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  • Quote from JimMorr: “Quote from jirga: “Warhammer also continuously flirted with the idea that the old world was part of the 40k universe. So the scifi technology made some sense. ” Skavens have never been sci-fi. At least not until End of Times which I choose to ignore. They were a blend of careless engineering patched with unstable magic. They haven't been steam-punk either - steampunk puts a lot of stress on design quality. I would call them dystropian. They were a distant pararell to the mod…

  • CC Heavy VS

    Fleshbeast - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    Quote from dan: “You’re all right, of course. I’ll dump the extra characters and go for broke. I’m at 502 wounds at 7k. Should be a glorious sight to behold: Vermin Daemon Tyrant, Doomblade, HA, Shield Chief, BSB, Scepter of Vermin Valor, Banner of the Endless Swarm Assassin, Titanic Might 10 Footpads 10 Footpads 48 Plague Brotherhood, Full Command 48 Plague Brotherhood, Full Command 50 Slaves 50 Slaves 50 Slaves 50 Slaves 58 Clanrats, Spears, Full Command, Aquila of Ruin 47 Vermin Guard, Full C…

  • @Konna that is some impressive edging mate. Scary good!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Fleshbeast - - WWW Topics


    One of the guys in my gaming group has a wizard “Googley Eyes” who never fails to miscast every game... its awesome!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    Fleshbeast - - WWW Topics


    They could....

  • Nice! Are you intending on scaling any of them up to an Ancestor or Elder size?

  • Quote from Twisted Magpie: “Quote from Fleshbeast: “Perhaps a senator on a palanquin is there as a really cheap way to bulk out numbers / ranks? On a 40x60 or 60x100 base with Stand Behind & Honourless. May take a banner. May be a BSB. ” This is pretty much taken from SA. Just not a spell caster. And why would you want to take up such a large space in the unit away from fighting models? ” Depending on wider special rules it may remove 3 rats worth of offensive power. But think of a unit of 20 ra…

  • Perhaps a senator on a palanquin is there as a really cheap way to bulk out numbers / ranks? On a 40x60 or 60x100 base with Stand Behind & Honourless. May take a banner. May be a BSB. Special rule: “I’ll go get help” and/or I’ll make it worth your while”. This unit is not effected by Inspiring Presence. The unit may choose to fail or pass a leadership test once per battle. Shows the cowardice of a senator bolting from a losing situation or throwing money at his unit of rats to bolster courage.

  • (Not necessarily res2 related) Could also have a tail weapon with an extra attack for all rats. But then Devestating Charge (-1 Attack) to represent the fact that you use your tail for balance when running at the enemy. It aligns to a larger unit size and grinding ability as you want to have the numbers to be able to utilise the tail Weapon in later combats.

  • Could elevate every second one so the wings overlap.

  • More damage from light shooting as well. I feel the T5 represents them not caring about the pain of most small wounds from S3 anything rather than the fact that they are actually T5. I doubt we’d be able to go to 5+ wounds each at T4 to deliver the same effect.

  • And then unit fillers become confusing...

  • Thing is, if they are going to be useful outside of chaff then you need to play multiple units or leave them to late deployment drops to be near to the proper part of the board. So they don’t really help in other parts of the game where units like Jezzails or Weapons Teams are useful.

  • Sounds highly meta dependent...

  • WDG v HBE 15-5 (no secondary) Frontline Clash, King of the Hill MVP: Battle Shrine w Hellfire. Did good damage to to 21 Swordmasters in magic phase then used as chaff to limit ability to maximise for that same unit into my Warrior block. LVP: Chosen Lord of Greed, Wings. Didn’t have a good target to go after as HBE had enough shooting to make early shenanigans a death wish. My list is inspired by @Feynn about a year ago: Chosen Lord of Greed, Wings, Obsidian Rock, Trophy Wrack, Relentless (in Wa…

  • Hanging a Shield there is useful for characters, not sure of a decent outcome barring greenstuff if you want Sword & Board dudes.

  • I really like the idea of a kindred which gives a benefit to Archers. Whether it is something along the lines of ignore cover or (my preference) can always stand and shoot. The latter would be useful across multiple entries as it would allow more aggressive close play with all archer types as well as bringing any Briar Maiden equivalent we may end up with back into contention.

  • If you are wedded to your plastic bases then drill the hole through, insert/position the rod, then pack with greenstuff (adding washers or magnets as needed).

  • It looks dangerous to themselves and others! Nice!

  • I quite like the WDG Feldrak progression and think we could borrow the model for our trees a bit more. Essentially that would push the AoN to a larger base (100x75) and add additional Str, Res, Att, maybe maximised stomp. Probably add 100pts to the cost as well but it’d be absolutely nails and finally actually scary. Also more options for bigger models which currently look funny on tiny bases.