frame?

  • Quote from BorkBork: “nice paint job on the frog. I actually quite disliked that model (for being really undynamic) but you made it look fantastic. Almost a live frog. ” Wow and daaamn, honestly that's a huge compliment cos if you read the blog that's exactly what I was trying to do, so super thank you!! Some of the other Shieldwolf Wartoad models are much more dynamic. I've re-posed one of them actually to make it even more so (I'm starting to love resin for this!) - but I chose this model for …

  • Quote from dan: “Love the old school look with the flock and light green base edges. Reminds me of all the army pictures I’d fawn over in the 5th and 6th edition White Dwarf magazines. Nice, clean painting. ” Thanks Dan! I know it's really different to your incredible realistic style I've seen. I've thought about how my cartoony clean style is kinda weird in a way on Orcs & Goblins, but who says OnG can't be clean once in a while? You're right there's definitely some 6th Ed inspiration in th…

  • Couple of small additions. If you notice my T9A list (if I ever use it unchanged) needed another Ballista, so I painted up one of those. It's actually a Shieldwolf human one, but I thought it looked simple enough for an OnG one anyway. Sadly this model isn't available outside of their KS either it seems: 49699569002_c6682260e7_b.jpgBallista - front by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr I also finished this Forest Goblin addition... which you can read all about here if you didn't see that already 496…

  • If you'd like to see how one of those Shieldwolf Wartoad Riders turned out for me, here's a hobby blog about it. Also my entry for "Monster March"…olf-goblin-wartoad-rider/

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “Baby idols ” Or maybe Totemic Summons! (That is actually the main reason I wanted them - can double as a bunch of other things too if needed tho, or even just as Earth Elementals in KoW, mad I know )

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “ what are those 40 mm mdoels? ” Mantic Earth Elementals:…earth-elemental-regiment/ I think they are my favourite Mantic models yet! (I have more unopened though that I've heard are good)

  • Got a few new things on the go atm... Shieldwolf Wartoad rider.. 49684092492_ff33c13fdb_c.jpgStrap yourselves in boys! by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr Mantic "chonky bois" ... planning to use them for OnG though 49683501697_2d6c068509_c.jpg3 chonky bois by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “really hits me in the nostalgia, those army boxes are the army boxes of my youth! ” I might just have an ulterior motive with this to try and draw back some of my old friends who used to play WFB with me here too

  • Thanks @Mad 'At and @WastelandWarrior ! For those that don't like my simple bases for simple brains... The bases might get a little bit of a change one day btw. I have found a wash over the top might make my Feral Orcs stand out a bit better & wouldn't take an extreme amount of time to do. I could also potentially add grass tufts and so on later too to 'improve' the look. But that's probably a way down the line as I am pretty happy with them as is for now I got lots more stuff to add to this! I …

  • Hey again T9Aers! Well I've posted a few photos here and there of my things, mostly in the WIP Workbench thread in the OnG forum and in threads there, as well as my Quick Starter stuff in that part of the forum to try and promote and push the progress there... But I thought I should branch out into these scary non-green parts of the forums a bit and start a thread for this kind of thing for whenever I feel like updating it, as it seems to be the done thing I've noticed from other forum users... …

  • 49644793422_be44f10e56_b.jpgWartoad Cavalry WIP by Remy77077 (Agoners), on Flickr Might be able to enter him for Monster March, but depends if I can get the bits I need to finish converting him a bit first!

  • Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from Remy77077: “Closest I have ever come across commercially is something like this:…or-bases-of-20x20-mm.html But doesn't cover all the options as described, can't get extra -wide lip spacing, or corner rotations too. ” ” Yeah sadly Magnetic don't do anything like the options Battlefields Factory do. (They are very nice though I'm sure if that's exactly what you are after.. but don't do what I want - …

  • Closest I have ever come across commercially is something like this:…or-bases-of-20x20-mm.html But doesn't cover all the options as described, can't get extra -wide lip spacing, or corner rotations too.

  • Interesting to see what Unit Power was then and how that affected quite a lot of rules. But it never affected who aligned to who on a charge before, right?

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Show me a rule to prevent congas and I will happily show you how to conga despite it. ” I mean, I did already link it from earlier in this same thread again too…ostID=1308143#post1308143 tldr: "A unit may not have more ranks than they have files"

  • Quote from Shieldwolf Miniatures: “@Remy77077 That's a pretty thorough review (and honest IMO), thank you. ” Thank you for the great models! I know it was mostly a bit of a critique in places, but I honestly think the quality and look of the models speaks for itself in the photos, so I didn't think I should write loads of stuff just saying "I like them" (it woulda got a bit repetitive too )

  • In case you wanted to know more about the latest minis from Shieldwolf, @collectinggreen wrote a review of most of them here:…ldwolf-miniatures-review/ zlj66.jpg And I just wrote a huge review on them too, including more modelling and painting discussion etc And some T9A specific stuff of what you might want to use some of the models as…lins-upon-further-review/ dsc_0029.jpg

  • Quote from Dopey: “I must have missed/forgotten about the ‘futuristic movement tray’. Is there a link? ” Fascinating thread! I'd watched most of the youtube stuff before, but it's much better put into a discussion context here too. Also this ^ What does this futuristic movement tray comment refer to? Does anyone know? I searched about and I found a Furion video about making movement trays, but they were just normal ones but made with specific materials and single-base spacers for small skirmishi…

  • From what was posted here, Unit Power was just something that affected Combat Resolution though, right?