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  • What? My Strigoi Flying Horror performed quite well so far.

  • You want some awesome stuff, guys?…………cc204ce9da5348ad8f77c277f

  • I've seen this beauty on facebook a few days ago……cc204ce9da5348ad8f77c277f

  • Quote from Aeon: “need to be carefull with this chloroquine test and secondary effects are importants. Anyway i started to play with universal battle for a french tournament. Very good to improve your game skill. Still loosing though ” Since it's used for surpressing the immune system, yeah no one should take such drugs for no reason. But most of the secondary effects shouldn't harm people that don't consum these drugs long-term. In this context it's use against Covid sounds very promi…

  • OMG, that's awesome!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    I guess you're looking for some news on the ID release, don't you?…cc204ce9da5348ad8f77c277f…cc204ce9da5348ad8f77c277f (Hidden Content)

  • Least played faction

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    Quote from Calisson: “[...] HE 8% DE 7% SE 6% ” Sounds like waaaay worse news than everything I've heard about Covid so far ...…cc204ce9da5348ad8f77c277f

  • Quote from Eldan: “Where do people get the idea the Roman Senate was in any way democratic? If anything, most senators fought populist reforms and the Tribune of the plebes tooth and nail. ” And that's exactly where we have the opportunity to make it our own thing instead of just copy & pasting. By the way the Senate was also the only institution that fought against too powerful rulers. So, it might not be our common understanding of democracy, but it is way more democratic than how a tyrant wou…

  • While I appreciate that people keep spreading their ideas in any directions here, I'd like to advise you to reach for more distance to the legacy rules and feeling that defined this army a long time ago in a legacy system that no one is going to mention here. Jokes aside: we're definetely not trying to rebuild an army consisting of somehow mutated rat swarms carrying wannabe sci-fi plasma guns. I guess (yeah, it's just my personal opinion), we are much more likely trying to personalize the very …

  • If you need more teams then as some might not be able to attend at the new date, it might be a great idea to open up a new thread where the captains can search for new teams to replace themselves.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Lich King - - WWW Topics



  • Do you guys know, what I really like to read in these threads? I get the impression, that DL have the most specialised characters and in my opinion that has been / has to be one of the design goals for DL characters. They should really excel in fullfilling their role at the battlefield. I mean, really ... who should, if not a daemon that is specifically made for exactly one job? But on the other hand they seem to count to the weakest "overall" characters. So none of them is good in every job, bu…

  • Quote from jirga: “Would love if the the cyberpunk ratogres that were introduced at the end of the 8th edition wouldn't have direct equivalent in the future LAB. I know people have the models but for me those pushed the aesthetics too much in 40k territory. ” I'm quite sure, looking at the current background theme for the VS, that those models won't have direct euqivalents. Though also speaking as a VS players who loves the 6 models he just bought for about 100 €, I'm looking forward to whatever…

  • Quote from von Karnstein: “ ++ Vampire Covenant (Vampire Covenant 2020) [625pts] ++ + Uncategorised + Vampiric Bloodline: Von Karnstein Bloodline + Characters + Vampire Count [625pts]: Evocation, Heavy Armour, Shield, Skeletal Steed, Von Karnstein Bloodline, Wizard Apprentice . Special Equipment: Dragonfire Gem, Legend of the Black King, True Thirst ++ Total: [625pts] ++ Created with BattleScribe ( ” So, we've got 3 wounds at res 5 and def 7, 1+ armour save, 4+ aegis, 2+ aegis a…

  • Holy s*it, those are pretty badass! Need to get my hands on them

  • Quote from Eldan: “But what I'm saying is, if you have a statblock that is the same as that of a human, with marginally more speed, is that an elf or a rat? Is an orc nothing but a slightly tougher human? Shouldn't dwarves have more that makes them dwarves than just being slightly tougher and more disciplined? ” In a P&P game, you were right. But in a tabletop game, that's exactly what the stats are made for. To individualize different types of fighters and races. Everything that gives those uni…

  • You've absolutely nailed it! I might want some of these to convert them with Rat-Bits. You know, next LAB has been anounced ...

  • Quote from Shako: “16 isn't enough? We got you covered! 2 additional auxiliary per faction! And once those is set and done .. there is still the option to add a 17th or 18th book. One step after another ” He said, we're going to get Fishmen finally, didn't he?

  • Hell, I'm so fckin' excited to finally see one of my armies being redone. (Ignore my tag, it's only there for giving me access layoutwise. From the bottom of my heart I'm an undead Avrasian citizen!) Gonna write some ideas down as soon as I've got the time.

  • I've got children in the age of 9, 7, 5, 3, 1 years and one that has not even been born, mate. As long as the Breach isn't delayed until the youngest of them becomes an adult, it'll be worth to wait for a product with high quality miniatures and cards to make the first steps into wargaming. You've got my love and so you've got my patience!