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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • This left me with a huge grin. I loved all of the giants. Thank you so much!

  • On a less disgusting note: Anything you can tell us about Taurukh Annointed? I've always loved them, but it was hard to justify bringing them when I could be bringing Incarnates, or giants, or literally anything else in the army. Is there anything cool that we can look forward to with them?

  • Quote from WhammeWhamme: “(I know y'all are hungry for the release, but you want your metaphorical food properly cooked, right? ) ” 9k= I'm....sure it will be fine if you release it now. What could go wrong? Properly cooked food isn't a necessity, right? (also, I almost threw up looking for the images of medium rare chicken )

  • As long as it is exactly the same yet more powerful in ways that explicitly affect my exact favorite list, I will have no complaints In all seriousness, I really am looking forward to trying out the new book. New releases are always exciting and I can't wait to start trying things out. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this!

  • What can you tell us about the overlord?

  • Woo! Haven't even read it yet. Just excited. Reading now

  • citing T9A in academic work

    lawgnome - - General Discussion


    I will look into it. Sounds neat. What is the topic?

  • Quote from Pigtails: “that doesn't mean that you can just shrug and not admit you're coming up short when it comes to delivery of something. Something as simple as showing off your work. ” I think you are missing the key point of difference between our work and when someone like GW puts out spoilers. When companies like GW put out spoilers (i.e. companies that put out a complete project without the intention of updates or patches), they are giving a look at a completed project in advance of the …

  • @Mad 'At covered most of it. Any of the public resources are free for you to use, and you can make use of the intro video if you want. I definitely recommend becoming a member, if for nothing else do it for the community and support If you want to make your own art assets, you are, of course, welcome to do so. If you want to make use of ours, you can do that as well. Just be sure that you are using the stuff from the Public - T9A Resources, rather than the stuff from Public - Community Resources…

  • Honestly, until this post, I had absolutely no idea that incarnates were supposed to be tunnelling. Having the rule "fly" sets a very definite flavor for the unit

  • It will be interesting to be able to field a cavalry unit with a character. I'm not sure how much I will use it (I love using protective blocks), but it might make for a cool wizard cowboy depending on.... everything. Awesome. I'm looking forward to the next reveal. Thank you!

  • “Karkadraks” eh?

    lawgnome - - General Discussion


    Quote from SlaveToThePyre: “Quote from lawgnome: “Did they get the idea for using the root from Karkadan from us? Maybe. Does it matter? Not at all. ” Sure it doesn't matter at all? Maybe it doesn't frighten us from a "legal" point of view. But maybe it means that they keep an eye open upon the 9th Age as a competitor. Being a competitor against Games Workshop is no confort zone, I believe. ” They aren't really a competitor. They make models, we don't. Some people really like their models, so ha…

  • “Karkadraks” eh?

    lawgnome - - General Discussion


    It is definitely funny that they seem to be going the same way as we are with some of these things. If I had to guess what they were doing, this is merely a continuation of the “make it unique to us” policy they started when they went to AoS in the first place. Lizardmen become Seraphon, etc. Essentially they realized that their early stuff was all incredibly generic (high elves, dark elves, lizardmen, dwarfs, etc.) and are taking the opportunity to make non-generic names so that they are produc…

  • Someone got it right? Hmm....So now we need to focus on the answers already provided. Darn, and I was just about to make some outlandish guesses. Any hints?

  • For me, it does not matter in the slightest if GW decides to go back to the WHFB or anything similar. They have completely lost my trust as a consumer. They could make a great game, but it does not matter because they have already shown what they think of the people who buy their games. If they come out with something similar to rank and file table top games again, there are plenty of people who will want to play it. But I remember everything they did regarding their terrible Q/A work, their pus…

  • *sigh* Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  • Quote from The Unmarked: “Melee Attacks with Strength 5 or more (can never wound the model on better than a 4+) or (have their AP reduced to 1) ” That makes a lot of sense to me. The article said "anti-elite unit", not "anti-gigantic unit". Either of these rules would help against blademasters or chosen, where as some sort of "anti-special attack" rule like before would help better against gigantic units.

  • 2D Terrain Options

    lawgnome - - General Discussion


    Nothing here will hurt T9A. It is "Compatible with T9A" not "Official T9A", as mentioned before. We don't have any control over their product (and they may have a deal with the artist behind the DD art that we don't know about). Nothing to worry about if you want to support GSW by buying the product.

  • @DanT Sure. You took it correctly. My argument was that, for some units, their unique addition to a specific playstyle means that they are inherently best in slot. Thus they get used more, thus they get price increases. People still use them despite the price increase because there is nothing else they can take for that playstyle. Temple guard are a perfect example for this. They have bodyguard and stand behind for the Cuatl, as well as being good fighters, making them ideal for the job of prote…

  • Isnt that how it goes, though? Obviously, there are some exceptions (like the increase on gws for disciples of Lugar), but still: 1) if a unit or item combination is generally perceived as the best in slot for any given army (resulting in the majority of players using it), the price tends to go up. Thus, the more something is used, the more likely that they get a price increase during balancing patches. 2) if a unit is perceived as too weak for the cost, people use them less and less. Thus, they…