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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • TG's only reason for existing shouldn't be to escort the Cuatl. Just my 2 Cents.

  • Your dice offset the Str 7 nicely!

  • My UD colussus has a thing for @Grouchy Badger Jotun Tries to grind her at least once a game!

  • What about tying something like that to rank bonus (or actual ranks to eliminate abuse of line formation)? That way you could choose between static combat res or better damage potential based on formation, as well as losing models. Also, ranks are easy to track.

  • @Folomo From a book standpoint we could get rid of the Nomarch entry and in addition add a more limited casting option at the same time on one character entry. I also like it from a possible background standpoint where Noble children from the same family would be developed to fit different roles in society. Not necessarily trying to solve a problem, as the LAB process is really a blank slate (kind of); so just throwing out ideas as much to trigger others imagination as to actually get an idea im…

  • Maybe pharoahs can have different paths to follow. So start with a basic statline and abilities and then choose leadership, combat or priesthood path which would enhance certain aspects of the stats and abilities.

  • Why does RT feel the +2CV change and it's effect on pricing/res can be handled during a patch update (with it's short time to test), but the other community driven ideas can't be? Follow on question, why weren't different ideas playtested months ago?

  • "After times for discuss, the RT decided to keep the change on hereditary as it is. The main reason is because it would impact both pricing and resurrected values which is really too much for a patch update (and very hard to test in a such short time)." This statement makes my head want to explode! How was there enough time to playtest the change to the +2 and how it effects points and res values to begin with? I'm not at all surprised by that reasoning, just frustrated and disappointed.

  • I find the hellmaw unique and interesting to play against. I do get to face it quite often, so I think that helps in figuring out counterplay. I find that unless my opponent plans it very well, he ends up with units a bit unsupported as they hop through the portals. My opinion is that portals are easier to deal with than large ambushing units. When I play against large ambushing units I often feel I have to play so conservative that I struggle to compete for the objective or to make points. Agai…

  • Maybe the better question is why is choosing any spell for skink priest considered more valuable to SA than it is for VS prophet? What are the synergies or other abilities driving that value? And do those arguments/values still hold true today based on data?

  • The only issue I have with @Iluvatar attempt to explain the teams logic is that I have consistently been told by staff members not to compare points across army books, so how could points be used to determine the power of a unit? (Question is rhetorical, not looking to argue the explanation, just pointing out an inconsistency in how methodology is applied) I can see a huge unit of chariots being difficult to remove, but are they going to have enough support to be part of an effective army? If th…

  • I don't get the logic of the chariot change. You could have 10 when they were cheaper, but now they've been made more expensive as a nerf which triggers them to be too expensive to run in units of 10? They certainly can't all of the sudden be OP because they're more expensive, and they didn't have any rule changes; so from a game stand point they're the same. If the worry is point denial, the change forces multiple characters into the unit to get to 9 (full 3rd rank to take full advantage of FIE…

  • My Army: UD Opponent: WotDG Battleline with Flags Score: 15-5 MVP: Ambushing Skeletons; Opponent had to expose flank of generals unit to them to avoid flank from a tougher unit. Rolled well, he rolled poorly and they chased him down. LVP: Healing. Healed very few wounds and trying to heal cost me both the ability to cast additional buffs and had me fail a key spell that made that magic phase ineffective. Opponent was very rusty and I won the positioning battle. His ability to leap to safety thro…

  • I might be willing to put a marksman's banner on a unit of handgunners with the points savings proposed (would be nice if banners for light infantry came down in price.....) .

  • How about a banner that reduces crumbling somehow for multiple combats? Maybe the bearer's unit takes additional wounds to reduce other units crumble or the bearing unit's casualties aren't counted for other units crumble.

  • Another suggestion is to limit the number of times large units can be targeted in a turn as the gigantic and character models are now. This could also be done in conjunction with rsr reduction on some units.

  • The overall goal that we were told about was to improve external and internal balance. So the part about bringing the UD magic phase in line with T9A principles came as a shock. It also isn't strictly speaking necessary to balance, though it may achieve that. So it feels like going into the balance work with a solution in mind to me, but then I'm not in the RT meetings so I don't know how that work statement came to be and can only tell you how it feels to me after the fact. Looking forward to s…

  • @WhammeWhamme While I don't agree with you on the subject of the +2 CV, I do appreciate you taking the time and making the effort to be part of the discussion.

  • @WhammeWhamme I don't think past mistakes should be a reason not to change things now. However, I would like it considered that a better option could have been chosen if the team were told back then that this didn't follow the magic philosophy when deciding what change to make. Also, I would like it considered that those of us playing the army will bear the burden of any changes, so what we consider more intrusive should be a factor. And maybe the community as a whole will consider +2 CV less in…

  • @WhammeWhamme We're not asking for rules changes to make the army better. We're asking for a different rule change to nerf them than the one that has been chosen.