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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from greentide: “They both look very greek/spartan and at closer look my reaper one looks a bit too nordic/Viking-like. But a bit of greenstuff and conversion duty should do the job. ” I picked the look for the light armor. Of course @Klexe needs to pick a Serf version just because of the "Help! Help! I'm being oppressed"-rule and his signature. I tried to find larger knight miniatures than 70mm, they exist, but they are way out of scale and cost a fortune. Maybe there are suitable toys ou…

  • Quote from Umbra: “New photo's of North Star's new unarmoured elves. Assembled and painted this time. Photos from On Table Top. Elf-Light-Infantry-Painted-Oathmark.jpgElf-Light-Infantry-Unpainted-Oathmark-1024x768.jpg ”

  • Lubart Miniatures Colossus: photo_2019-09-24_12-20-58-4.jpg The shield and not full plate is the hard part. You can find quite a few 70mm knights that could work with a few bits, they would be small-ish, but not impossible (example). Or this: D&D Storm Giant Alternatively a huge clear resin water elemental with a lady inside?

  • A new blog on the matter by Mantic: Renders just seem to be heroes. Flaggit.jpg Biggit.jpg mounted-wiz.jpg Luggits look interesting, some heavy infantry goblin axe-wielders: Luggits-unit-B.jpg Rank and file: Goblins_Showcase_Mixed-1024x640.png Goblins_Showcase_Bows-1024x640.png goblins-rob.jpg "The 10-goblin sprue comes with the parts to build Rabble, Spitters or Sharpsticks." Which is a vast improvement on the old sprue, and if they also loose the round tabs ...

  • A good image of the first miniature of the ratkin army by Mantic: Warlock-1.jpg Looking at it and the Veer-myn, this is a very different direction. Hopefully a full range.

  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from denelian5: “Well, I have some Confrontation Daikinee Archers but sadly they are not painted yet ” innnteresting... do you mean these ones? daikineearchers_copy.jpg seems like they are not available anymore on the website (from my personal point of view, this might actually be an advantage!) i hadn't seen them in the library before - tagging @Little Joe for info (and for a general opinion on how viable these miniatures would be, IP-wise) ; ) ” The Confrontation IP…

  • So many cool choices, since I went for the Iron Orc: 1.

  • Avatars of War has a new Barbarian Mercenary with paired weapons: aow113_blister.jpg aow113_1.jpg 360 at the link.

  • Avatars of War has a new Centaur Chieftain: aow114_blister.jpg aow114_1.jpg 360 at the link.

  • Looks like a good start!

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Sounds like infernal dwarves might be your thing, depending on how much freedom you want with creativity (a dwarf is a dwarf). Lot's of tanks though and since GW dropped them ages ago (ignoring the FW revival), there is a very active community keeping them alive. Also sounds like you have shiny toy syndrome hard. While I get your wish for an all round faction, you have to accept limits once you build an army list. That's why many players have more than one army. My preferred army these days is g…

  • Ogres, swamp- and half-things

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    No grudge buster?

  • Mantic recently revealed new mounted goblins as well as more info on their new goblin sprue:

  • Mantic recently revealed a new army for the summer campaign, just one grainy image at the very end: [url]…EI&feature=emb_logo[/url]

  • That's a really nice building!

  • Quote from My_Kin: “Quote from Little Joe: “It does not look anywhere near elegant, consistent with promised proper pointy hats or even cows in my opinion. Could this be an effort to corner the Indian market by having holy cows in AoS? ” Dude come on, India's a lot more nuanced than "holy cows". ” I can see how that comment of mine was generalizing people, my apologies for that. Still my perception remains, this army has many in the West "known" concepts and combines them: monkey king (Taoism/Bu…

  • Quote from grim squeaker: “Well, I know that on this forum there is (generally) a biased negative opinion about almost every release GW done recently, so I don't know if this info will give you any hope. ” I think you will find forum members already looking for ways to use the big war cows in Infernal Dwarves, Daemon Legions or Beast Herds armies. Miniatures that might not fit the background of a specific army or style in T9A generally find a spot and players are more than welcome to realize the…

  • Glonojad's Bretonnians and Co.

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Finish unit and then decide, this needs a feel for the whole combination.

  • Chronocide's Siege Daemons

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Quote from Chronocide: “Kinda fizzling on this daemon project. Indecisive on what exactly the problem is. Might start another army, might continue on this one, might restart this one. Might go to another game. Part of me doesn't feel daemons reflect the army I want to play. Part of me thinks I should finish what I started, even if the result is an army I dislike. Part of me wants to restart, but with tyranids for the daemons. Part of me wants to go play another game and shelve this project. Lots…

  • Quote from TheSpid: “I'm not going to sit here and defend CMON. They mass produce mediocre games with cool minis in a horrible money grabbing scheme. But there are several other companies that aren't like them. Many of whom also deliver games with cool minis. They might be better delivered for the consumer in a different way, but most people can't grasp the entirety of rulesets and models that are split apart. They want a complete package. Anyway, I just wanted to add that not all board games wi…