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  • CC Heavy VS

    ValourUnbound - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Pretty sure @hasker ran 400+ at 4500 points. You could do better.

  • CC Heavy VS

    ValourUnbound - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    I worked on the same core idea a few months ago (November or so). I lost two games with it because I don't know how to play combat lists. The core of my list was a Doomrant and Titanic Might Assassin in blocks of VG and RaA respectively. I really wanted Occultism (for the Aegis) so I took a Patriarch. I also had recently become a fan of Witchcraft so I had a Magister Master as well. I was going to run the list at the tournament earlier this month but decided if I wanted a chance of winning a gam…

  • Unit of Plague Brotherhood (30 strong) and Pendulum is charged in the flank by a Feldrak Elder. Combat ends, I stick. Can I reform in such a way that gets the Pendulum into combat without going 10 wide?

  • Quote: “special item Seal of House Underminer 35 -> 15 ” @arwaker

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “I think I’m as much or more interested in the Thunder Hulks models in the army pic... ” Good catch! Are those even on 50s? I will say I miss pictures like this. They may not be very representative of actual games due to the unit spacing rule, but it's still epic.

  • Quote from Fleshbeast: “Wouldn’t Disciples be a better candidate for a coven? Already small units, already likely to hold a hierarchical space higher than Bros, already in special... not many base level changes required to get there and not invalidating models. ” IMO, DE Dark Acolytes work because they A) are fast as heck and B) have a 4++. Even if you gave Disciples a 4++ they still would not be able to get in position or out of danger. Ignoring that, you are absolutely correct. A special choic…

  • Quote from Kristian: “I’ll modify my statement that GW does everything better to this: ... Better at providing gaming space. ” I'm not sure where in the world you are, but here in the US, at least in Oregon and California, every GW store I have been to has two, maybe three tables, with one always set for a demo. Maybe a paint station. Always one employee. I don't mean there's only one employee there at a time, no. There is only one employee period. He gets sick? Store closes. He has to use the r…

  • Quote from Fergus: “#hobbyingFor9thAge-is-a-joke ” You got that right. Don't hobby for T9A, hobby for yourself. Most of us here (including myself) have it backwards and are all the more bitter because of it.

  • Quote from Zyv: “@Lich King how are you going to place your assassin in the second rank? ” I was wondering the same. Doom Bell takes 3 spots, Champ takes 1. BSB goes in the back. That means if the Assassin is in the RaA he has to be in the front. I went through a similar exercise with this list: 230: Chief, Obsidian Rock, Aether Icon, BSB, Sceptre of Vermin Valour 350: Magister, Master, Witchcraft 315: Plague Patriarch, Flail, Adept, Binding Scroll 350: Assassin, Titanic Might, Ranger Boots 420:…

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Scurrying Veil ... crazy jetpack Machinists ” The Breath Weapon can be used when marching... but that's it.

  • I have no feedback. I put it on the list of things to review and it will be reviewed when we reach that step.

  • My issue with Witchcraft is that it is only a force multiplier. Zero times anything is still zero. Without the Pendulum, you don't have much more than zero. Though I am very excited to run a 1+ AS Doomrant. He will probably die horribly, so maybe I'll bring the newly reduced Crown of Succession! Just kidding. If I have 20 points left I will increase my block size(s) before buying that item.

  • The rule seems clear to me. "... targeting at least one enemy unit with one or more models with Magic Resistance ..." I think that's why Obsidian Rock + Aether Icon needs up in so many lists, to counter Scorching Salvo. I will say it doesn't end up in VS lists that much, probably because we have a hard time finding somewhere good to put it.

  • Quote from Bogi: “I meant score on the x axis and point change on the y. It looks like no correlation there at all. ” That... Makes more sense. 3sbBst3.png

  • Quote from arwaker: “There is no point decrease for the Seal of House Underminer? Is that an oversight or intention? I had the impression that it was among the very underused items. ACS? ” Uhhhh... I may have forgotten about that item. I'll ask around.

  • Quote from Shako: “I would've put VH at 4 or 6.Dreadmills as a unit is interesting though. But not everything needs to have an increased min size.. was more for the R&F. ” I was just taking it to it's logical conclusion (units of characters??). It would certainly be an interesting gimmick. VS could be the army that units all the things. Anyone remember units of Weapons Teams in 0.7? They even had scout to represent a certain tunneling object, @Eldan.

  • Quote from Shako: “Con: Would naturally lead to MSU, this could be fought be raising the respective min size. Make R@A start at 25 or even 30, Slaves at 30 or 35! ” VH start at 8? Dreadmills/Catapults start at 2? 3dn8ao.jpg

  • Here's the table, I put it behind a spoiler because the forums table formatting is... a thing. (Hidden Content) And some plots. Raw data: nmS0Rv0.png Normalized to the average score/points change Ic5oc6E.png

  • Quote from Bogi: “@ValourUnbound are you up for making a scatter graph between points scored at etc and the price drops/rise, or even just a table, to see what correlation there is? SE had great correlation with the lists doing the worst getting the most point drops and vice versa. ” That shouldn't be too hard, I'll see what I can whip up.

  • ETC list analysis, from an internal thread: Quote from ValourUnbound: “This thread will contain a breakdown of how all of the ETC VS lists are affected by the price change. First draft, I may find mistakes. Average increase of 162 points ranging from 13 to 230. Removing the lowest three (13, 45, 60) the average becomes 177. No builds were invalidated by magical item price changes. The largest change was to Putrid Protection, which was most commonly taken with Dragonfire Gem, and still fits in 10…