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  • Quote from Exalted Champion: “Quote from Davian: “with beast axe they would get there I think. ” Maybe i have another armybook, but i dont see where beast axe improves the AS? ” I think the point was that if we gave the unit entry another option of Beast Axe and Shield, instead of current choices Halberds or Grt Wpns. I would love to see a proper bodyguard style unit setup this way, Hvy/Plate armour, Shields and Beast axes, bodyguard BeastLord. I had a unit like this back in Xth edition I create…

  • I am the 41st-er man, Tim Bohknecht

  • Good to see the ideas flowing on improvements and possible changes. I would say that is a strong list of reactions from one game, i'd encourage you top play a few more and see if you still feel the same way. (But also note, no-one here disagreed with your comments, we would all like much of this, the drawback would be cost for it.) I would love to see us get more 'Beast' feel, although I can see the reaction if Gortach received Swiftstride. Perhaps to begin with we could see our monsters get the…

  • 2.0 BH Beta Discussion Thread

    Ironrock - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Wanted to give a top line recap of the UK Masters for you, and how the Triclops list performed. My list and rationale can be found on page 136 of this thread. R1. Spoils of War vs WoDG His list; Double Feldrak Ancestor, 4x Knight units, 2x 10 Lust Warriors, 1x 10 Warriors, Batter shrine, 8 dogs, Evo Master. Game was a wipe out of me dicing myself out of the game. I got a wounded Feldrak to charge my Spear block, hit rerolls, popper banner, and had +1 Str up. But caused no wounds, lost combat and…

  • 2.0 BH Beta Discussion Thread

    Ironrock - - Beast Herds (BH)


    I think we all know there are alternatives to 'Caal's list' out there, and some are used. (I love @Kolata's list as it is similar to my own take on beasts at the moment, and people don't know the list the way they know the 'Caal' match up.) There will always be similarities between the majority, since we have few core units to build upon, and small units of scoring ambushers are ideal for their purpose. A good core section core cannot be build up of 4x 20 Mongrel Raiders and hounds since you pen…

  • Thanks all much appreciated. @clorens, in the beginning there were two spear blocks, when the points hit came in for the BH banner and mongrel spears it forced me to look at Wildhorns as a scoring bunker. instead of Spears block 2 and some raiders. I could squeeze spears in, but I lose second chariot and the adept wizard which weakens things too much. So for now i have one unit of spears to cower behind. @Herminard, you know it

  • Ok, so starting this one off with a confession, I broke one of my golden rules, I bought an armour save improvement and an Aegis save for a character. But in my defence this is for the UK Masters event, so I will likely need it and a lot more to help me out. I thought I’d share my list on here in one piece before the event coming up in a few weeks as the only BH list from the 16 attending. The Masters in the UK: Will be 5 games, rolling randomly for the secondary each round. In game 3 we army sw…

  • Don't get me wrong I am not complaining about things, I get that it was a surprise time cut, it just impacted our game more than it should with most of the forces tactically fleeing at the time of call. But never mind, it was a cool combo having an elf death star unit getting mobility from their allies, something I am sure no one saw coming. Hopefully more details will come clear about light and dark powers, but worse case open it up completely but get players to justify it with some fluff of th…

  • Starting a run for Painting League 2020 Hobby projects a bit all over the place at the moment, but there is a rough plan for me at the moment. - We have some more BH – stay tuned for a couple of Character Chariots, Big Brother Giant and a pair of Gortachs, and then we shall see, more Minotaur, Centaur, Hounds and smaller bits to follow. - New project, when they arrive from China, these will be the fun projects adding colour and styles I haven’t done before. - A quick ‘get them to the table’ army…

  • Good luck with that James, even when Fraz is standing tall he is under the table.

  • Cool little event, loved it, but more time needed for doubles games please. (I know the 1 hour early call wasn't planned in round three but it cost us in our game about 8 points at the time dice down was called as we didn't get to rally and take the scenario/finish off points.) We plan to return this year to progress with more thought out doubles abuse, like giving the WAAAAGH to Dread Elf Dancers! Or having so many rules on an elf lord that we can get to 10 attacks as well. (Lessons were learne…

  • See what i can do, I'll try to wrangle a few of the rabble for this one.

  • Ticket monies sent, hotel booked, painting table full... the long journey begins.

  • Paid up, and list submitted, looking forward to this. Should probably have put more thought into list changes than the scribblings from my conference call today, but we shall see what I learn in Game 3 ready for the big day two climb to infinity and be... well actually anywhere except bottom would be good.

  • Chalk up another team for the pile. Tim B and David B as Team Mookbuster will be making an appearance, cash on the day for you. Just trying to work out how we can partner up our collections with the Good/Evil mechanic. See you tomorrow.

  • Seems like the time of year to roll out this fella. Your neighbourhood friendly Jolly Old St.Nicktheirheads of the herd, pulled by Rude Holf and the Hellhounds of festivity. Might be last update of the year, but there will be more to come in 2020. Cheers,

  • Third payment sent to complete the pennies, for the service of event tickets. I've raised a query with PayPal for the first MIA payment, so on that as well. Can I get a name change now please? otherwise I'll never qualify for the Masters with so many copies of myself from attended events. Thanks,

  • Cartagena, Murcia y alrededores.

    Ironrock - - Spain


    Hey guys, I heard there was an event in the region run every year? (possibly it could be over towards Valencia though) I have the ability to get to this region to attend an event next year, wondered how best to find it if it happens? Thanks,

  • Nope, they are all spelled correctly, there is not one by that name printed on literature at the event. The person in the flesh perhaps... I had hoped to take names and chew bubble gum at this event, but I am going to be so busy sorting the names there will be no time for bubblegum.

  • I get that "almost always" doesn't exactly convert to 50% on the discipline tests. I think statements vs stats could tie us up all day. I believe the point to the discussion was regarding Ambushing units generally appear on the edge of the board, which happens to be a dangerous place for a panic test. Because 1 you're likely to be away form General and BSB, and 2 if you fail you're likely to panic off. I have enough experience ambushing discipline 8, 10 man units of longhorns and seeing them pan…