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  • Quote from Calisson: “Quote from BondageGoatZombie: “Fluff question: so an iron orc has 1050 pounds. Is this the same pound as in real life, ie roughly half a kg? That's 500kg of orc. Seems a bit high. Care to share insights? ” Maybe @VisconteDimezzato could investigate whether that is a Goblin's miscalculation or any other reason? ” It should be some kind of typo. As far as I remember, orc sizes are slightly bigger than human, but far from being able to wear armour reaching a grand total of 500…

  • @SlaveToThePyre plays grindcore with Menstruophagist. Also, please check out Nanowar of Steel (demential heavy metal): (trolling IKEA) (trolling reggaeton and black metal)

  • Quote from Casp: “@Giladis To solve this in my opinion, i always think we should we do reverse engine. BGT, give big picture ART team free to create Then BGT start the real work based on art team work. Would be a really easier process i think. To get something coherent ” Quote from Giladis: “Maybe, not sure if that order is possible considering both need to wait on design teams to decide what will be in the book. Work happens side by side otherwise it would further prolong the production cycles.…

  • Yes, the FB page does. Though I don't think it's updated. But a post in the italian fb group could grant the updating.

  • Quote from Althus Von Rebeik: “I'm in if I could have some advice! I've currently a good amount of free time, but no contacts with the italian 9th Age staff. ” I don't even know what we're talking about :D. Can you please elaborate? Thanks!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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  • Quote from JimMorr: “Feel fee to suggest cover layout / title for "The IX Age Fantasy Battles Legendary Edition with Additional Materials by Stormrider Games" ” can we have sexy cosplayers on it?

  • Please consider that lettering is a specific kind of artwork, not all artists are aquainted with it.

  • Quote from Eldan: “ I'm just wondering, shouldn't we have something like that on our rulebooks too? ” perhaps: If you can find a dedicated artist that will work full speed to make it standard on every cover artwork. We have that logo for different purposes: we don't have a single product (T9A:FB is just one, such as the other, T9A:Quickstarter, which means we need a logo for every product). Also the blue background help layout to have a standard that is easily ok for any artwork. Brutally: we do…

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “ It depends if T9A can capture the same army feel without encroaching on IP and that's a very hard thing to do. I don't see them doing this as the main reason they're rebooting this is because people love the old world. Adding stormcasts would ruin the feel of it and actually, they're already there. Stormcasts are linked into Sigmar, so the Empire would be the precursors to Stormcast Eternals. ” I strongly believe that, at this point, the only way T9A can take is to be bol…

  • Quote from Sir_Sully: “Quote from Discoqing: “This is something I hadn't thought of, I doubt gw would pay attention to T9A, but deffo the other way around. ” GW will have to pay attention to T9A because they can't afford there to be little or no uptake. That doesn't mean that their offering will be similar, potentially they could (deliberately) go in a completely different direction to differentiate. Ignoring your completion is not a good position to take in business and GW is nothing if not a b…

  • Quote from Pellegrim: “What does the fact that threads with official fluff etc. get only a fraction of the views of "make unit A. perform better" tell us? Imma bit lost about that. ” ...people is not really interested because we're not an official company? That's the answer I get in Italy when I asked people about our already produced LABs.

  • Quote from Kodos der Henker: “Taking the reference from the GW Teaser Video, the Community Page announcement and some points from recently re-released games. GW want to dominante the whole market. There is no point in "costs" as it does not matter how much profit a single niche game makes as long as it ensures market dominance. ” Thanks for pointing out this "small" point. Announcing the game three years in advance is not merely a marketing move. It's a move to disrupt a fragmented market that i…

  • Quote from pjosef: “ I think that 9TA will still have a place, but the general IDEA of the project needs to evolve. Being the game that picked up on the dead GW world is no longer an identity that fits it. And that is the position it currently has, even though great strides have been taken to make distance. PJ ” absolutely this.

  • I still have the "view list" blank issue. Anyone else?

  • I think the main point is: do goblins have (or better, should have) non-light cavalry? There's no point in having 10 goblins knights if they are not "heavy cavalry" conceptually, in my opinion. I would personally expand on light cavalry roles, rather than making it a different type of cavalry. Kamikaze cavalry, for example.

  • Because the path taken with design in the last 3 years has been about avoiding (too much) aleatory things. Such a mechanic represents what tourney players an unpredictability tourney players would avoid. I think the best way would be to buy them as separate units, yes, but then you should declare their deployment in specific units.

  • Quote from arwaker: “ Or maybe a very 'different' approach: You buy a CaveGoblin 'Upgrade' for your Goblin Infantry, pay some extra points for it, and then there is a certain chance that the unit contains MadGits. Your opponent doesn't know, you don't know, no one knows whether there are MadGits in that unit, until you come close enough to an opponent. Then for each 10 (or whatever) r&f models in the unitoll a d6, and for each 4+ (or whatever) one MadGit gets launched. ” This would make them alm…

  • Quote from El Rey: “Quote from VisconteDimezzato: “Did you try with some vedic metal such as Rudra? ” Never heard of vedic metal till now. But Rudra is what pops up when I google it. So will give it a listen. ” Also, try Folkstone, it's an italian folk metal band, really cool in my own view. unfortunately they are on tour and will quit soon their carreer (as per a recent news)

  • Did you try with some vedic metal such as Rudra?