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  • Models for the Dwarven Holds

    kisanis - - Dwarven Holds (DH)


    I use the DnD line catapults for my Rats as well... easily used with Surplus minis from other brands to be Dwarven Catapults. Some minor sculpting/3rd party bits and you can really dwarf up its plain jane frame.

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Quote from kisanis: “Finishing up vermin guard last night. Embrace the backlog folks. Theres no reason for unpainted armies in a month ” Kids! Major reason keeping parents busy currently. School is at home now, parents are teachers. And when school's over, you have to distract them! Gotta find an interesting way to make them work geometry, statistics, arts, story writing, history of famous wars... I wonder what that can be?... ” I only paint between 9-midnight depending on …

  • Finishing up vermin guard last night. Embrace the backlog folks. Theres no reason for unpainted armies in a month

  • I'll likely be painting most nights (EST timezone) this week. So lets keep the social part up and running. Play online, hobby away, and keep in touch with your FLGS, so they can keep the lights on when the quarantines die down. Especially if your FLGS does gift cards or online purchases - its a really hard time for independent and small businesses right now!

  • hey @flammy` Having issues signing in. Keep getting a wrong P/W - I reset it twice and still nothing. Anything else I should be trying?

  • Quote from Fireforge Games: “Quote from kisanis: “Hey Guys, Are you doing any sponsorships for events currently? If so, let me know the process! Thanks, ” We are sorry we are not able to offer sponshorships at the moment ” Totally understandable. Thanks for responding!

  • Quote from infamousme: “Quote from Thunderforge: “There’s nothin’ better than a good hole to hide in, and by the way they’re tears of... er... manliness. Yes that’s it. (reaches for book of grudges) I’m sure the only reason people have bought other figures is because there aren’t dwarfs available... ” Dude I love it when I've been so manly that it made me cry. ” *Stares Hard in Fatherhood*

  • Hey Guys, Are you doing any sponsorships for events currently? If so, let me know the process! Thanks,

  • There’s also conquerer!

  • Models for the Åsklanders

    kisanis - - Asklanders


    @Firthunands91 Send them a message asking who distributes them in the EU?

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    kisanis - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I love @whitehorn’s stuff. Great old school hand sculpted charm.

  • Ontario!

    kisanis - - Canada


    Quote from Morgan_Treeman: “Super, you can join the facebook group "Ontario 9th Age". That's where you can find us. What area in Ottawa do you live in? I haven't played in a while but focus on painting right now. I have 4500 pts Ogre Khans, and can do several variations. Looking forward to playing a game sometime! ” What this guy said Ottawa and Montreal have some good communities - but we do a lot through the facebook page! Welcome!

  • Quote from xaby86: “AoW KG with a shield would be impossible to put into formation. I participated in the crowdfunding for the basic warriors, Greybeards and DW and nothing, some are blocked and others should have come out (were unblocked) and will never come out... ” what happened?

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

    kisanis - - WWW Topics


    When you cut the champion to save points, need to roll 3+ to charge, and roll snake eyes. mad_at_giant_SCwGllK.jpg

  • Resin printers get cheaper every year. my FLGS also rents out theirs, so it’s pretty accessible.

  • Yea those Byzantines will did their way into to my Roman/avras EoS project...

  • More oathmark elves:

  • Quote from Zanthrax: “Quote from jirga: “Victrix release these during the summer of 2020. Good option for vassals. 84535504_1782785141857372_4532781026748923904_o.jpg ” I reckon if you add the dancing yak company hobgoblin heads to these bros they would like awesome ” I think kitbashing these with either the warlord or Oathmark Orcs could work as well!

  • VS Brainstorming for LAB

    kisanis - - The Vermin Swarm (VS)


    FYI, Aux books are usually for things that come up in the fluff/discussions that fall outside of the scope of the regular AB. So its hard to say what an Aux book will be for VS, if Any. My preferences? Remove rank dependent leadership. (play wide, not deep) Nearby Standards of other units (or maybe only rat at arms) have 'Rally around the flag' or an option to add it. (Play wide, not deep) Removal of 'Rat at Arms' for a name Maniple of: Footpads, Rat at arms, Vermin Guard as a viable theme/strat…

  • I will use all my red tag power to allow the VS to play wide infantry blocks. To paraphrase... "And Furthermore, Rank dependent leadership should be destroyed' Long Live the True Republic.